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The Foolish Love Episode Seven (final) by thankgod(m): 01:02pm On 10 Oct 2017
The Foolish Love Episode Seven The
Final Episode. Few months later while nnamdi was still
in coma, sarah was running around helter
skelter searching for solution to make
sure she save nnamdi from the ugly
She visited many prayer house and many churchs praying for nnamdi, as the day
goes by the hospital bill was compiling
for nnamdi and if care is not taken the bill
get off-hand, Sarah tried all she could to
pay the bills and brought nnadi back home.
Nnamdi came back home and with the
help of the almighty God he came back to
normal life but could not make use of
some part of his body, his left hand was
paralyzed and he cannot turn his head fluently.
He was removed as the general manager
at his work place becuase of his
inabilities and body structure.
Nnamdi was rejected by all his friends
but sarah remained with him, she took care of him, goes to work and feed him
without complain, she later got married to
Nnamdi not minding
his conditions, This is what i call Foolish
____The_____End______ Love is foolish: This dosent mean that
Love is not good, it means that one can
do anything becuase of love. Answer This few questions before you
Do you have love in you?
Can you still love even when things goes
Is your own love blind? Sarah is a tipical example of the show of
love, she loved nnamdi even when he
cannot perform again as a normal human
being, leran to love.
Join me again on another life changing

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