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Required Tools
To flash your phone
you need some certain
tools that will help you
flash your MTK phones
and i will be listing
them for you to search
and download
Download Latest SP
Flash Tool:

You will need to search
and download the
latest sp flash tools
which is the main tools
for flashing mediatek
phones and not even if
you phone is dead,
bricked you can still
bring it back to live by
using these tools and
recommended Rom for
your phone model
Other Tools you

A PC with Windows or
Linux OS.
USB Cord
Manually install VCOM
drivers on the PC
Your bricked Android
Original/Working Stock
You must search and
find the exact stock
Rom of your phone
because flashing your
phone with wrong Rom
might cause more
harm to your phone.
Tips finding your
phone stock Rom

For those who don't
know how to find their
phone stock rom, you
will need to know the
rom version and phone
model and maker you
are looking for.
When searching for
your phone exact Stock
Rom you can type for
example " Techno w4
stock rom" you will see
the exact rom of your
phone if its available.
How to Flash all
Mediatek Phones by

Now i believe you have
installed and
downloaded all the
tools and your Phone
Stock rom, its time to
start flashing, go to
the SP Flash Tool you
downloaded unzip it
and extract it to your
desktop any where you
can easily locate it.
Open SP Flash Tool and Select and click flash
tool and you will be
taken to the flash
tools where you will
need to select the
stock rom you
downloaded by clicking
on the scatter-
loading on the
flashing tools and in a
stock rom you only
need a file named
Select and open the
file, allow flash tools to
load the file.
Once all the file finished
loading in a seconds
then off your phone
and remove your
battery if removable
but if not removable
then off it completely.
Now flash tools is
ready to flash, on flash
tools select download
only or upgrade/
firmware, then click
Now plug your phone
and the flash tool will
automatically start
flashing and once done
unplug your phone and
power it on.
Its all over you have
successfully flashed
your phone but not any
wrong step might brink
your phone so be
careful when flashing
your phone but if your
have any question you
still want to ask don't
hesitate to ask me
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