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Important Tips For Buying A New Smartphone by bison(m): 01:45pm On 6 Jun 2017
The smartphone market is so huge now that it has made getting a new smartphone a tricky task. Nobody enjoys ending up with a bad choice and unfortunately, there are too many bad choices in the smartphone market today. Keeping the tips I will be sharing with you in mind can help you make a better choice. Let’s see: TIP 1: Wait for Reviews This tip is for those who
only buy flagship devices
or latest releases. So you
feel the need to be
among the first to own
the latest smartphone. Maybe your idea of the
best has just hit the
market and you want to
rush to buy it. Well, wait
a moment! The rush
doesn’t always pay off as new phones are often
plagued with bugs and
sometimes factory
defects. Just give it a
few weeks to see
reviews and what other people think before
making a purchase. Yes,
I know reviews don’t
always reflect real life
usage but the general
opinion of a device sure will reflect what it truly
is. One more thing; you
may also likely get that
same phone at a better
price after some weeks
from launch. And if your desired phone has been
available for quite
sometime, you may have
to read up a few non-
paid reviews and user
opinion. Watch videos reviews on YouTube to
get better look of it. TIP 2: Lookout For the Important stuff Smartphone
manufacturers often just
add a few gimmicks to
their latest releases, put
a huge price tag and tell
you it’s the next best thing out there. If you
don’t already know what
you need in a
smartphone, you will fall
for this old trick. There’s
really no best smartphone anywhere,
ever. So only pay
attention to the
important features that
you actually have need
for. Not paying attention to what counts will get
you constantly getting a
new phone with some
gimmicky features you
may never even use. TIP 3: Service Centers, Warranty and updates matter It’s important to
consider the availability
of service centers,
warranty and over the
air updates. I have seen
completely irresistible smartphones (in terms
of actual design at
unbelievable price) from
Asian manufacturers.
The turn off for me was
always that most of those phones are from
manufacturers that do
not have service centres
outside of their
countries. Most annoying
is that many of them do not offer over the air
updates and fixes. The
implication is that if
your phone gets
defective you may never
be able to have it fixed. TIP 4: Mind the Network and Connectivity options Most smartphones now
come equipped with the
basic connectivity
options like Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi, NFC, and even 4G/
LTE. Just ensure the smartphone you are
gunning for is not left
out on any of these.
Anyways, the tip here is
that bear in mind that
not all phones can run on every network. This is
even more important if
you are looking at
getting a phone that
supports 4G networks.
Ensure to compare the frequency band of the
phone with your local
network carrier/
provider. If you travel a
lot, ensure your
smartphone has network bands that are
internationally. TIP 5: Accessories and spare parts are important Have you owned a
smartphone with a
minor fault that couldn’t
be fixed? I had not just
one but two phones that
I had to reluctantly dispose of. One had a
dead battery that I could
not find a replacement
for. The other had a
broken screen and the
replacement was nowhere to be found
unless of course in
China. If you are buying
online from China then
check to be sure the
accessories and parts are available at your
local stores. LASTLY: It’s true you get
what you pay for, but
this is not also so with
smartphones. It’s
costlier doesn’t always
mean it’s better. You can get a mid range
smartphone that does
almost every thing that a
high end do. If you are looking at getting smartphone you can resell later, you might consider getting a phone with good re- sale value. Remember also to get protective accessories for the phone to keep it in good shape till you are ready put it out for sale. That’s it.

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