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Here are some tips you can get more views on your youtube videos.
1. Upload new videos regularly, and preferably on a schedule. In the event that your gathering of people generally expects another video each Tuesday, they'll anticipate Tuesdays! When you upload a new video, those who have subscribed to your channel will receive a notification.

2. Post every one of your YouTube recordings on Facebook utilizing Facebook's local video uploader (Fact: Facebook recordings presently get more commitment than shared YouTube video joins). Incorporate an invitation to take action inside the Facebook video post to "look at my different recordings on YouTube" with a connection to your YouTube channel.

3. Keep your video titles to 50 characters or less. Any more, and your title will get cut off, diminishing the odds it will get clicked in seek.

4.Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and promote them to your social media audience. This won't just build video sees, it will expand your site's online visits.

5. Try keeping your videos to around 3 minutes. Research by Buffer Social demonstrates the perfect length of a YouTube video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

6. While picking watchwords for your recordings, run a brisk Google pursuit to check whether there are video comes about for those catchphrases. On the off chance that there are, your video has a superior possibility of positioning in look.

7. Organize your videos in topical playlists. Utilize pertinent catchphrases to give your playlists more potential for positioning in look.

8.Use relevant keywords in your title and description so your video has the best chance of showing up in YouTube and Google search results.

9.Include your YouTube video URL while inserting it on your blog. Including the URL physically may build snaps to your YouTube channel… .and may simply prompt your guests adhering around to look at your different recordings.

10. Include subscribe buttons on your blog, especially next to your embedded videos.
Other important tips
I hope this information will help you right direction.

*.On Quora and forums
A. Answering on quora and other QA sites to get targeted audience.
B. Posting on forums

*.On Facebook
A. Sharing video to related facebook groups with new hashtag related to video. Sharing video on facebook groups can highly increase views.
B. Finding related pages on facebook and asking them to share our videos in exchange of some task.

*.On Twitter
A. Sharing video on twitter and reaching out other related accounts for retweeting in exchange of a retweet, comment, mentions etc
B. Try to get twitter mentions through other related profiles.

*.On Instagram
A. Promoting video through Instagram shoutouts. (Free or paid depending upon the account)
B. Getting mentions through other account in exchange of mentions or shoutouts.

*.On Youtube
A. Creating playlist on youtube with other related videos. Playlist helps getting more views with high retention.
B. We will try to upload small videos in every one or two days. The more the videos on account the more viewers it will attract.

*.Using SEO
A. Getting views through seo - Creating an engaging content with video embed in it and will promote it through guest posts.
B. Creating backlinks on the target keywords using seo techniques so we can also get views from google searches.
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