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with my years in the technology world as a computer specialist. some times many individuals complained about their laptop suddenly slow in function. so this my few tips will help .please take your laptop to technician if you can't do it your self. The conventional wisdom has long held that you should simply buy a new one. You can put such conventional wisdom aside: Upgrading a laptop may not be for the timid or the impatient, but if you 're handy with a screwdriver, and the sight of a circuit board doesn 't scare you, an upgrade can be a far more affordable solution. We took tools to hand and worked our way through eight common (and not so common) laptop upgrades, in some instances stripping our test machines--a Dell Inspiron E1505 and a Dell Inspiron 6000--down to the bare chassis. We can't fit complete step-by-step, unscrew-this-and-unplug-that instructions for everything into this article, but we can provide tips to help with each process. And note that every laptop varies: Even machines from the same vendor can have very different designs and therefore wildly different disassembly methods. Before you start, keep these essential points in mind: Many of these upgrades will void your laptop's warranty. Some upgrades can damage your laptop. If you are at all uncomfortable with such tinkering, leave it to a pro.{ those that repair} Most vendors provide disassembly instructions in their products' service manuals, which can usually be found on their Web sites' support sections. so first thing is Unplug your laptop and remove the battery before attempting any upgrade. Also, to avoid damage from static electricity, use a grounded wrist strap. You'll need a collection of small screwdrivers, including flathead, Phillips, and possibly even Torx. Speaking of screws, keep them organized as you remove them. Just write "LCD assembly" or "keyboard" or whatever on each cup as you go, to help you remember which screws go where. Pay special attention to wiring.Laptops have intricate channels where the wiring must run; stray wiring may get pinched or may prevent other parts from fitting together correctly. No matter what machine you're working on, first upgrade your BIOS. You'll need up-to-date BIOS code to support many newer components. Not every laptop component can be upgraded. Some may be soldered or otherwise permanently attached. some of the components are RAM Hard Drive Optical Drive Bluetooth Wireless Card

I hope you know the work of ram?? if not hehe . go and ask who sold the laptop to you. so let's talk about how you can change your system RAM. you can only do this if your previous ram is bad and ready to replace.
shut or system down.
remove the battery gently
first unscrew the screws in back of the system.
the ram is always attached to the mother board and it is detachable.
its always in green colour.
a simple chip. longer than the wireless card.
after unscrewing the nuts.
remove the back cover.
take out the ram.
put the new one then cover back.

Also know as hard Drive. It is the semi brain and main storage in your computer. All the files you save or work on is always in the hard disk. So if the disk is faulty or getting bad, one of the symptoms is the system slowness. First try formating it with suitable window, if the problem still not solve. Then your disk needs to be change,
use the same process as you did in changing the ram.
I hope this helps someone
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