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The 19 Kinds Of Friends You Don’t Need In Your Life Anymore - General - YukHub

1. Those who never have time for you. Yes, that one who has all the time in the world to party seven days a week but is apparently ‘too caught up in something urgent’ every time you need him.
2. Those who never initiate making plans with you. If you’re the only one making plans and showing interest in hanging out, it's time you stop.
Chances are, they won’t even bother if you stop calling them.
3. Those who always take you for granted. Those who enter your life and exit as they please, hurt you and assume you’ll forgive them each time. No matter how much you
love them, if they don’t
value you, the friendship isn’t worth it.
4. Those who leave your side the moment you’re going through a low phase in life. It is during these times that we need our best friend to be there for us and tell us it’s all going to be okay.
But if they’re so emotionally unavailable,
they don’t deserve a place in your life.
5. Those who flock to you when you’re at your best.
They aren’t around for
you, only your success.
And the moment you hit a low point in life, they’ll be gone before you know.
They’re never going to be there for you when it matters.

6. Those who make you feel like sh*t. Being truthful is a great quality in a friend but there’s a thin line between being honest and being cynical.
You don’t need unnecessary criticism
about everything you do in your life.

7. Those who want to
hang out with you only when they have nothing better to do.
You’re as special as
anyone else, you don’t
deserve to be so low in
their priority list. .
8. Those who don’t trustyou even after so many years of your loyalty.
There is only so much you can do to make someone trust you. If it hasn’t happened after all these years, it probably never will.

9. And, those you don’t trust. You would never be able to be yourself in
front of them.

10. Those who neither
forget nor forgive. We all do things we don’t mean, commit mistakes that hurt people around us.
But if that friend isn’t
ready to forgive, forget
and move on, there’s no happy ending to this friendship anyway.

11. Those who are just too competitive.
A healthy amount is motivational; anything
more than that results in spite and jealousy.
If you have to think twice about telling a friend about your success in the fear of them getting competitive, it is time you step out of this toxic friendship.

12. Those who keep making promises but never fulfil them. If they’re always
disappointing you with
false hopes, maybe it's
time you shut them off. .

13. Those who expect you to be all ears when they’re feeling low but are never interested in listening to your problems. Sometimes, all we need is someone we can speak our heart out to and if not your friend, then who?

14. Those who are so
negative in life, their depression starts to rub off on you after a while.
Be there for them, help
them out, do whatever you can, but don’t let it depress you.

15. Those who always
have their way, without even considering what you want.
Seriously, it is time you
stop being a pushover.

16. Those who feel good by pulling others down. They’re doing it to them right now, they might start doing it to you too.

17. Those who try to control you. Some people just want everybody around them
to function the way they want them to. It is your life and nobody but you call the shots. So, if you think your
freedom is at stake, walk out.

18. Those who don’t understand your silence. The true mark of a friendship is when you
don’t need words to communicate.
But some people just don’t click on that level and there’s no point dwelling over such hollow friendships.

19. Those who are
ashamed of you. These are the worst ones. Real friends are those who love you for who you are, who accept even your slightest
If someone is constantly trying to change you, they’re not worth being your friend

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