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The Foolish Love Episode Three by thankgod(m): 11:01pm On 10 Oct 2017
THE FOOLISH LOVE EPISODE THREE After their dinner,He took her back home
that night and his was the beginning of a
true love story between Nnamdi and
Sarah.One morning at work,Everyone
was busy
that was the day the manger decided to resign and make Nnamdi the new
General Manager of the
company.Nnamdi never had an idea of
this because all he wanted to
make the company a better one.The
good works of a man always speak for him.The General manager has just
arrived and everyone are all pretending
to be extremely
busy.The General manager entered into
Nnamdi's office to see that Nnamdi was
working so happy with a smile on his face.''Hmmmmm,that smile on your face
is so suspicious,
tell me while all this smile is on you
face?'' The General manager said to
Nnamdi...''Well sir,my happiness is that
when a man is doing the will of God,there is always joy in it''
Nnamdi said to him...''How do you
mean?'' the manager said...''Sir my heart
has finally seen the one I call my bone''
Nnamdi said to him...''Well my boy,my
prayers for you is that you pick the right choice for yourself and
not the wrong one''...''Well I have come to
inform you that I'll be resigning today
from the post of the General manger of
this company
and I have decided to make you the new General manager of this company'' He
said to Nnamdi...''Well sir it will be my
greatest joy to be the general manager
of the very company
and I promise to always move this
company forward'' Nnamdi said to the manager...''Thats very good my boy but
there is something you must know before
I let you become the
General manager of this company'' He
said...''And what may that be?'' Nnamdi
said with a smile on his face...''You must first belong to a brother hood of money
makers,then I shall
make you the General manager of this
company'' He said...What!!!....

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