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The Foolish Love Episode Two by thankgod(m): 08:47am On 10 Oct 2017
EPISODE TWO A pretty young Lady who was gorgeous
and dressed so awesome that made
Nnamdi forgot where he was.Nnamdi
was so lost in her beauty that he didn't
hear her greet...''Good morning
sir!!!''...The lady greeted...''Yeah Good morning,sorry I was thinking about a
project a wanted to deliver
are the documents you requested for
sir''...The Lady said...''Oh yes,give them to
me'' Nnamdi said still admiring her.''I may take my leave now sir'' the Lady
said...''Oh wait.Please may I know your
name?'' Nnamdi said to her...''My is
Sarah,sir'' The lady said to
him....''Hmmmmm that the such a pretty
name for a pretty gilr such as you'' Nnamdi said to
her...''Oh thank you sir'' she said while
smiling...'';Do you know you so so
beautiful to the eyes of a man?'' Nnamdi
said...''Sir please I have to get back to
work,I have a lot of work to do'' She said...''Why the hurry?,what about dinner
tonight?'' He asked....''Alright sir'' she
smiling at him...Few hours later,when it
was time for evryone to go home,Nnamdi
rushed outside to his car and waited for
Sarah at his car.He waited for some minutes,until he saw the beautiful legs
and glamouring steps of sarah as she
walked down the stairs to where he
was.Nnamdi was so lost again again and
at her beauty.''OH my Lady!!! you are so gorgeous'' Nnamdi said to her...''Oh stop
you are making me blush'' she said to
him... ''Please do come in'' He said as he
majestically opened the door for
her...Few minutes later after a long
discussion the the car,they finally arrive at a resturant.What do you want? he
asked her...
''Just get me a plate of rice and
chicken''....she said to the waiter standing
in front of them taking their orders...''I
would like to order for the same''He said... ''Tell me about yourself Sarah'' He
said...Well my name is sarah,I'm...

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