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My Mmm Story The Money And The Madness Episode 1 - General - YukHub

Episode 1
” A dog that refuses to hear the hunter whistle is most
likely to get lost in the thick forest ” – African proverb
” Head of squirrel stubborn on plate, he that is being
advised ,Lord let him listen ” – Yoruba proverb,
(sobs as Tope Alabi is played in the background)
“Aye le ooo.ibosi ooo..Aye Dori ko do KO ye mimo” Ibi
ta ba ma GBA oo koye ni yan………
Death is better than disgrace…Death I repeat is better
than shame…Which mouth will I use to say mmm is not
paying this month?? .. Certainly not with this mouth of
i woke up by myself today to the news of mmm
accounts been frozen for this month and till next year
January…. I strongly believe it can’t be true.. MBA NU ,
have they moved the fools day celebration from April to
December ?? Or probably it is one of this mtv base
pranks or some yeye .blogspots looking for traffic with
their usual headlines..
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Power lesson for all whether young or old!

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