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Nollywood And The Problem Of Language by thankgod(m): 09:14pm On 5 May 2017
Nigerian Movie would want to show that Queen Nwaokoye is the village uneducated or illiterate girl who either aspires to be educated, or desires to make great things out of life. To drive home this point, she'll be speaking a very poor English. For example; "I doesn't knowing how to do it". "I liking how you looking at me". "I needing money to eat the food that is hungering me". Etc. Actually, it's worse than I exemplified. But that is not my problem. So, what then is?

Throughout the whole village and inside the whole film, everybody else will be speaking correctly. Everybody. Including her mother and father, her brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, village jesters, drunks, children and adults, everyone speaks English. And correctly so. Everyone except, of course, Queen Nwaokoye! So, it means that every other person in the film is literate and educated and speaks fluently apart from that one major character. Nollywood, why?

Couldn't you guys solve this problem of language more creatively and imaginatively? First of all, wouldn't you find some way of stratifying the characters according to class and levels, and then, give them different languages? What happened to combining indigenous, pidgin and then English, using differentials to demarcate and delineate them? What about trying verisimilitude by researching on what actually obtains with such cadre and class of people in real human situations? And other options too?

The fact that we love to love you guys and support the industry in Nigeria doesn't mean we don't see all these things. We hope you guys do not think that you're busy mesmerizing us the whole time? Please. Let this stop. Ehee, one more thing. There are boom microphones and etc that go with the camera during shooting. Enough of the shouting please. It's not the noisier the more engaging. Actors can talk, just in the same way humans do. 

Thank you!

Written by jj agada aguzie

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