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Sometimes even developers get redirected to 404 error pages by other developers.
Here are typical scenarios:
1. Developer A gets a project that is beyond his capabilities, and he charges lesser than he should e.g. charging 100k to design MMM website, spends half of the money, runs to developer B with 50k to GH -- well, you already
know what will happen.
2. Developer gets project that is super-complicated (like me), runs out of time and
resources and is looking for help - when other developers take a look at the project specs, well, they just
- recursive death mode.
3. Developer gets project, starts work, then project crash. . .well that one is no one's fault.
4. Developer A choses not to use open-source code, has no time for code commenting, now writes like 1 million lines of codes, gets stuck, runs to developer B. . . .and gets thrown out of the window by developer B:

throw new GerroutOfHereOrIThrowYouOutExcep();

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