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Many can only dream of finding a partner to be with for the rest of our lives. This couple from China is proof that maybe our dreams aren’t so unrealistic after all. Wu Xi’an and Xiang Yongshan have been married for 81 years and are still crazy about each other. How romantic!

The couple reveal that their secret to their successful marriage was treating each other with kindness and not giving up on the hope of a better life. Wu, who is 100 years old, recounts her childhood and how she came about getting married to 99 year-old Xiang in a report by The Shanghaiist. As a toddler, Wu’s parents started binding her feet despite it being an incredibly painful experience, since small, bound feet were considered the ideal beauty standard in China at the time. Having bound feed also used to help girls find suitable husbands from better backgrounds.

Thankfully, her painful experience was worth it as her parents managed to find a well-off husband for her. Wu’s and Xian’s parents agreed that they would be married when Wu was just 6 years old. When Wu turned 19, they finally got married in a beautiful ceremony, where Wu presented her dowry to Xian’s family. Her dowry consisted of pillows and curtains, with beautifully intricate embroidery hand-stitched by Wu herself.

When he saw the dowry, Xian gasped as he was amazed by Wu’s incredibly detailed embroidery. She blushed. Once they got married, Wu started stitching designs in her spare time as an expression of her love for her husband! And she still regularly does it to this day.

Wu grew up without any education but her mom said it’s fine, as long as she’s very good at embroidering. The only characters Wu know are her and her husband’s names. 81 years after they first got married, Wu and Xian are now heads of a 5-generation family. Every Spring Festival, their 55 family members return to their home to celebrate with them.

Source: The Shanghaiist

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