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Ghetto Life (a Short Story) - Literature - YukHub

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Ghetto Life (a Short Story) by thankgod(m): 06:11am On 10 Oct 2017
Guys this short story isn't meant to cause religious barrier or so, if you are a Muslim and get offended by it, please am sorry. I was just remembering old times and got inspired to write this short piece of my past. Note, the name aren't real. Please and please again, it isn't an abusive or disrespectful story towards any religion, it is a true life story.
Ghetto Life.
By Gabriel Akilozi
"Allahu akbaru" The mosque loud speaker sounded as I sat outside my face me and face you house which I and my parents are managing. I turned and look at the mosque as I saw people washing hand and legs before entering to pray, a man was also outside the mosque, he was not washing his hands or legs, he held the micro phone and recited some word which later was made loud enough by the speaker that stood high up over the mosque
"Allahu akbaru" the speaker shouted again. I smiled to myself as I knew I was about to do something naughty, I picked up a stone and hid myself behind some blocks, I then targeted the stone directly to the man's head, I hardly miss my target, the stone hit where it was sent to. I watched as the man paused his prayer and looked around, he picked up the microphone again, I thought he was going to continue praying but to my surprise he said.
"Tani ju oko ( who is throwing stone) "came the sound from the speaker this time, I laughed silently where I was and I was kind of fufiled with myself but my happiness changed to shock when someone drew my ear from the back, I stretched my neck to see who it was and to my surprise it was one of the Alfas that was just going to the mosque. He drew me to my dad who was lying on a mat in front of our room. Of course my dad knew I had done something wrong, it was not the first time someone will draw me by my ear to him but it was the first time it will be done by an Alfa.
"Your chyd is ju okota ba Alfa" the poor man struggled to communicate in English but ended up mixing it up with his dialect. My dad of course was not a Yoruba man so he did not understand what the Alfa was trying to say, he put on a confused face and the Alfa tried repeating himself again and again. At a point the Alfa got tired and picked up a stone, he stoned it at my dad and then pointed to the Alfa who was still reciting prayers outside the mosque. My dad face changed, he must be obviously angry from the impact the stone had on him. He stood up in anger from the mat, rolled up his cloth and made to start a fight with the Alfa. To my surprise, the Alfa pulled up his jalamia and also prepared to fight. I in my humble self passed through their middle as sound of "Emi" and "Me" filled the air without no one hitting the other, Yoruba fight.
I did not go far, I stood in a corner and watched the two men exchange words , to my outmost amazement they later ended up shaking each other and then dispersed, my father resumed lying down on his mat.
"Gabriel,Gabriel" he shouted my name and I ran to him like an innocent child.
"Papa this me" I said
"Gabriel onetoporo mogodo" he called my full name, "Why were you throwing stones at the Alfa that was praying?" He asked me while I drew back in shock. I wasn't shock because of the question but for the fact that this man had been pretending not to understand what the poor Alfa had been saying.
Years passed, this time we had packed out from our face you and face me house, my father had been able to save to rent a three bedroom flat. I myself had gained admission into the university and was studying Medicine.
It was on a Sunday when I decided to visit my former area, I had missed the life there. I dressed up and put on my medicated glasses, I made sure I was looking smart, I then went to get a cab which drove me to Aararomi bus stop, Iyana Ipaja. I entered the street which had the name banner "Oshundairo". I checked my wrist watch and it was almost two. The place was now looking more better, I walked down the street until I finally stopped in front of my former house, just then I heard the loud speaker again.
" Allahu ak...."The Alfa suddenly paused, I turned to see why he paused and I caught him staring at me as if he was trying to recongnize me, he then drew the micro phone close to his mouth again as if he was to continue the prayer.
"Aju Oko ti de ooo(the stone thrower has come)" I heard the loud speaker echo. I miss this life, I thought as I went into the compound.
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