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Barcelona midfielder
Ivan Rakitic has
revealed Lionel Messi
bought his
neighbours’ house
because they were
too noisy.
The Barcelona
superstar has a
property in the
fashionable seaside
town of Castelldefels
The 29-year-old
superstar is known for
his meek attitude on
and off the pitch
despite possessing
deadly skills that
causes trouble for
opposing teams but his
teammate, Rakitic has
claimed the Argentine
was forced to buy his
neighbours’ house
because of their noise.
He revealed in an
interview with a
Croatian newspaper:
“With my neighbours I
have not had any
problem, I am not like
Messi in Castelldefels,
he had to buy his house
from the neighbours
because they were
noisy and so he could be
Messi has lived in the
seaside suburb of
Barcelona with pleasant
scenery for several
years and was also
joined by Luis Suarez
who lives close. The
Argentine’s row with
his neighbour was also
earlier reported in 2013
by a Spanish outlet that
claimed Messi resorted
to purchase of the
property due to the
noise and unpleasant
occurrences that
flooded the surrounding.
He initially built a fence
to avoid the
disturbances but was
not in accordance of the
building regulations, so
an official complaint
was made before Messi
then agreed to buy the
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