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I Lost It ( A Short Story) by thankgod(m): 11:22am On 8 Aug 2017
I LOST IT ( A Short Story)
Written By : Nonsegzy De Magnificenti

The sun illuminated through the hole called Window , sending scalding ultraviolet rays down to my face as i romanced the pegged-down bed which my sleeping matter laid on. At 10, my long legs and matured Face made me look more manly than my age which i later knew to be caused by high secretion of thyroxine. Being the first out of three had so many responsibilities , like I had to sweep our section of compound plus the interior - Thanks to our tenants who would sweep theirs, if not, my story could have changed, Preparing breakfast which my siblings will eat before going to school became an everyday routine. It was really pain-staking doing everything by myself. I complained countless of times to my Parents but they were headbent on their non-exalting insinuations that "A first child will always be a fIrst child".
"If chiemerie, my younger brother will take my birthright like Jacob, so be it" I would always reply why my father will laugh it off, Labelling it to be a Child's talk. More reason, I concluded within me that he dislikes me to his favourite Kids - Chiemerie and Ada which made me Isolate myself from telling my parents my ordeals ,knowing they will do nothing. Growing up, I understood my hard parents has always loved me, their love was hidden in a pinkscript which i couldn't understand with my shallow thinking. Back to my Story.
"Nonso, Nonso; Ebee ka nwaa no?" My mother's voice echoed throughout the whole room. The intensity in which it travelled mesmerised scientific elucidations. I needed no soothsayer to tell me the book of havoc about to be opened.I quickly sprang up my bed and Knelt down.
"Nonso, Nonso" The call continued as she barged into my room. I just kept mute, It has always been a tradition in our house-not to disturb someone praying. She calmed down on seeing me.
";Do fast!!, the time is 6:30am, Prayer Warrior" She blurted getting out of my room. I heaved a sigh of relief before getting on my feet to do my everyday routine. I hurried up, before 7:40. My siblings were already on their
Schoolbus while I dressed up for mine, not after getting blasted by my parents about how unserious i have been about my academics. They even talked about how i failed woefully last term by taking the 3rd position which got my thinking how my lateness to school brought about this early tonguelashing.
Reaching my school, The teachers for late-discipline, has already started their heavenly flogs. I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed one of my schoolmates, cry badly like someone being stung by a bee, without me knowing that today had so many reserves for me, which i never imagined. The day studies went as always as form teacher kept dishing out advices- To read ahead of our common entrance examination which was coming in few day's time. The bell rang signalling the time for break.
My close pal gave me a piece of paper, after ellaboraing who gave it to him- Ogonna The oldest girl in class. I quickly opened it and saw "I LOVE YOU" written in her blemish handwriting. I looked at her direction and she was winking at me. I couldn't digest what she was trying to portray. My friend noticing the change in my countenance, Looked into the paper and started laughing.
"Chiedu, what is it?" I asked suprised by his action.
"You just won a Jackpot" He said running away.
"Noonoo!!", I heard Ogonna call out. I matched to where she was seated, Handing the piece of paper back to her.
"Yes, I gave it to you, "
"Come, I have something to show you" She said dragging my hand. Still holding me, she led me to one of the uncompleted building in our school.
"What are we doing here?" I asked suprised.
";Don't be a shy shy boy" She said pulling her skirt up revealing her G-spot while i jerked in suprise.
"What are you doing?" , I said turning to run while she grabbed me.
"Where do you think , you are going?" She asked while i shook my head feebly.
"See i have done this with Edu, so why are you behaving like this?" she said pulling down.....


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