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7 Higher Institution Courses You Can Study That'll Make You Self-employed - Education - YukHub

Below are 8 common courses you can study in most higher institutions that will make self-employed upon graduation.
#1 Electrical Engineering
You will get projects to wire or re-wire buildings. On average, a single wiring project goes for N150,000. Multiply that by the number of projects you can get.
#2 Civil Engineering
This is mainly about building! With your good building skills, you can be called at any time to build or renovate houses, schools, bridges, roof paravets, decks, etc... A senior friend of mine who studied civil engineering currently makes an average of N250,000 for each building project.
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#3 Food & Nutrition
Hmmm! This is food... Who doesn't eat at least once everyday? No one; except those on fasting!. With your skills as a nutritionist, you can open up a mini restaurant and you'll see how much you'll be making on a daily basis. All you need is a knowledge of how to prepare some local delicacies. Make the calculations and see how much you'll be making daily especially with a good location.
#4 Computer Science
This course is also "hot" because you can open up your own cyber-cafe or computer business centre. You will make much money especially if your centre is situated near a higher institution of learning. Students will troop in to make research for assignments via internet. You can also run service like photocopying, binding, type-setting, etc. With this high influx of people, you'll always have more than enough reason to smile back home each day
#5 Mechanical Engineering
We have cars everywhere and on a daily basis, they develop different types of faults. As a mechanical engineer, you don't need an employer! All you need is a set of tools to help you do what you studied. With a good location such as anywhere beside a major road, you'll get so much cars to work on. Each "touch" on a car puts money into your pockets. All that's there is just to fix the faults on cars and the cash gets in!
#6 Agric Science/Fishery
Yes farming! There are a lot of benefits in farming. Yes, anyone can go into agriculture, but your knowledge as a graduate (i.e. in Agriculture) will surely help you to improve your crop yield. Not only crops, you can as well go into poultry, etc

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