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New Glo 2017 Free Browsing Cheat Using Any Vpn - Phones - YukHub

First of all, sms PAYU to 127. You will receive a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse. Skip this if you have sent this message before.
There are some basic requirements needed for this:
-Glo sim with 0.00 balance and no data

-Strong 3G network.

-Your Android phone
-Any of the VPN application ad earlier listed
Working Glo APN Settings...
- Just change only APN to any of the APNs below;
glosecure or gloflat
How To Use The New Glo Free Browsing 2017 On Tweakware
Follow the steps below to setup up this Glo free browsing using Tweakware VPN.
1. Download Tweakware VPN Here
2. After Downloading, Launch your Tweakware VPN
Note: For newer versions of the Tweakware application, from the download link, just launch the tweakware application and choose GLO 0.0KB in the free browsing bundles servers.

While for old versions, you can continue to with the the steps, from step 3.
But i will advice you download the latest version of the tweakware application... See link again HERE
3. Go to Settings.
4. Select Bundled Settings
5. Tick ✅ - Use Bundled Settings, Then Select Bundled Settings, Choose (NG GLO) 0.0K.
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