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Google is the highest search engine ever.
Google gives you information more than you request. I.e, many articles are being suggested to you when you browse.
Bloggers specifically complain of their articles not ranking high i.e. Ist, 2nd, 3rd or forth on google.
This article is really going to help you boost your google ranking skills.
Those blogs ranking first on google are being owned by human beings like. You too can equally be among... Do you believe?
If yes wake up and do something.
If no, do not continue in reading this article.
There are few things you need to do in starting the journey of google ranking.
Have noticed that when you search a keyword eg. "How to start a blog", that article of how to start a blog is also in your site yet you can't see it even on the 10 page on google .oh that's really bad.
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Let's go to the main point.
In order to have a high website ranking you need to do these things. In fact this is a must which without them no way.
1. Get A Paid Domain: A blog with a sub-domain or free domain is rarely seen ranking high unless if the site content is extensively rich and standard. What am i saying? The summary is for you to get a paid domain before expecting google high ranking.
2. Submitting Your Site To Google Search Console: Many bloggers start their blog and have many articles on it without submitting the site to google search console (submit here)
Submitting your site to google means giving google team a respect and informing them that such a site do exist.
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