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Is Love Really Enough? (short Story) by thankgod(m): 08:58am On 8 Aug 2017
Is Love Really enough? (short story)

written by Abel
It was magical
All the excitement that had filled my system since he proposed
Butterflies flying around my tommy
The silent giggles whenever his thoughts or face flashed through my mind
And then the D-day came
Obviously the event planners knew their onions
The arrangement and planning was on point
Family,guest all had a nice time
Did I forget to mention the honeymoon? Far away in Hawaii
I have dreamt of it as far back as secondary school
I flooded the internet and social media with different pictures and video of how it all went down!
It was all i could ever ask,a perfect union made in heaven or so it seemed;as at that point
Boom! Reality check
Fast forward to present day
That was four years ago
Its some few minutes past eight and he is not yet home
The last time I checked,closing hour was still 5pm
Normally,20 minutes tops after closing he’s home
My last redial just ended, the eleventh ring out
Few minutes later,an SMS comes in “hanging out with some old pals”
How come?
I thought I was he’s best partner at “hanging outs”?
I just realised that was the third time this week!
Is he too engrossed with the drinks/buddies he couldn’t spare some few minutes to talk over the phone?
Why won’t he answer my calls? Maybe he mistakenly left it inside the car
No call? Am sure he ran out of call credit….
That’s me trying so hard to make excuses for Bayo
Could Cynthia be right?
” Don’t mind them,they will do everything for you just for you to marry them,get into his house first and then you will know his true colours”
No it cant be,but all the writings on the wall are pointing to it
Bayo is different,he has to be
Two years of courtship and I never saw a trace of this trait
Could it be that he was so good at hiding it or I was just too blinded with passion I couldn’t see what was right there in front of me?
So many thoughts rushing through my head-it aches badly
Then a sharp pain on my waist, 8 months gone and he kicks like every minute
Just to remind me that it could happen at any time
I tried to turn on the couch just to ease my discomfort
I totally forgot I left the phone on my protruded belly
Down it went with the screen smashing into a thousand pieces as it hit the marble floor
Damm it- how I hated myself
Now I can’t even call Bayo,even if he tried he can’t reach me
Am stuck on this couch until he gets back because I can’t bend down to sweep no more
“Madam,do not get into positions that will hurt your baby,especially domestic chores…let your husband or maid if available help you do it” That was Dr. Smith issuing instructions to Bayo and I the last time we went for antenatal 3 weeks ago
His concerns hinged on the fact that I had threatened abortion /miscarriage twice in my second trimester hence my pregnancy case file was tagged “Delicate”
After struggling to conceive for four years before it finally happened,the family doctor has been extra careful to make sure the baby arrived safely
” the more reason Bayo should be here with me all the time and not with buddies,whoever they are” I screamed out
“Aunty,what is the problem? Do you want anything?”
I was so lost in my thoughts,I didn’t realise Uduak the maid had entered with the groceries I sent for
I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself but didn’t want to show it
“No….em em I mean yes dear” I stuttered
“get a broom and clean this mess” me pointing to the remains of my phone
I could see the shock in her eyes,am sure she remembered how I gushed on my birthday just last week when Bayo gave me the sleek Samsung galaxy note
“don’t just stand there,get it done already”
How I wish I didn’t turn down mamas proposal of coming in time to stay,but it was because I wanted Bayo and I to share those last moments together. Not been abandoned like this,certainly not like this.
And then the hour bell struck nine. As much as I tried to keep them out,Cynthia’s words flashed again
“your husband is every woman’s dream,tall,dark and not only is he handsome but rich as well. Even if he didn’t go after them,they will hunt him. My dear, you have to be closer to God and pray o,this is Lagos o,those girls are very wicked . As for me,I had to engage local insurance policy…em you know what I mean now aunty Bisi”
I promptly rejected her assertions and ideas in my mind “bayo will never cheat on me,I don’t need black magic to keep my man,he loves me,very much”.
As I remembered those lines,it didn’t sound convincing to even me anymore,fear gripped me.
I removed my chaplet from my neck and started reciting the rosesary ” God please protect him,bring him home safely”
That’s me trying to obey what my mum told me ” always pray for your husband,no matter what. Pray first before you conclude on his behalf”.
If there was anytime in my life I needed quick response from heaven,it has to be today and now. ” if you can hear me oh Lord,bring him back to me NOW!” heaven could tell I was desperate.
The baby kicked once more and I adjusted the throw-pillow behind me to make it a bit more comfortable,with that last movement, I slept off on the couch
Hours later,I woke up in a frenzy,stood up and only then did I realise I was in our bedroom upstairs. Still confused as to how I got there and with Bayo not snoring loudly by my side I reached for the door. The door that lead downstairs,mid way through my descent down the stairs I peeped through the tiny tinted glass on the wall to see if he’s car was in the parking lot but to my surprise -it wasn’t.
” so he didn’t come back home last night,Bayo has killed me” I was breathing heavily as I turned the corner to embark on the final descent towards the living room,there he was!
Kneeling on one leg,the same position he took when he proposed five years ago at the bar beach,only that this time he had a tedy not an 18 karat gold ring.
It was a surprise baby shower party! Everyone who meant anything to me was already there,am sure the public holidays made it possible to assemble them all. Bayo had been making secret preparations all this while trying to keep it away from me hence the late nights.
I couldn’t take the remaining steps down,I practically froze on my knees. Tears rolled down my eyes as he held and raised me gently to my sit in front of everyone.
I was so overwhelmed with emotions and it didn’t matter I was still wearing my pyjamas,I had never felt that special my entire life!
Even though the baby kicked that very moment,I didn’t feel the pain. All I felt was paradise!!!
To all women who have endured the pain of pregnancy to give life. God bless you eternally

The End

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