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Thoughts That Run The World by kingvictor(m): 11:07pm On 2 Feb 2017
The worst enemy you may have cannot harm you to the extend your own unguarded thought can do.
What you have grown to be or attain is the product of your thoughts. The more you think Negative, same way you have Negative repulse all around you and if you think Positive regardless of the negative vibes you get, the more positive repulse radiate around you. The idea is you have to try as much as possible to rewire your mind to erase negative thoughts and embrace positive thoughts in any conditions as its discover through research that on some days we each process about 50,000 thoughts and on other days 70,000 thoughts, which then show that we process about 60,000 thoughts on daily basis.
On daily basis its reveals that 30% of our daily thoughts are general, functional and recurrent thoughts, i.e what we have thoughts about over and over again for days, weeks, months and years, while the rest 75% of our thought are negative and i cant do it kind of thoughts.
In general human beings are naturally wired to think negative from day to day and if care is not taken we begin to operate and experience negative vibes all day.
The good book says in proverbs 23:7 As a man thinketh in his heart so he is that why in eliminating negative thought its IMPORTANT to think right ALL the time so as to create the life that you want as your thoughts and emotions principally rule your world.
So guard your thoughts and emotions toward positive think today.
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