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The Foolish Love Episode Five by thankgod(m): 05:57am On 10 Oct 2017
THE FOOLISH LOVE EPISODE FIVE ''Good evening sir,its me Nnamdi''Nnamdi
said...''Oh Good evening my boy,how are
you?'' he asked..''I'm okay sir,Elmmm sir I
called to give you the reply on what we
discussed in the office today
and sir I have decide to be among the brotherhood and am not going to look
back at anything or anyone sir'' Nnamdi
said...''Ohhhhhhh!!!!,that is the true spirit
of a man my boy,meet me in that
hotel closer to that shopping mall in
Marris estate by 3:00pm,don't be late my boy'' He said...''Alright sir I would not be
late for this'' Nnamdi said...He cut the
call.Men are sometimes sturborn
to know the right thing to decide for
themselves.The next morning,Nnamdi
was so happy thinking that he was going to be a rich man and a real man,He never
knew that he was heading for
destruction.Nnamdi rushed down to the
bathroom,had his bath and wore his
clothes and shoe.Nnamdi was about
entering his car when Sarah called and told him that she saw him that she saw
when he had an accident while going
somewhere and that while he was
driving,his thought of where he was
going was somewhere evil.Nnamdi told
her that thats never going to happen,he also
told her that he was going to meet an old
friend of his in his house,she told him
that if he has any plans of going to
somwhere evil that he should not go
there.He said to her that she should not worry
herself too much.Nnamdi being a man
never listen to her and said to himself
''Am a man and a must make my own
decisoins''.Nnamdi entered into his car
and drove passed his gate,as he was on the
road,he mind was on his thought of being
a rich man.as he was driving he never
knew that a tanker was driving so fast
that it was so hard for the tanker driver to
match the break.The big tanker bumped into Nnamdi and crushed his car
and there were crowd all over the
place,Nnamdi was rushed down to the
nearest hospital for treatment...

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