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3 Reasons Why All Jambites Should Write Mock Utme - Education - YukHub

You must have known by now that for the first time, there will be a mock JAMB examination scheduled to hold on Saturday, 8th April, 2017. In as much the mock exam is entirely optional, we, think it will be expedient for all UTME candidates to participate in the upcoming exercise for some reasons.
JAMB examination board has introduced an“Eight Key” Device For 2017 CBT Exams. This device has never been used before for UTME, meaning you could have some difficulty or “phobia” before getting acquainted to the new device. But with the upcoming mock exams, you will definitely get a feeling of the device and learn how to use it for your exams. This will save you valuable time and stress on the main examination day.
Secondly,the mock exam will enable you have a feeling of what JAMB UTME can look like especially if you’ve never written it before. Remember the mock exam has nothing to do with your UTME score, so, you have absolutely nothing to loose even you fail all the questions. So you should try it so you can have a feeling of what the exam will be like.
Lastly,the mock exam will boost your confidence on exam day. This is true because, writing the mock exam means you will see and solve some UTME questions, this will ultimately make you know what JAMB can offer in terms of exam questions. You’ve also seen the new exam device that will be used for the exam, so you have nothing to fear. While some others will have the“fear of the unknown”you will be boosted by the“confidence of the known.”
We Wish all JAMB aspirants success in the coming Exam.

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