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Time Crystals by Aloyzeus(m): 11:58pm On 7 Jul 2017


-time crystal , space-time crystal, or four-dimensional crystal, is a periodic structure that repeats in time, as well in space. Normal three-dimensional crystals have a repeating pattern in space, but remain unchanged with respect to time; time crystals repeat themselves in time as well, leading the crystal to change from moment to moment. Time crystals extend the idea of a crystal to four dimensions. A time crystal never reaches thermal equilibrium as it is a type of non-equilibrium matter - a form of matter proposed in 2012, and first observed in 2017.

This state of matter cannot be isolated from its environment - it is an open system in non-equilibrium.

Crystals, such as diamond and quartz, are made of atoms arranged in a repeating pattern in space. In these new crystals, atoms also follow a repeating pattern, but in time.Because of this weird property, time crystals could one day find applications in revolutionary technologies such as quantum computing.

The story of time crystals begins in 2012 with Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek from MIT.As a theoretical physicist and a mathematician,Wilczek made a crucial step in transferring a key property of regular crystals–called symmetry breaking – to create the idea of time crystals.


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