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The Foolish Love Episode One by thankgod(m): 08:46am On 10 Oct 2017
THE FOOLISH LOVE EPISODE ONE Nnamdi was a loyal and humble man,who
everyone around him emulated him. He
was a hardworking man,who was also
born with a silver spoon.
He was born into a family of Four(4),two
(2) boys and two(2) girls.Nnamdi was the second born,his elder sister Blessing was
the first born. He was so loved by his
siblings and parent,he was so
intelligent,quite and smart. He was the
carbon-copy of his grandfather.
Nnamdi was a graduate from Oxfrd University,He studied Petrol Chemical
Engineering.He was loved among his
course mates in his school.He was the
best among his peers.Many years passed
and Nnamdi got a job in a petroleum
company in London.HE worked in the company for 2years and decided to go
back to his country and look for a wife
there.Few months later he returned back
to Nigeria and while he was returning,a
has been sent to him to come and work in Shevron as an assisting Manager. He got
back home successfully and he was so
happy to see his family.
Two weeks later,Nnamdi was ready to go
to work at Shevron, he entered into his
Car and was driving to work.When he finally arrive at work, he was welcomed
unexpectedly by everyone.he was so
happy and pleased to see everyone
smile. Nnamdi was so handsome, slight
talks going on among the females in the
company. he was shown into his office,and was told all that he need to do
what and who to call on.One morning
while Nnamdi
was in the office,he heard a knock on the
door...''The door is open'' Nnamdi said,as
the door was opening,Nnamdi was amazed at what he saw.Guess
what he saw?

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