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Date: Thursday 24th May 2018 at 04:53 PM
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Out Alone by knowledge(m): 12:19pm On 6 Jun 2017
On an out of town trip back at my previous job, I decided to spend the last night out alone. I wanted to see what the local scene had to offer a woman visitor.

I went to one of the music bars downtown, fascinated by the neon lights blinking outside the establishment. I found everything I liked inside the bar – live rock music, shady corners and attractive men eyeing my short skirt and see-through top.

I sat at the bar and ordered a rum and coke to loosen myself up. As the venue started to fill, ventilation became a privilege.

I undid the first few buttons of my shirt, enough to give others a peek of the perspiration trickling down the depth of my cleavage. I moved up front near the stage to listen closer to the band, and it was not long until I felt a pair of hands fondling the roundness of my ass.

I looked back and saw a man in office clothes, and recognized him as the guy who had sat beside me during the seminar earlier that day. He obviously knew the place, having gone here straight from work.

He flashed me a familiar smile as I swayed my body closer, making sure he knew that I wanted the same thing he’d been asking of me for the past few minutes. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and started making out with him as I press my breasts to his chest.

Struggling to make our way out of the crowd, he led me to a door that led to what seemed like a break room. I immediately peeled of my clothes to the banging of the drums in the background. He smirked, as if unfazed by the show I’d been giving him for free.

I slipped off his tie and tied it around my eyes, making sure my vision would not distract me from the pleasure I was about to feel.

Immediately I felt the small room close in on me, inch by inch. I noticed the hardness of his cock pressing against the center of my ass. I caught the distinct scent of my pussy juice. I could hear his heavy breathing on my skin as I arched my back. I moaned in pleasure as his hands worked their way from my hips up – slowly working their way to my ripe breasts.

I raised my arms to let him feel the fullness of my tits, but I was surprised to feel my wrists being bound by his leather belt. I surrendered and turned back to him to offer my body, and he showed appreciation in return by nibbling on the tips of my nipples.

Lick, bite, pinch. Lick, bite, pinch.

I found myself shivering from the mixed sensations. I moaned, I whimpered. He carefully slid off my lace panties and to shut me up he jammed them into my mouth to prevent other people from hearing us.

He led me to a couch against the wall, and hungry as I was, I spread my legs in anticipation.

He poked a finger inside to tease, and then positioned my arms up high again, stretching them until my breasts bounced in movement.

I tried putting them down to find a way to touch my already sore, dripping pussy, but I was stopped when the belt around my wrists was hung to a hook on the wall, making it impossible for me to move.

I was hanging on the wall.

I squatted down so expose myself entirely to this man, waiting for the signal to fire to tell me what to do next.

I felt his palms circling the hardness of my nipples, and he started clipping them with what seemed like clothespins. It hurt, but I loved how it felt. I made muffled moans through the underwear in my mouth.

He pushed my legs together and made me feel the sticky slapping of my thighs and juices, opened them again, and slid the shaft of his cock between my pussy lips.

He sat down on the couch and made me squat just above him. He pulled me down and invaded me with the throbbing of his cock. I felt his hands controlling the pins on my nipples as I squatted up and down his cock.

I circled his cock with my pussy along with the music and bounced up and down. I glided my clit through his balls. I didn’t give a fuck, I just wanted to cum. I went on and on, and he started fucking me in that position.

It was going frantic, I felt his breathing go deeper, and from all the wetness and stickiness I felt what seemed like cum dripping down the lips of my pussy.

He got up, and I felt a pair of hands unhook me from the wall. I was pushed down the couch, my head on the pillow and my ass exposed. My ankles were roughly tied together, with cum and sweat and juices still oozing out of my vagina.

His hand traced the wetness from my vagina up to my ass and fingered from there. It was my first time to have my asshole violated and I loved it.

The touching stopped for a minute, and the underwear in my mouth was removed.

Just when I was catching my breath, a cock entered my mouth and I immediately licked and sucked it as deeply as I could. I was having a hard time balancing myself, but I could not resist the taste of sweet cock in my mouth.

He held my head and fucked my mouth, just the way I wanted it.

As I was obeying and attending to my duties, I felt another cock behind poking my asshole. I was too shocked to react, but the feeling of having two cocks for one night seemed like a good enough deal.

It continued poking its way in, and I adjusted the rhythm of my sucking to the depth of the cock on my ass. I arched my back once more, and felt my feet pointing to the sensation of the hardness in my ass.

It went on and on, until they decided to switch places. I willingly offered my mouth and ass to the two gentlemen.

The cock in my ass pulled out, and I helped him by reaching for his cock and stroking it.

The blindfold I made out of the other guy’s tie was removed, and I opened my eyes and adjusted to the light with splatters of cum from two guys spraying my face.

I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as I could and licked off the remaining cum from the tip of their cocks.

I ended that out of town trip with a huge smile (and lots of cum) on my face.
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Date: Thursday 24th May 2018 at 04:53 PM

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