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I Just Opened An Account And #5000 Was Invested For Me. It Gave Me #7500 - Business - YukHub

Please just ignore if you don't believe me. A trading company started an EMPOWERMENT program on 1st April 2018,

The company is giving everyone #5000 to start trading with them. In 6 days, they will pay you the #5000 plus #2500(50%). But to protect the business from fraudulent people, you must do another investment of 5000 before you can withdraw the 7500 into your bank account.

Join here if interested: www.bconcept.club/register.

As you progress, If convenient, you can invest #10000 to receive #15000, #20000 to receive 30000, #40000 to receive #60000 and so on within 2 weeks. That is how you will continue doing it. I am doing it and it is paying me.
Am sure you are saying this is another scam, wait a minute. Join this whatsapp group :
chat.whatsapp.com/CkQ9CjCiviPAG5oUUbEMnY - and watch what is happening there for 1 or 2 weeks. You can also ask questions there too. If you find it difficult joining whatsapp group. Message me and i will give you direct.

But if you are convinced and intend to register, contact me so I can give you my username as your referral and i will be rewarded with 500. I don't want to put it here so that it won't look like am doing this because of the referral bonus i will get.

Also, take your time to study and ask questions about how it is working, you will see it is one that will stand the test of time.

If you need more light on it, feel free to reach to me on 08036858959. Happy investing.

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