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Top 10 Worst Box Office Earners In 2017 - TV/Movies - YukHub

Here is a compiled list of top 10 worst Earners In 2017.And their estimated budgets.Based on movies with wider screen views.
10.Ghost in a shell-earned about $40.5 million with a budget of $110million
9.King Authur: Legend of the sword-earnedabout $39.1 million with a budget of$175million
8.Monster trucks-$33.3 million with a budget of $125million
7.Life-earned $30.2 million with a budget of $58million
6.The House-earned $25.5 million with a budget of $40million
5.Diary of a Wimpy kid-earned $20.7million with a budget of $22million
4.Chips-earned $18.6million with a budget of $25 million
find out the top 3 and their budgets,get shocked by who

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