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Random Jokes Part Two by thankgod(m): 05:04pm On 10 Oct 2017
7• Something bothers me, those girls who
go to night clubs wearing crop Tops and
leggings without hand bag, were do they
put their money? Ahbi dem no get money?? ________________________
8• So u deleted ur bibble App to
download Snapchat, I hope u also
download a filter that can reduce the heat temperature inside Hell?? __________________________
9• Sister you are not Rihanna, wear bra
and stop showing us that breast that are pointing at your shoes _________________________
10• Girl: Dad, whats better? To pass or to
Dad: To pass obviously!
Girl: oh my God! You'll be proud of me cos I passed my pregnancy text & positive Her Burial arrangement holds dis friday ________________________
11• My mom asked my girlfriend if she
can Cook, Then she smiled and replied, "
Mummy I cooked the tea we drunk at
home this morning"
my mum is still looking for where to faint cos our dog fainted where she suppose to faint

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