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There is a certain type of language reserved for the workplace and while sometimes the pressure may get to employees, it is important to remain under control especially of speech at all times.
It is also true that work environments vary from place to place, so what might be considered wrong in some, might be overlooked in others, so the list below is not a hard and fast rule.
Know your work environment and behave accordingly. Here are some statements that are usually frowned upon by employers:
1. Thats not my job When given a task by your boss, it is usually better to embark on the task, instead of stating outright that it is not in your job description. After you complete the task, you can then schedule a time to talk to him/her about your job description and if it needs to be updated.
2. Thats not fair
Saying it is not fair, when you have a concern is not the best way to go about matters when you feel you have not been treated right.
You would likely come off sounding like a petulant child. It would be better instead to simply state your concerns in a calm and rational way.
3. I didnt get a chance to
When you fail to deliver on a task, saying I didnt get the chance to is not the right way to go about explaining yourself.
It is too simple as an excuse. So instead state precisely what you were doing that made you unable to deliver.
4. I hate this company or i hate my job
While it is highly unlikely that you will say this to your boss hearing, it is still a remark you should avoid making, except on your bed and your personal space.
5. We have always done it this way
Technological advances, improved workflow processes and a rapidly changing world, make this statement a no-no. It is important to always be open to change and embrace new guidelines.
6. I dont get paid enough for this
While this may be true, you still need to make sure that you state your concerns and ask for a pay raise in the proper manner. The above statement will only antagonize.
7. Swear words
Avoid using swear words in the workplace. It might seem funny or cool, but is is undignified behaviour, which most companies take very seriously.
8. Insult colleagues
Misunderstandings and arguments are bound to come up between colleagues. Therefore it is important that you always keep yout temper and language in check.
State your side and if possible agree to disagree, never let arguments degenerate into insults and name-calling.
9. I cant
When you say i cant, what most people hear is i wont, so it is better to take on the task and ask how best to accomplish it. The effort put in will be appreciated by your employer.
While this article does not encourage you to allow yourself be treated poorly, it states ways to best handle problems and hang on to your job in this difficult economy. If you have any tips that have worked for you, please drop them in the comments.
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