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Amara (short Story)  continuation by thankgod(m): 03:20pm On 9 Sep 2017
BAM! Lizard number three!
Amara instantly shut her eyes and looked away again, then she heard the squashed reptile flesh being yanked off the wall and. Amara quickly looked away. She was done playing spectator to this grotesque scene.
WHAT? Amara’s eyes instantly shot open in disbelief. She most definitely heard wrong. But to her utter disappointment, Mama Ebike held the half-dead lizard out to her.
“No!” She instantly refused, shaking her head and not concealing her repelled frown.“I…I don’t want,”
“Didn’t your mummy ever tell you it’s rude to refuse something when offered?” Mama Ebike asked with a raised brow to the girl’s disbelief. “You must try it. It’s nice – very, very nice.” Something was certainly wrong somewhere with this woman, and speaking of her “Mummy,” Amara remembered she was yet to find her family. She was frightened now.
“I don’t want,” Amara put her foot down. “I’m going to find my mummy and….”
“You’re not going anywhere until you eat this lizard!” Mama Ebike no longer sounded friendly now. Then she advanced towards Amara with impatience. “Don’t waste my time. Take it now!”
“No!” Amara shook her head and backed away. Suddenly remembering she posessed legs, she turned and ran straight for the staircase. The crazy woman would have to get her Lizard-grabbing hands on her first. Amara was relieved as she got to the first floor now.
Spinning in dismay, Amara almost tripped over and wet herself in horror at the sight of Mama Ebike, whom now dashed up the stairs with such pace; and she was not alone – the bloodied reptile was still in her grasp. “Eat!”
“No!” Amara took off again. “Leave me alone!” Never in her life had she been this scared; not even her almost fatal encounter with the neighbors’ Pit-bull early last year amounted to this.
Amara was almost on the second floor now, with her family’s apartment just around the corner. Mama Ebike’s feet stamped loud and fast right after her, but Amara was swift enough and rushed in. Slamming the door shut, she bolted it completely and frantically turned the keys.
Without waiting, Amara spun and darted straight for her bedroom where she also locked herself in; and then she hopped on the bed till her back was against the wall, before burying her head between her knees. Was she safe now? Where was Mama Ebike? What was going on out there?
Amara pressed her eyes shut for a moment that almost seemed like forever.
“Sleepy, sleepy!”
Raising her head, Amara froze. Standing before her was none other than Junior who threw her a playful smirk.
“Junior?” She called all puzzled.
“Is Amara still asleep?” The male voice came from outside which got Amara flying off the bed without hesitation. Pushing passed her brother, she raced out to the parlour where both their parents stood.
“There you are!”
“Daddy!” Amara called with such relief before suddenly rushing and clinging to him to both their surprise.
“Oh! Okay! Someone really missed me,” her surprised father said throwing his similarly puzzled wife a glance. “But we weren’t gone that long now,”
“I know,” Amara muttered with her face still buried into his abdomen while her body still trembled.
“We just went to buy a gift for Aunty Lara’s birthday at the supermarket,” Junior emerged from the room.
“It’s tomorrow,” their father said gesturing to the large wrapped gift on the large glass dining table.
“Yes, dear,” their mother added she gently placed a round, covered white ceramic dish on the glass dining table. “You were sound asleep and we didn’t need to bother you.” But Amara’s teenage mind was still processing her close-to-real nightmare. Her heart still pounded hard. Dream or no dream, she was telling.
“Mummy, daddy…” She called. “I saw…”
“Hmm. Mummy, it smells nice,” Junior commented as his mother lifted the lid. “Can I taste…”
“No!” Their mother said while the escaping steam graced her nostrils. “Mummy Ebike’s dish isn’t bad at all.”
“Mummy Ebike?” Amara’s eyes shot open.
“We saw her on our way up,” her mother replied. “She cooked a lot today and was nice enough to share.” Then she picked a large piece of the spiced meat and rewarded herself a bite. “Hmm! Darling, you should try this,”
“What’s that anyways?” Her husband asked approaching her.
“I don’t know, but it’s probably one of her native dishes,” she replied raising another piece to his mouth. “Here,’’
“Hmm…Sweetheart!” He muttered.
“Mummy, what about me?” Junior was frowning now, of which his mother reciprocated.
“Fine! Taste… before you give me a headache. ” Amara watched the scene before her in bewilderment. She had a lot to say but felt so numb at the same time.
“It tastes like chicken!” Junior’s eyes were wide with excitement now as he licked his lips.
“I don’t think it’s chicken,” his mother corrected.
“Well, whatever this is, it’s finger-licking good,” her husband said with an impressed grin.
“Amara, why are you just standing there?” Her mother’s voice suddenly pulled her from her thoughts.
“Yes,” her father agreed. “You’ve been quiet.”
“Here,” Her mother approached her with a large piece. “Have a taste.”
Then Amara screamed.

The End

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