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Date: Friday 23rd February 2018 at 05:34 PM
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Sports / Hot Football Predictions 8th January - Safe Games by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Mon 08 at 12:06pm
15:30 Churchill Brothers SC - Kingfisher East Bengal
Over 1.5

19:30 Hapoel Haifa - Beitar Jerusalem
Over 1.5

16:40 Al Shabab Kuwait - Yarmouk

16:45 AL Jazira - AL Wahda
Over 1.5

17:00 Young Boys Bern - FC Vaduz
Over 1.5

20:00 Aston Villa - Fulham FC
Live/Prematch Normale Selection Over 1.5

16:00 Borussia Dortmund - SV Zulte Waregem
Over 1.5

Sports / Ex-ivorian Star Emmanuel Eboue Is Dead by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Mon 08 at 11:30am
The former Ivorian International star, Emmanuel Eboue, is dead. Emmanuel Eboue is reported to have committed suicide in London.
Eboue, is believed to had struggled with long-term depression. He was found dead in his sister’s North London home according to Police.
Ex-Ivorian football star Emmanuel Eboue did not leave a note behind and he was found hanging in the room on a fan hook, Police said in a statement.
Police declined to comment whether it was suicidal or a perpetrated act but assured the public an investigation is ongoing.
Emmanuel Eboue had received offers of legal advice in his bid to overturn a court ruling which was set to leave him homeless in the wake of his bitter divorce.
The ex-Arsenal defender, 34, previously spoke to the Mirror of his fears for the future following his acrimonious split from wife Aurelie.
The former Galatasaray star a fortnight ago revealed how he lost all his fortunes, going from a rich football star to a poor man who was contemplating suicide.
Eboue made millions of pounds at Arsenal and then more than £1.5million a year at Turkish side Galatasaray. However, the football star said he had lost all he had to his wife Aurelie who he claimed also handled his finances, adding that “whatever she told him to sign he signed.
After their divorce, the court awarded all his fortunes to his wife in a divorce settlement and he was ordered to also give up his house in London to the ex-wife.
The 34-year old and his wife lived there before he bought a mansion – which Aurelie has now put on the market.
Eboue had also surrendered his expensive cars to his wife, and before his death, he relied on London public transport. He often slept on a mattress on his living room floor.
As if all these were not enough, Eboue was also said to be suffering from an undisclosed medical problem.
The 34-year-old had served a one-year ban for failing to pay a former agent but got back into football recently, agreeing a deal with Cypriot side Turk Ocagi Limassol.
However, his move to Cyprus was not plain sailing and his agent Tekin Bircini said his client was facing ‘medical problems’.

Religion / The Estimated Net Worth Of King Solomon; The Rishest And Wisest by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Mon 08 at 11:25am
Everybody has read about King Solomon in the Bible. Everybody knows that this king was wiser than the wisest and richer than the richest. His half-mythical gold mines are still a subject of discussions. Yet, is it possible to calculate how much the great king was really worth and how much he would have had today ?

Wisdom or Gold? What Was King Solomon’s Wealth?

Solomon (Schlomo) was the son of David the King. After David’s death, he became the ruler of Israel. When the Lord asked young Solomon what he would like to have above everything else in the world, the king chose wisdom. The Lord appreciated this wish a lot. The man did not want gold or fame, he did not ask God to kill his enemies or make him live forever. He made the right choice because this smartness allowed him to gain everything he had in his life.

He was a peaceful lord and within his rule (that lasted for about 40 years) there were no big wars. He inherited a big and strong state and did everything to support and reinforce it. At the very beginning of his reign, he married a daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh in order to protect the southern border of his kingdom. Later, he took other wives from other nations in order to be a good neighbor to all the surrounding states.
King Solomon possessed a perfect sense of diplomacy. He was a great builder and trader. He turned the agricultural land into a strong, economically powerful state that had a lot of influence in its part of the world. He raised Jerusalem and other
cities within his state, erected the first temple in Jerusalem, introduced horsemen and chariots as a part of Israel’s army, created a trading fleet, developed crafts and supported trading with other countries.
During the reign of Solomon the King, Jerusalem valued gold and silver as cheap as plain cobblestones. Ambassadors from different foreign countries arrived at Jerusalem to offer the king rich gifts and make peace with Israel.
However, in spite of the streams of riches that ran towards Israel, wisdom was the chief of king Solomon wealth and without it, he would have never gained such glory and prosperity.

What’s King Solomon net worth from the today’s point of view?

As we have already discovered, Solomon inherited a lot from his father, King David, but with time, he managed to replenish the heritage. So, there were several other sources that provided Solomon with his treasures. Let’s see what they were.

1. Taxes. In spite of being renowned and beloved for his wisdom and justice, he took advantage of collecting huge taxes from his nation. This was one detail, which slightly reduced people’s love for him. Besides that, several neighboring kingdoms used to pay him tributes, too.
2. Gifts from guests. One of them was the famous visit of the Queen of Sheba. She arrived with rich presents that involved camels, gold and silver, and other riches. Apart from her, the king often accepted other guests and other kings who added to his existing treasures.
3. Trading alliances. Apart from trading on his own, the king joined other alliances that guaranteed the growth of his wealth and prosperity of his kingdom.

If we accept the myth about the famous Solomon’s gold mines as true and try to calculate the gold he was said to extract from them in accordance to the Bible, we’ll come up with 25 tons of gold annually stacked in King Solomon’s palace and treasury. This is incredible wealth, actually. Calculated by today’s prices in US dollars, we will see that each ounce of gold that costs about $2,000 made him around $70,000,000 per a ton of gold. Within his reign, some researchers claim, he has earned about $2 trillion, which is a threshold nobody has ever crossed. What’s more, it’s said to be only a part of his riches because he had other sources of income, too.

Were Solomon’s gold mines a tale or a real natural treasure?

There’s nobody in the world who knows where the mines are or should be found. The famous natural treasures of diamonds and gold are a mystery that enchants many but cannot be proved. There are researchers who claim that Solomon did have mines but extracted copper, not gold, and not even silver. There are no and have never been gold mines of the mentioned size anywhere around the area of the past Solomon’s kingdom.
Still, the idea with copper is worth attention. It’s known well that copper was expensive at those ancient times and that extraction of this metal could really be quite a profitable business. Indeed, the process of copper fusion and forging was quite expensive, so, the provider of copper goods could really earn a fortune in no time. However, this fortune would have certainly been smaller than $2 trillion. Researchers claim that the words about the incredible wealth hidden underground are simply grossly misinterpreted.
King Solomon temple: the essence of richness
Well, let’s doubt the incredible $2 trillion and imagine that there were no such treasures. How then did Solomon build the First Temple in Jerusalem? The building and the existing temple is the king Solomon fact that is not doubted.
Within the years of his reign, David prepared a lot for the creation of the temple. He collected enormous amounts of gold and silver from the wars he participated in. He left these treasures for his son together with incredible amounts of iron and copper. The initial Canaan people were used as a workforce for the epic building. They extracted and transported processed stones for the Temple walls. Phoenicians provided him with famous expensive Lebanon cedar wood logs.
Right before his passing, David informed all the Israeli chiefs that Solomon would be his heir in everything. Then, he suggested that each of them contributed to the creation of the Temple. He offered the gathering his plan as one approved by the Lord, and everybody agreed to contribute.
Erected within 7 years, the Temple astonished everyone with unseen luxury. Plenty of precious copper, silver and gold made the building extraordinarily luxurious for that time. Of course, the king took advantage of some help from other kings and rulers, yet, the building would have been impossible without any starting capital. King Solomon’s wealth made it possible.

King Solomon’s everyday life in luxury

It’s said that while being the king of Israel, Solomon had a throne cast with pure gold. Small stools used to support feet were whole gold. Besides that, he had other everyday items made out of pure gold, not even silver. It’s also said that silver was never used to make anything for the king because it was too cheap for him.
He had such plenty of it in his palace that valued it equal to cobblestones under his feet. In addition to all this, not only the Temple but also the living rooms of the king were decorated with precious cedar wood, which had a very high money equivalent in Solomon’s kingdom.
Different theories forced by different researchers provide us with a disputable information regarding the net worth of Solomon the King. Still, no matter how much gold or silver, or even copper he had. It matters much how clever he was and how smartly he managed to develop his kingdom, his glory, and his power. Now, we know him as a king of kings and, probably, have all reasons to think so. No matter, whether this man had the $2 trillion or not. He was among the wisest, most glorified, and most blessed men on the Earth.

Education / Re: Unizik First And Second Batch Admission List 2017/2018 Is Out Online by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Mon 08 at 08:03am
There is no possiblity of another list so I would advise you to find another alternative.

Sports / Official !! Ross Barkley Completes £15m Chelsea Move From Everton by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Fri 05 at 06:51pm
Ross Barkley has officially completed a £15 million move from Everton to Chelsea after talks had previously failed in the summer transfer window.

The Blues announced the transfer on Friday, confirming the 24-year-old midfielder had signed a five-and-a-half-year contract at Stamford Bridge.

The move was delayed due to Barkley's hamstring injury, but his improved condition has allowed Chelsea to complete a deal for the midfielder - who had just six months remaining on his contract.

After completing the move, Barkley said, "To be given a fresh start at a new club like Chelsea, it's unbelievable for me."

Sports / 10 Kinds Of People You Would Meet In Bet9ja Shop by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Fri 05 at 08:18am
Here are the 10 Kinds Of People You Meet In Bet9ja shop, those who visit betting shops can attest to this.

1) The rich Niggas:
This set of people will just come into the shop with there car and play nothing less than 10 tickets with the minimum of #30,000. They just walk in, play their game and leave.

2) The talk and no play:
This ones will just come to the shop and keep telling people the kind of games to play and how many odds they have without playing any.
Sometimes they wait for those who has won with hope of getting little share. You are in this group..

3) The analyzers:
They will come very early in the morning and start talking about the matches for the day.
This type of people can tell u the history of all d players, coaches and even the players parents.
They would later predict and still lose.

4) The greedy ones:
This type will come with just #100 hoping to win 15million. Their tickets will b longer than river Niger bridge with very high odds.

5) The observers:
They will never play, all they do is to come and wait for those who are ready to play and keep asking silly questions like " abeg dis bet dey really pay people", " bro how many times you don win" or " when be the last time wey you win"

6) The winners: I belong in this group. They come to collect the money they have won with smiles all over their faces, some will even start making calls and telling their friends to start buying the bottles of origin.🍾🍾

7) The Electricity freaks: These ones pack all the gadgets in there house to come and charge, phone, laptop, torch, lantern, power bank.. If you give them chance, they will come with there fridge and television.

8) The virtual freaks: These ones will enter like mad men and start shouting first 2, last 1.5, 3 to 7 Goal -goal .. They behave mad men

9) The complainers: Everybody belongs to this group.... These set of people that always scream on every slip... one cut! one cut again!!!! Every week is always one cut, even if d cut is more Dan one. They will tell u only one game cut my 10 million..

10) The non risk takers: These set of people can double chance every match or use #500 to win #700


Phones / Trick On How To Get Double Data Bundle On Mtn by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Fri 05 at 06:40am
With this trick, you do not need to tweak your phone or computer. It is not restricted to a particular smartphone or device. It works on Android, iPhone, iPad and yes, the plan can be used on computer as well.
Steps To Get Double Data Bundle On MTN For Same Price
This trick involves sending a few codes. As earlier mentioned, no need to change IMEI number or anything of sort.
Go to SMS on your phone, Send the following words to 131:
- Double
- Promo
- Free
These should be sent separately. What this means is, send Double first, thereafter send Promo, then send Free.
Upon sending DOUBLE, you should receive a response stating your request has been received and is being processed. You may also receive a message stating the SMS instruction you entered is incorrect.
That shouldn’t bother you. Go ahead and send the other words to same 131.
After sending FREE to 131, you should receive a message stating ‘ Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, dial *131*1# .
When received, you are good to go. Go ahead and subscribe to any MTN Data plan of your choice. You should receive double of the data afterwards.
How To Check The Double Data Allocated On MTN
If using *131*4# to check your MTN data balance, you won’t be able to find the double bonus plan there.
Hence, you should send 2 to 131 . Look closely and you should find the additional data as bonus. The bonus will expire same day as the normal subscription ought to.
What that means is, if you subscribed to 5GB monthly plan and it’s to expire on the 31st of January, the bonus will also expire on the 31st of January. So, no need to rush.
There you have it. That’s basically how to get double data bundle on MTN. Questions? Feel free to ask.

Sports / Mohamed Salah Named 2017 African Player Of The Year by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Fri 05 at 06:29am
The Liverpool star held off competition from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Sadio Mane to take home the prize
Egypt and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has been named 2017 CAF African Player of the Year.
Salah takes home the award for the first time ever, as he managed to defeat competition from fellow finalists Sadio Mane and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the awards ceremony in Accra, Ghana.
The 25-year-old turned in a stunning campaign for Liverpool in 2017 as he scored 23 goals in 29 games after joining the English Premier League side from AS Roma.

On the international scene he helped Egypt to a second place finish at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, including goals against Ghana and Burkina Faso. His brace against Congo in October, which included a stoppage-time penalty in a 2-1 win, helped the Pharaohs qualify for their first FIFA World Cup since 1990 to round off a sensational year.

Aubameyang, meanwhile, scored an incredible 31 goals in 32 appearances in all competitions last term, but only managed to get his hands on the DFB-Pokal with Borussia Dortmund.
The CAF Player of the Year award was initially pared down to a shortlist of 24. From there, Salah, Aubameyang and Mane were named the three finalists in December.
The winner of the award was selected by the current coaches and captain from every men’s national team in Africa.
Salah's Liverpool team-mate Sane finished second in the voting, with Dortmund star Aubameyang coming in third.

On December 18, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were revealed as the final three contenders for the Men's Player of the Year award.
Player Team
Mohamed Salah Liverpool / Egypt
Sadio Mane Liverpool / Senegal
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Borussia Dortmund / Gabon
The initial 24 nominees were:
Player Team
Essam El Hadary (Egypt & Al Taawoun)
Fabrice Ondoa (Cameroon & Sevilla)
Fackson Kapumbu (Zambia & Zesco)
Jean Michel Seri (Cote d’Ivoire & Nice)
Junior Kabananga (DR Congo & Astana)
Karim El Ahmadi (Morocco & Feyenoord)
Keita Balde (Senegal & Monaco)
Khalid Boutaib (Morocco & Yeni Malatyaspor)
Mbwana Samata (Tanzania & Genk)
Michael Olunga (Kenya & Girona)
Mohamed Salah (Egypt & Liverpool)
Moussa Marega (Mali & Porto)
Naby Keita (Guinea & RB Leipzig)
Percy Tau (South Africa & Mamelodi Sundowns)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon & Borussia Dortmund)
Sadio Mane (Senegal & Liverpool)
Thomas Partey (Ghana & Atletico Madrid)
Victor Moses (Nigeria & Chelsea)
Vincent Aboubakar (Cameroon & Porto)
William Troost-Ekong (Nigeria & Bursaspor)
Yacine Brahimi (Algeria & Porto)
Youssef Msakni (Tunisia & Al Duhail)
Yves Bissouma (Mali & Lille)

General / Muslim Man Beaten To Death For Complaining About Loud New Year Music Played by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Thu 04 at 09:26am
A Muslim man was beaten to death in the Indian state of Jharkhand after he asked a group to stop playing loud music on New Year's Day.
19-year-old Waseem Ansari was attacked by several people after he requested that they turned down their tunes on Monday (1 January).
The labourer was beaten to death with cooking implements in his home village of Mandar, near to the state capital Ranchi.
People blocked the state motorway on Tuesday (2 January), demanding the arrest of the suspects. Extra security personnel have been deployed to maintain peace between the Muslim and Hindu communities in Jharkhand following the killing.
A senior police officer told BBC Hindi: "Preliminary inquiry suggests that a group was playing loud music to celebrate New Year's Day.
"Waseem Ansari and two of his friends approached the group and told them to stop playing loud music. This led to an argument and Waseem was attacked by the group. It seems he was hit by one of the sharp instruments used in cooking."
The officer said that the "suspects will be arrested soon".
Hasibul Ansari witnessed the attack. He told the BBC: "These people were partying near a Muslim graveyard. When Waseem told them to stop, they killed him.
"His friends were lucky that they managed to escape in time. I am very sure they would have been killed too if they had not escaped."

Gaming / Download Fifa 18 Iso Ppsspp - Fifa 18 Psp Download Link by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Tue 02 at 02:08pm
Fifa 18 is the latest Soccer game where you can enjoy real football gaming from great football players, controls, commentary and improved statics and goal celebration.

The new FIFA 2018 PPSSPP is available in ISO format and it supports Android 4.4 and a higher version. FIFA 18 ppsspp game is Very interesting and of course, the game comes with many features like, Ad-hoc Multi-player mode, Exhibition, Latest Stadium, Master League new Players, and some other nice features.

Game details
Game Name: FIFA 18 PPSSPP
Version: Tabaru
Genre: Sport
Game Size: 830MB
Game Mode: Offline Game
Android Support: 4.4, and higher Version
Developer: EA Sports

- Android Device.
{Download Link = ppsspp.org/files/1_5_2/ppsspp.apk }
-1GB RAM Android specs Or More
- Android Phone Storage Must 8GB or More

How do I install Fifa 18 PPSSPP Android Game?
1. Download FIFA 2018 PPSSPP ISO Zip from the link below
2. After downloading FIFA 2018 PSP game , unzip and extract the FIFA 2018 Zip using Explorer, RAR Or Za Archiver.
3. After extracting it, move the ISO file to your SdCard / PSP / Game, where you can easily locate the FIFA 18 ISO game .
4 .Now Launch your PPSSPP Emulator, Click on Game, Then browse for The FIFA 18 ISO File you copy to your SD card and launch it.
5. Now the Final step, Go back to where you unzip the Fifa 18 file, Now, Copy out The Save Update ULES To your SD card / PSP / Save Data.
Now launch game and enjoy… Best played with play via OTG cable.

Download Link
FIFA 2018 PPSSPP ISO Zip Download = drive.google.com/uc?id=12-zqYwKphLgT85XqpZWrQ70BKh2ELu_O&export=download
Password: gamernafzyoutube


Jobs/Vacancies / The Best Place To Work, Facebook 1st, Apple Drops To 84th Spot by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Tue 02 at 01:38pm
Recently, Glassdoor published its annual list ‘Employees Choice Awards’, a ranking of the 100 best companies to work for in 2018. And the most interesting is that the social network giant Facebook ranked the top position among all other tech giants.
Facebook Is The Best Place To Work, Apple Drops To 84th Spot
Recently, Glassdoor published its annual list ‘Employees Choice Awards’, a ranking of the 100 best companies to work for in 2018, in the United States. The social network giant Facebook was the undisputed king of this year, not only as the best technology company to work but the best in the whole country. Meanwhile, the tech giant Apple fell 48 places in the ranking. Last year it was number 36, and this time it was 84. This list is achieved with votes from the employees themselves.
This is not the first time that Facebook has earned this ‘top’ of companies, in the 10 years that the firm has been doing the ranking, according to VentureBeat. It was ‘winning’ in 2011, 2012, 2017, and now 2018. In other years the title was won by Airbnb (2016), Google (2015) and Twitter (2014). But, curiously, neither Airbnb nor Twitter are on this year’s list. The tech giant Google did qualify, but it’s no surprise because the company has always been included.
The technology sector in the United States seems to be one of the best to work with, as 28 companies entered the top 50 this year. In addition, the representation of the industry is quite high, compared to other sectors. For example, ‘retail’ only entered 11 companies; health, 11; consultancies, 6; finance, 6; tourism and travel, also 6 companies.
Here we show you the list of the best technology companies to work for in 2018. The first number indicates the position in the general list, and the second is the rating that the company had, being 1.0 the lowest rating and 5.0, the best. You can consult the general list here.
1.Facebook (#1, Rating: 4.6)
2. Google (#5, Rating: 4.6)
3. HubSpot (#7, Rating: 4.6)
4. World Wide Technology (#8, Rating: 4.5)
5. Ultimate Software (#10, Rating: 4.5)
6. SAP (#11, Rating: 4.5)
7. Salesforce (#15, Rating: 4.5)
8. LinkedIn (#21, Rating: 4.5)
9. DocuSign (#22, Rating: 4.4)
10. NVIDIA (#24, Rating: 4.4)
11. Fast Enterprises (#25, Rating: 4.4)
12. Paylocity (#29, Rating: 4.4)
13. Intuit (#30, Rating: 4.4)
14. Adobe (#31, Rating: 4.4)
15. VMware (#33, Rating: 4.4)
16. Concur (#34, Rating: 4.4)
17. Microsoft (#39, Rating: 4.4)
18. Ellie Mae (#40, Rating: 4.4)
19. Yardi Systems (#42, Rating: 4.4)
20. Zillow (#57, Rating: 4.3)
21. Kronos Incorporated (#63, Rating: 4.3)
22. Yahoo (#65, Rating: 4.3)
23. Arm (#66, Rating: 4.3)
24. Guidewire (#68, Rating: 4.3)
25. CDW (#81, Rating: 4.3)
26. Apple (#84, Rating: 4.3)
27. Cisco Systems (#89, Rating: 4.3)
28. Ceridian (#92, Rating: 4.3)
The dark side of the industry
In spite of the excellent qualifications that their employees give to the technology companies, there are still many reports that denounce injustice conditions within them. For example, many of the big companies like the tech giant Google, Facebook and Apple, have had incidents because of the supposed little diversity that exists among their employees. Although significant efforts have been made to increase the population of women, ethnic communities and minorities in general, there is still much to be done for the industry.
Additionally, the tech giant Apple was recently denounced by its employees in China, workers of Foxconn, the supplier of the company in Asia. According to some young ‘practitioners’ in that country, Foxconn forced them to work for 11 hours a day putting together an iPhone in a factory in Zhengzhou, China. This complaint ended in the company suspending extra work hours for employees.
So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

General / Happy New Year ‘2018’ To All Yukhub Users by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Mon 01 at 09:15pm
Finally, we are in a new year!! 2018
Happy New Year to all YukHub Users, May it be your year Of Blessings and Celebrations.
This year will be a miracle-filled one for you and your family And May all your dreams come true Happy New Year guys, Thanks for Visiting our Forum, Thanks for the Comments, Thanks for Downloading and Reading our various content – May God help us all and bless your handwork too.
Have a wonderful 2018!!

Sports / The La Liga Official Page Wishes Nigeria A Happy New Year In Pidgin ( Photo ) by Kingvictor(m): Last month on Mon 01 at 03:59am

Please whose brother is behind this Official LaLiga Facebook page.
This is not the first time this kinda thing happened. E be like say Yukhub too go start to dey post for pidgin.
See post below:-

Webmasters / Re: How Do I Enable Youtube Video Embedding by Kingvictor(m): 05:18pm On 11 Nov 2017
biyitolu:I tried doing The same on one of my post, but it kept showing up as a link. Can you help me with how to go about posting youtube videos on this forum, please?

Use [video@]youtube.com/embeb/gjufvhkk[/@video] remove the @ and the link should be youtube.com/embeb/tgjujffhj and not YouTube.com/watch?v=tgjujffhj

Education / Re: Moderator Needed In Gistaboutschool by Kingvictor(m): 07:12am On 11 Nov 2017
Stop Spamming this Forum or you would get kicked out


Education / Unizik First And Second Batch Admission List 2017/2018 Is Out Online by Kingvictor(m): 10:04am On 11 Nov 2017
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK first and second batch admission list for the 2017/2018 academic session is now out on UNIZIK portal –
www.nauportal.com The management of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK) wishes to inform all the candidates that participated in the university post UTME screening exercise that they can now check their admission status.
The Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has uploaded the merit admission list for the 2017/2018 academic session online.
How to Check UNIZIK Admission List.
- Go to UNIZIK admission portal at nauportal.com/UnizikScreeningV2/login
- Enter your LOGIN DETAILS in the required columns.
- Click Login to access your UNIZIK admission status.
Successfully admitted candidates are to begin necessary registrations without delay. Also note that lectures will begin for old and new students on Monday, 27th November 2017 as scheduled.

Education / Jamb Postpones Sales Of Application Forms For 2018 Utme by Kingvictor(m): 01:24pm On 11 Nov 2017
According Benjamin, the sale of the application documents, which was scheduled to start on November 22, suffered delay due to the publishers’ inability to print the 1.8 million copies of the forms before the deadline.
“This postponement was due to the delay in meeting agreed deadline by the publisher of the Compulsory Reading Text meant for prospective candidates for the 2018 UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations).
“The publisher had promised to deliver all the texts for the 2018 candidates on or before November 7 but as at close of work today, the publisher has not provided the 1.8 million copies required.
“This development has painfully forced the Board to shift the date from Wednesday, November 22 to a date to be announced soon,” he said.
Benjamin added that a new date would be announced soon and urged intending applicants to visit its website and familiarise themselves with the application procedures.
“All reforms and the process of registration have been made very friendly and easy for candidates desirous of applying for the 2018 exercise.
“The advertisement when out will explain step by step the processes of obtaining the application e-pins and registration,” Benjamin concluded.

Family / South African Mother & Daughter Get Pregnant For Same Man, Give Birth On Same Day by Kingvictor(m): 10:36am On 11 Nov 2017
A mother and daughter from South Africa got pregnant for the same man and gave birth to their babies just four days apart.
In a related event, a Syrian mother and her daughter have given birth at the same time after undergoing Caesarean Sections together at a Turkish hospital.
The South African woman, 38 year old Mildred Mashego, learned that her 13-year-old daughter, Patricia Mashego, was also pregnant and that they would be due in the same month.
The mother was furious that her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock; however she was even more shocked when she learned who the father of the child was.
Mildred was so angry that her daughter was secretly having s*x with her boyfriend and was even considering abortion when she found out the truth. However, now that the children are born the woman has forgiven her daughter for the sake of her grandson.
Vincent Malumane, the father of the children, admitted that he was having s*x with the mother and the daughter secretly behind the backs of both women.
“I cannot go back now and explain what happened. All we have to do is focus on making sure that the children are properly cared for,” said the man. The two women gave birth just four days apart: first the daughter, then the mother. Both gave birth to healthy boys, making the children brothers, a nephew, an uncle and a grandson.
Meanwhile, a Syrian mother and daughter have given birth at the same time after undergoing Caesarean Sections together at a Turkish hospital.
Fatma Birinci, 42, gave birth to her child at the same time as her daughter Gade Birinci, 21, in the Turkish city of Konya. The pair fled their native country three years ago because of the devastating civil war and found out they were pregnant in the same week.
The two new-born boys have been named Recep and Tayyip, the first two names of the current Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdman, according to Turkish news outlet Ensonhaber.
Erkan Ata_, the chief physician of the hospital, visited the family in the hospital room after the successful birth.
He said: ‘This is an event that I have never heard of. They have escaped from the war into our country and have taken refuge in Turkey for three years.’ Doctor of Gynecology and Obstetrics Naim Unsal called the birth a ‘miracle.’
Unsal said the mother’s previous births were all Caesareans. It is not yet known where the fathers are or if they witnessed the birth.

General / German Man Finds His Car 20 Years After Forgetting Where He Parked It by Kingvictor(m): 10:25am On 11 Nov 2017

A German driver who parked his car back in 1997 then forgot where he parked it, has now been reunited with the car exactly 20 years after, and it was found at the exact spot he left it.
Authorities in Frankfurt found the car in a garage in a building which is set for demolition.
The car was rotting in a garage all these years and is now unfit to drive. The car owner had phoned the authorities to report the car missing after he couldn’t find it.
After he searched and still didn’t see the car, he
assumed it had been stolen but it has now been discovered that the Volkswagen Passat had just been hidden from view and was actually exactly where he left it.
Police drove the 76-year-old man to be reunited with his Volkswagen Passat. The car had only been discovered because it had been parked in a building which is being regenerated.
According to German paper Augsberger Allgemein, the car was getting in the way of building work so police had to investigate and find out who it belonged to.
Frankfurt authorities said: “The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap.”

Sports / Safe Football Predictions For 16th November - Sure Games For Thursday by Kingvictor(m): 12:50pm On 11 Nov 2017
Booking Number: 5XCS8V6

Code 1251 Date 16/11/2017 20:00
Event Pau - Sannois Saint-Gratien
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 1X

Code 1220 Date 16/11/2017 19:00
Event El-Entag El-Harby - Al Ahly Cairo
Live/Prematch Normale Selection Away 1-3

Code 2210 Date 16/11/2017 21:30
Event Sporting CP - FC Famalicao
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 1

Code 3311 Date 16/11/2017 20:00
Event Manchester City Lfc - Lillestrom SK
Live/Prematch Normale Selection Over 2.5

Code 3310 Date 16/11/2017 18:30
Event SK Slavia Prague - Stjarnan
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 12

Code 7459 Date 16/11/2017 15:30
Event Al Qadisiyah - Al Baten
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 1X

Code 2930 Date 16/11/2017 19:00
Event Benfica U19 - Real Sport Clube
Live/Prematch Normale Selection Over 2.5

Code 4912 Date 16/11/2017 15:00
Event Sh. Al Dhahiriya - Shabab Al Khader
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 12

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