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Travel Guide: Eight Places To Visit If You’re Ever In Enugu - Travel - YukHub

Enugu is a combination of two Igbo words ‘Enu and Ugwu’ which means ‘hill top’.

The hilly city that is home to most of the Igbos in the south-east is blessed with an abundance of coal.

For those keen on relaxation and adventure, Enugu is an ideal destination.

Here are five places to visit in the city.

1. National Museum of Unity

National Museum of Unity Enugu was established in 1972 in a bid to unify Nigeria after the Nigerian civil war. It was believed that exhibiting the heterogeneous culture of Nigeria will encourage understanding, love and peaceful co-existence among the various groups. This is commonly referred to as unity in diversity.

The museum is home to relics of history and military artefacts from the Biafran civil war.
The museum provides guided tours for tourists to have a full understanding of the rich history of the state.

2.Polo Park Mall

The first thing you’d see when visiting the Polo park mall is a giant Ferris Wheel, one of the main attractions of the place.

The mall, which is frequented daily by tons of tourists and residents, has several food courts, supermarkets and other shopping outlets.

3.Nike Lake Resort

Nike Lake Resort is one of the best places to relax and lodge as a result of its beautiful landscape and tranquil ambience.
The resort is situated on the banks of Nike Lake in Enugu.

4Ugwueme and Udi hills

Enugu is a land of hills, but Ugwueme and Udi are two of the most popular in the state. Both hills are suitable for mountaineering activities as they are situated hundreds of meters above sea level.
Situated underneath these hills are mines where coal was extracted many years ago.

5.Ngwo caves, waterfall and pine forest

The trek to the Ngwo Cave requires navigating your way through the large cluster of trees at the beautiful Ngwo Pine Forest, sharp twists and turns along the stone-paved track, as the route slants downward. The valley floor is tiled by a gently flowing stream of limpid spring waters. A barefooted trek upstream in the water leads into a dark cleft at the end of the valley. A narrow but high opening leads into the cave and the loud splashing of the waters of the raging crystal clear waters announces your arrival.
The Ngwo Cave has been naturally sculpted in limestone rocks and is bedecked by an enchanting waterfall dropping from a small opening at the roof of the cave. The fall forms a shallow pool at the cave floor and flows out as a small stream. Just behind the big mass of rock in which the cave is emplaced, we find more caves carefully tucked into the rock, some within reach and others needing a good climb to access. The water fall also has warm and hot water that comes out together from one source.

6. Awhum waterfall and cave

Awhum waterfall, which is 30 metres high, is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi local government area of Enugu.

The waterfall is as a result of massive outcrop of granite rock with water cascading over the top to form a stream.

Legend has it that the water has curative powers and can be used to subdue evil forces wherever it is sprinkled.

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