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Jamb 2017: How To Choose Your Institution For A Successful Registration - Education - YukHub

So based on all the information we've gathered so far, there are quite strict & limited options for you to choose as your 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Institutions.

So, here are the options available to you at this time;
1st Institution - Federal or State University
2nd Institution - Private University or Polytechnic
3rd Institution - Polytechnic or College of Education (COE)
4th Institution - College of Education (COE) or Innovative Enterprise Institute (IEI)

This means you can no longer choose a Federal University and State University as 1st & 2nd Choices respectively. If you must choose a university as a 2nd choice, it has to be a private university.

You can however select a polytechnic as 2nd choice, in place of a private university, and so on, as stated in the table above.
Hope this is understood? So you don't get to your registration point and get confused. There will be no time for confusion.

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