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Best Method To Recover Your Hacked Gmail Account And Secure It - Science/Technology - YukHub

Google email service Gmail, which is one of the most widely used email service across the world, and because of this over One Billion Gmail Users also makes it hackers favorite. Here we will see how to recover hacked Gmail account.
In case when you find any suspicious activity on your Gmail Account, then there might be a chance of hacking.
Here in this web tutorial you will know how you can retrieve your account as well as make it more secure.
1.Visit Google Account Recovery Page.
2.If you can’t remember your password then just click on Try different question.
3.You will be asked to select your recovery email or phone number. Select any one of it (Gmail will send a recovery code to make sure your account ownership to phone number/email so).
4.You will get a recovery code, once you get the recovery code enter it in Gmail.
5.Now Google will ask you to Change your password and after that it will take you through security check once you singed. Make sure to check everything, your security information.
If a Hacker hacked your Gmail Account, then he/she can do many things using your gmail account, so after the security checkup, also check your other Google accounts vulnerable Unauthorized payment activity, unfamiliar Google Play activity, unknown YouTube activity, unfamiliar apps, etc.

Follow these Tips to Secure your Google Account from Hackers.
*.Go through the Gmail Security Chekup and Follow the instruction in the security checkup. This is Google’s service which actually helps the users to make sure that their Gmail Account are safe or not by checking connected apps, devices, account permission etc.
*.If you find any suspicious activity then immediately change your password of your Google account.
*.Also change password of apps and sites and other profiles where you use the same password which you used for your gmail account.
*.Always make sure that your phone number and recovery email id are correct or not.
*.Use two-step verification method.

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