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Office Things by knowledge(m): 06:12pm On 5 May 2017
Ifeanyi’s eyes widened at this revelation. He stepped back out and bumped into Kunle who was right behind him.

“Sorry jare, no vex” He quickly apologized before Kunle could say anything then he grabbed his arm and pulled him till they were out of earshot.

I no go believe say the guy na the director nephew” He said in an excited tone.

“Which guy?” Kunle raised an eyebrow.

“The Michael guy na”.

“Say God” Now it was Kunle’s turn to shine his eyes.

“Satan ni, you think say I dey joke” Ifeanyi hissed.

“How did you find out?” Kunle pried further.

“As I wan enter the office now, na so he talk am. Be like he don dey relate with Amaka well” Ifeanyi explained.

Kunle let out a whistle that almost made Ifeanyi bust out laughing.

“Ehn e don balance na. You dey fuck him aunt, he go dey fuck your co-workers” Kunle said.

“Wetin make you think he go dey fuck the girls for office and wetin even concern me if he dey fuck them? I no dey date any na” Ifeanyi queried with a raised eyebrow.

“Ok sha but still he sure me die say he go fuck one of the girls for the office. And I fit bet say e go be that stupid Amaka. Any fine boy wey she see like this, she don wet” Kunle grumbled.

“But you no fine na and she dey fuck you” Ifeanyi joked.

“Leave that angle, you know wetin my dick dey do to am?”

Ifeanyi laughed and shook his head and turned back to head into the office.

“But come sef, who tell you say I no fine. I fine pass you na” Kunle started musing behind him.

Ifeanyi didn’t respond, just laughed and stepped into the office. Everyone was busy with their work now except for Amaka who was still perched on Michael’s table gisting with him. Ifeanyi tried not pay much attention to their talk and just get to work.

After all the new guy was the director’s nephew, he could afford to be relaxed about his job security. On his own part, it didn’t matter if he fucked the woman real good yesterday. She could still fire him anytime if her mood decided to but he wasn’t going to give her an excuse to. He got to work and everything, everyone else just faded into the background.

His head was all buried in work and he lost track of time that he was shocked when Tess tapped his shoulder. He almost jumped out of his seat.

“Jesus, where has your mind been?” She asked.

“Omo sorry jare. It is work noni” He calmed himself before noticing there was no one else but them in the office. What did she want?

“It is okay. I just wanted to know if you want anything since it is like you aren’t going for lunch break”. She said this with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh no, don’t worry. I am fine” He smiled back but he was definitely not in the mood for a quickie.

“You sure?” She pressed.

“Yeah, I am sure. I have a lot on my plate right now” He assured her.

“Alright then, might buy you a snack on my way back” She said as she turned and left.

“I’d like that, thank you”He was all alone.

He rubbed his forehead and couldn’t believe he had done so much already. He could even afford to leave for the day but then he remembered how far behind he was on the quarterly reports and he knew he still had a long way to go.

He leaned back in his chair and had his hands behind his head, fingers interlocked. Maybe he should have taken Tess’ offer and given her a quick dick here. Maybe that would even help push his work drive a notch up. But that offer was gone now or should he just call her?

He picked his phone and rolled it over in his hand. Then he remembered how good he felt fucking the director yesterday and shook his head. He picked up some of the reports he had finished working on and stood up. He might as well try his luck. Who knows? The director might actually offer him a better lunch than Tess. He adjusted his tie and made way for the director’s office. It could just be another lucky day for him.

He was a few feet away from her office doors when he heard voices that made him stop in his tracks. Perhaps she had a guest, he turned to walk back to his desk when her voice came through loud enough for him to hear.

“Yes I am your whore, fuck me like one” He knew that voice well enough.

It had just been a day but he could recognize that voice anywhere. The director was getting fucked but the question was by who? Oh Thank God he didn’t go for the yeye lunch break, he would just have missed this free show. But then again how was he to even watch it now oo?

He thought for a second then walked as quietly as he could towards the door. The moaning sounds coming through were just crazy. You just had to be close enough to the door so you could hear it. He bent over and peeped through the keyhole that had been pretty useless from the day the former director had installed a keypad lock. He could only see the table and her hand on it.

Nothing more but he knew if he adjusted his bent position he would have more to see but then again is anyone walked right in the building and saw him peeping, what would he say?. Then he remembered the restroom. He hurried there as fast as his legs could carry him.

The restroom was located on the other side of the wall right behind the Director’s table. But then there was a hole there he and Kunle had discovered once and made a bet on. The bet was that whoever had got to fuck first in the director’s office someday would notify the other so he could watch from the ‘viewing center’ which was the hole.

Sadly none of them had remembered that bet of even thought of it possible after the former director had installed the keypad on his door, neither did Ifeanyi remember it yesterday when he was fucking the director’s brains out.

He got to the restroom and leaped to the corner where the hole was. He didn’t have to bend here to peep, he could see quite enough standing. The hole wasn’t so big but was not that noticeable from the other side.

There was the director facing his direction, her boobs all bare now, she had no blouse on and Ifeanyi could see that those things actually needed no bra to stay firm. They were as inviting as inside a bra. But that wasn’t what really caught his attention. It was the person behind her, fucking her hard from behind that the table shook with each thrust.

It was Michael, her nephew fucking her like a sex god.

“Yes Daddy, give it to me harder. Please don’t stop” The director turned to plea with him.

He spanked her hard in return, the spank was so hard that even Ifeanyi winced.

“You are a whore” Michael breathed.

“Yes, yes a bad one. Punish me” A tear rolled down the director’s face.

Ifeanyi didn’t know when his hand unbuckled his belt and was inside his trouser stroking himself. Michael grunted loud and spanked the director again.

“Come here, bitch. Get on your knees!” He commanded as he pulled out of her, and like a lost puppy, the director got on her knees and opened her mouth. Michael grabbed her by the hair and shoved his dick down her throat choking her in the process.

He didn’t care as he started to fuck her mouth as fast and hard as he had been fucking her pussy. He came in no time as he groaned and filled up her mouth having his sperm drip down the side of her mouth.

On the other side, Ifeanyi had just plastered the wall.

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