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Caitlyn Jenner On The Kardashians - They Don't Want Me In Their Lives' - TV/Movies - YukHub

Transgender, Caitlyn Jenner has shared her heartbreak as she says she no longer speaks to the Kardashians – speaking to students at Cambridge, the transgender revealed Kim Kardashian hasn’t spoken to her in a year, and admitted feeling ‘bashed up‘ following the feud.
Caitlyn said:
They don’t want me in their lives, they bashed me pretty badly. It’s devastating when your kids do that. It really hurt.’
Despite the heart-ache she said she remained very close with the Jenner side of her family, confessing:
‘My children are my life.’
Discussing her trans experiences while still married to Kris, she also revealed her then wife was aware of her secret life. She said:
‘As far as Kris, when I met her I had to be honest. She was aware of it at the beginning, but she but some restrictions on it. ‘I had my own little get aways where I could go be myself. She knew about it, but I just didn't do anything around her.’ ‘As far as us going our separate directions, it wasn’t about trans issues at all. It just didn’t work like it use to work.’

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