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Confession Of A Funaab Yahoo Boy: The Tales Of Gbadebo—– Episode 51 by thankgod(m): 03:04pm On 8 Aug 2017
I was feeling massive pain and
becoming weaker that I couldn’t react
and they stopped. I thought I was going
to faint. Bruises all over my body. Two
ushers came and drag me to one corner. The shirt I worn had badly torn
due to the cane strokes. I guess they
saw the way I was behaving and they
got me locuzade boost and bread as
they took me to one corner. Na so I
begin cry. All parts of my body began aching me. I couldn’t even eat what was
given to me. Immediately the usher left, I
stood up and left the church. Thank God
the gatemen were not at the gate. Na so
I come out, call on okada man. Na so I
find my way comot for their. When I got home, I was just staggering. The room
door was open as I staggered into the
room and on the floor. Ali was back. Ali
started asking what happened to me.
“See me, I no fit explain, tears rolled
down my eyes.” I asked him to help me get my drugs near the bed. He got it for
me. Na so Ali begin scream, “what
happen nah, its it accident or?” There
were blood stains on my shirt. I couldn’t
answer all his numerous question. I
didn’t know when I slept off. It was when I woke up in the midnight, i
started feeling hungry. I come dey
demand for food. Thank God for the
remaining rice wey remain, the one my
friend Ali cooked. Na so I go pot carry
the thing chop. The way I was behaving and the sounds I made woke him up. Na
there I come explain wetin happen to me.
Ali was terribly angry and asked for the
men of God in the church to be arrested,
but much of the blame was on me. Ali
said I was a fool and too gullible to believe all the crap I was told by the
church. “How can you cast out devil and
demons by flogging someone!” Ali
screamed at me. “Guy you fall my
hand,” he repeated again.
Morning came and Ali took me to a nearby chemist for treatment. I no even
get myself because the injuries on my
back were much. The pastors that
flogged me concentrated more on my
back. All my eye come swear up. My
lower lip swear up like kpomo. The cane still touch that side. “But part of me was
still telling me that I was free after the
cane flogging.” “Another part of me said
I had collected 20 more heavy demons
from the church into my life.”
What happened at the church made me look foolish. I was indeed gullible. Feeling
that the strokes of cane would give me
freedom but it wasn’t.
Days later, I was told that my house the
family members were staying had
become a shadow of itself. People had informed me that the family members
chased away tenants and brought new
ones. “Wetin I wan do?” with the way I
was hearing they worship different kinds
of deity in the house. I had too many
problems on my head that I had less time to focus on the house issue. I was
recovering from the physical bruises I
got from the church deliverance, the
strange headaches where not going. At
a time when I spit, it would be a mixture
of blood and saliva. What about the terrible dreams and nightmares. My life
looked empty. I just felt like dyeing, that
God should just take my life away. Ali
encouraged me. He was still persuading
me to come to their church. He was still
inviting their church’s prayer group to come to the house to pray with me. But it
seemed the prayers were not working at
all. I just felt God doesn’t want to answer
my prayers. I had made up my mind to
tell Ali to stop his church’s prayer group
from coming to the house to pray for me. The prayers no dey work.
This particular Saturday afternoon, I was
laying on the bed when Ali came to meet
me. He said one of their pastors saw in
a vision that I was cursed. And my
hands were tied and stained with evil works. He said that they (prayer group)
said they will no longer be coming to the
house to pray for me since I don’t want
to confess all I had done in the past. “For
my mind, I was relaxed a little because it
seem the prayer group were wasting their time,” their prayers were not solving
any of my problems. So make them stay
their own. Na so Ali call me. He began
narrating the history of our friendship,
how we began. Himself believed what
was wrong with me was not just ordinary. He began advising me that if I
had any evil that I had done in the past,
or I don kill person, make I confess. Na
so I shout “Tufiakwa.” Say I never kill
anybody before oo. “But what have you
done in the past that is following you?” he asked. I kept silent for a while. He
said I was hiding something from him. I
told him I wasn’t. “Okay ooo” he said. He
said he would not force me to speak.
Night came and I ate my food. There
was electricity. I switched on the T.V and began watching.
I was walking on the streets of Ilorin
when a military van from nowhere
stopped infront of me. About 4 soldiers
came off from the van. They grabbed
me and threw me inside the van. I was shouting and screaming but they whined
up the glass so no one could hear my
shouts and cries. I began begging them
to free me but they refused. They took
me to an unknown river and dipped my
head into the water. I was struggling to breathe as water entered through my
nose and mouth. They brought out my
head as I spilled water out of my mouth.
I was begging them but dem no gree. Na
so dem dip my head into the water again.
They lifted up my head again. One of them asked to be given cutlass. They
brought a cutlass to him. They tied me
up like an animal to be used for sacrifice
and placed me on the ground. I was
begging but they just ignored me. They
barely speak, but just torturing me. I even asked what I did but them no dey
talk. The one with the cutlass lifted up
his hand with the cutlass. As he was
about hitting me the cutlass, I screamed.
“What is that?” Ali shouted. “So it was a
dream,” I said. Ali was looking at me like someone saying “no peace for the
wicked.” I didn’t say anything and went
back to sleep. Ali sef no ask me
anything as he went back to him sleep. It
looked as if I was alone in my problems.
In the morning, I picked up my phone. I was just playing with it and scrolling
through my contacts when I saw the
contact “Pator sam.” His number was
still on my phone. Pastor Sam was the
pastor I met at late Nuella’s place when I,
Uchenna, and Abisoko went to settle with Nuella’s parents when they accused
me of killing their daughter. He was the
first person that put it to me that I
needed deliverance because I was
cursed. And he gave me his number
then. I had almost forgotten it. “I had been running from so many pastors to
another, yet no one fit deliver me. Some
ate my money, others tortured me. Ali’s
prayer group had told me couple of
times that I was cursed.” Na so some
talk but them no do anything. But no one apart from my former friends (Uchenna
and Abisoko) were aware of what I had
done in the secret. Ali had once told me
that if I keep hiding it, one day it will still
open and swallow me. “But how would
Ali look at me after telling him everything I had done in the past?” “Telling him I
had gone to several native doctors in the
past.” I felt telling a distant person,
confessing it to someone who was far
away would be better. I imagined it, “if I
come tell Ali and their church members, which kind eye dem go use dey look
Many thoughts going through my mind
while I was still staring at Pastor Sam’s
name on my phone contact. I dialed the
number and it said it was switched off. The next day, I called Pastor Sam’s
mobile number and it went through.
When I introduced myself, at first he
said he couldn’t remember who I was but
after explaining much of our encounter
the day he gave me his phone number, he remembered. He asked me where I
was and I told him. After exchanging
pleasantries, I told him I would love to
see him. He asked me what I wanted to
see him for. I told him it was really urgent
and personal. He asked me to come to Lagos at his church office. He gave me
the address.
Three days later, I was feeling weak but
I still managed to travel to Lagos to meet
Pastor Sam. I had earlier told Ali about
my journey to Lagos. I only told him that I was going to visit a pastor friend of my
late mom who asked me to come.
Though he discouraged me from going
due to my health status but I ignored it
and went my way to Lagos. When I got
to Lagos, I still called Pastor Sam to inform him I was getting closer. He still
asked me to maintain the address he
gave to me.
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