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The Foolish Love Episode Six by thankgod(m): 05:58am On 10 Oct 2017
THE FOOLISH LOVE EPISODE SIX The doctor and nurses were in the
emergency room trying to bring nnamdi
back to live when Sarah entered into the
hospital with tears on her eyes.She
wanted to enter into the emergency room
forcefully but she was stop by one of the
nurses.Finally,the doctor came out,Sarah
rushed to meet him...Sir is how is he?.I'm
sure he is not dead?'' sarah asked...Well
madam lets go to my office'' the doctor
said... Please madam have your seat'' the doctor
said to sarah...Thank you sir,sir tell me sir
how is he? she said...Well madam,is he
your husband? the doctor asked...No sir
he is a friend of mine''she said...Well
madam should I tell you the good news or the bad news?
the doctor said...Wel sir I believe there is
no bad news so its better you tell me the
Goodnews I want to hear'' she said...Well
madam your friend is not dead,But there
is a problem'' the doctor said...What is the problem?
she said...There problem here is that your
friend is in Comma and we don't know yet
if he will survive it or not,all you need to
do is to be prayerful''the doctor
said....Ohhhh my God!!!,Nnamdi would never listen to me,
even when I told him not to go,he never
listened.I just pray he survive it'' she
said...Elmmmm Madadm can you please
sign here,and don't forget that the bills
must be paid'' the doctor said...Alright doctor,I would not
forget,but can I see him doctor?''she
said..Oh yes you may see him'' the doctor
said...Thank you doctor,Goodday!'' she
said.Sarah stood up and left the doctor's
office to see Nnamdi.When she enetere into the room where Nnamdi was,she
was shocked to see that
Nnamdi's head was tied and his legs
were also tied...She held his hand and
cried...Nnamdi why did you do this to
yourself and me?,I warned you not to go but you did not listen to me,look at what
you have brought to yourself,is this what
you wanted for us?,
Nnamdi you better get up from there and
talk to me(she cried while holding his
hand and hitting him on the chest),get up now Nnamdi!!!...Sarah cried and cried but
Nnamdi was in comma and could not
hear her...Few months later...
. Do you wish to know what happened at

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