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How To Fix The Issues With Facebook Not Working Properly On Chrome - Webmasters - YukHub

The social networking site Facebook is so popular among the people around the world that millions of customer is using it for getting connected to the people around the world and to the dear ones who are far away from them. Facebook is helping out the people to get connected even when they are far away from each other.
Chrome is a browser which provides fast internet connectivity and gets you connected to the internet world.

However, sometimes there may be outage like Facebook not working on Google Chrome, there could be the problems like:
• Facebook is causing the problems while loading
• There is an error while Facebook videos are getting loaded.
• Facebook causes an error while freezing or there is slow connection to Facebook site while all others are working well
These are the ones that have been listed. While there could be other errors as well, but when you have identified that Facebook is not working with the chrome, you need to troubleshoot the error:
Check if the Facebook is working on the other browsers. If the Facebook is working well with the other, then, there is problem with the chrome browser. You can troubleshoot the chrome issue in following ways:
Open the Facebook in private (incognito) mode. If you are able to access the account in incognito mode, then, there is a possibility that the problem is with the plug-in.
For the plug-in problems, just disable all the plug-ins installed on Chrome. When you have disabled the Plug-in, you can log into your account once again.
There could be the cache error, try following steps:
1. Click on More (three dotted line present at the top right corner of the chrome).
2. Click on More tools.
3. In More tools, click on Clear Browsing Data.
4. Click on the advanced section of Chrome, and Clear Data.
Once you have cleared the data, enter the username and password of your Facebook account. If you are still facing the issue of Facebook not working properly
If it is being prompted that Chrome needs to be updated, do the update immediately which fixes the bugs in previous version.
If the message, “Facebook will be back soon“ prompts on the website, then, it implies that the site is under the maintenance. In this case, wait for few hours.
Sometimes the website maintenance also makes the account to prompt the message of “Account temporarily down”.
Try the above troubleshooting methods to make your Facebook account working again.

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