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Photos: Brothel Rents Out Robot S*x Doll For €100 An Hour & Men Are Paying - Romance - YukHub

A silicone robot sex doll weighing eight stone with 32E boobs is being rented out in a brothel at a cost of €100 per hour!

The realistic doll has a metal skeleton and can be twisted into any position the punter imagines.

Since the doll arrived at the brothel in Dublin less than a month ago, dozens of punters have visited the artificial woman named Passion Dolly.

Weighing eight stone with 32E boobs the doll imported from America has a metal skeleton covered in silicone and responds to vibrations moving like a human.

See more photo: aysugar.blogspot.com.ng/2017/07/photos-brothel-rents-out-robot-sx-doll.html?m=1

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