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The Foolish Love Episode Four by thankgod(m): 11:02pm On 10 Oct 2017
THE FOOLISH LOVE EPISODE FOUR You must go back and rethink about this
issue,this is the only way you get to be
rich forever in your entire life,here is my
resignition letter,Goodbye He said and
left Nnamdi's office.
Nnamdi got home that night very tired,he took his bath that night and had his
dinner.When it was time for his night
study,he flashed back to all that
happened today at work and
remembered the discussion between him
and the General manager.Nnamdi thought of how rich he would be if he
joined the brother hood,he thought of
company he would build,
houses and cars that he would buy.As all
this was going on in his mind,his fone
ranged and it was Sarah calling him...Hello Sarah,How are you doing? he
said...Well am not fine
because I know you are busy thinking
about something that you never bothered
to call me and you even left the office
without even saying goodbye to me,that's unfair she said to
him...well my dear I'm so sorry,I had a lot
going on in my mind and I never thought
of saying goodbye to you,I'm so sorry my
dear he said...Well I have forgiven you,I
know it is about what the General manager told
you this afternoon,that is what is
bodering you my dear? she said to
him...He shooked his head suprisingly
and asked her how come she knew
about their discussion in the office...I knew that the general manager was an
occultist,that was why I rushed down to
your office door and listened to all that
you both were discussing
she said to him...But how come you knew
about the general manager and you kept it from me all this while? he said so
angrily...well my dear,there is time for
everything and I consider
this time as the best time because I know
you are already planning to accept the
offer she said to him...Yes I was,but what should I do? he asked her...Nnamdi don't
accept it because behind
every good thing comig from the
devil,there is always a price you must pay
and you know what that means? she said
to him...Thank you dear you you are the best thing God gave to me,Good night
he said to her and cut the the call...This
was so hard for Nnamdi,he finally
decided on a decision and wanted to tell
the General manger...He called him on
the phone...Good evening sir...

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