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Sports / 3 Quick Questions Antonie Conte Needs To Answer (2 Min Read). by DecaluxProjects: Last month on Fri 05 at 04:16pm
3 Quick Questions Antonie Conte Needs to Answer (2 Min Read).

Sentiment apart, you need to give it to Antonio Conte and his Chelsea players this season. Pulling Chelsea up from the last mess caused to the team finishing in the tenth place last season loosing the EPL Champions to a new comer, Leicester City.

Nevertheless, the five times league title winner is not new to clinching this title even at close range and tough times. There stands some questions to ask the Italian manager, Antonio Conte, having seen several coaches walked down to the Stanford Bridge doing the same thing he is achieving presently but were shown the way after handling Chelsea a league title.

As a club which is committed to only result, Antonio Conte needs to count his cost to know if he has really come to stay or would soon be swayed aside like other managers were sacked.

The erstwhile manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, would be in the best position to mentor his successor at the Bridge on what, when and how to remain in Chelsea or resign honorably without loosing your face like his Spanish counterpart who later went with a relegated team, Newcastle United.


From history, David Calderhead is Chelsea's all time longest serving Manager who held this position between 1907–33 while the shortest serving manager of Chelsea is Danny Blaunchflower who only won three(3) of his fifteen(15) games as the blues manager. Times are changing, Club shareholders can not withstand any manager who would not produce a trophy even though he had once done so.

Will Conte be able to maintain this stand in Chelsea knowing that EPL title among others is among the most cherished trophies in England?


Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink got called to the Bridge twice in their careers respectively, this could be mis-interpreted for the fact that they enjoyed their stay at Chelsea. But why would any coach wants to remain at the Bridge?

Conte needs to ask himself if he would be able to remain even when the chips are down. Why would I remain at Stanford Bridge ?

The worst position the Blues have occupied since 2000 till date was tenth (10th), no thanks to last season's poor performance under the managerial expert of the Jose Mourinho, the special one and Guus Hiddink who came to the rescue to savage the menace. They have maintained top four between 2002/2003 season to 2014/2015 season with a back to back champions title in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Making the top four is not a guarantee of remaining at the bridge, there is more to this than meet the eyes.

The Italian Manager, Conte needs to know how to make the team better than it is after clinching this trophy.Top four is not enough, what then will be?

Sports / 5 Mistakes Arsenal Made In 2016/2017 by DecaluxProjects: Last month on Fri 05 at 04:12pm

It is no news any more that gunners could not meet up with their records of being among the top
four in English Premier League which they have been keeping track of for more than a decade after loosing what was thought to be a decisive match been them and the Spurs boys at White Heart Lane last weekend.

The London derby ended in a 2-0 keeping the gunners sixth(6) on the table with a seventeen(17) points gap between their hosts.

Arsenal's slip in this season might have been as a result of these five mistakes:

#1. Sluggish defence: Arsenals conceded just 36 goals last season placing them second after the champions, Leicester City. With five(5) more matches for the gunners, they have conceded 42 goals with much possibility of conceding more before the season winds up.

#2. Missing goal chances: No thanks to their inability to convert and create goal chances. Compared to last season, Arsenal has so far created 364 chances compared to their 464 chances last season, this could be related to the strikers lack of insights.

#3.Top 4 race: Unlike last season when the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool were not getting their form right, this season as seen the duos finding their place in the top four with the Man City and Tottenham indispensably positioned.

#4. Manager's hackneyed statistics: Wenger's tactics is getting bored and many teams have studied this overtime forgetting to realize football has got a new science with a paradigm shift from what gave him the trophy more than a decade ago. The old way won't get you result anymore, the new tactics has seen clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Man U'td and even Leicester claiming trophies through its adoption.

#5. Arsenal's Board Miser Funding: Some school of thoughts have believed that the Arsenal's board are so miser in spending and that is the reason while they have not shown the french man, Arsene Wenger out having stayed more than two decades. The board are much concerned about economy rather than trophy with their biggest buy so far being Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Though some of the big four has experienced their individual challenges in the past season.Chelsea finished tenth(10th) last season likewise Liverpool who took the eighth (8th) and Man Utd in the fifth(5th) position, this season has been a turn around for them after putting their houses in order.

Whether next season will be a different ball game for Arsenal or not, time will tell. And this can only happen if the gunners do what is right and not doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a better result.


General / African Man Forced To Shave Off Beard Because People Think He Looks Like A Terrorist (photos) by Kingvictor: Last month on Fri 05 at 03:24pm
A barber claims he has been forced to completely change his appearance – after people repeatedly made him feel like a terrorist. John Essien, 37, who is black British, said he noticed people whispering about him and refusing to sit next to him on public transport.
On one occasion while on the tube, he said people even fled the carriage he was in when his hairdressing clippers started vibrating in his bag.
To try and stop the cruel behaviour, he has shaved off his beard and stopped carrying a rucksack – and now says people have a completely new opinion of him.
John said: “One time I was sat on the train and I had clippers in my bag and they went off.
“I lifted the bag to check them and people started running from the carriage. One lady looked at me and she just froze. “I took the clippers out of my bag and waved them to show people what it was. “Their reaction was a clear an indication of what they all thought.”
John, who has four daughters, admits he could understand some alarm but wishes people were not so judgmental. The qualified hairdresser who lives in Amersham, Bucks., said it started to get to him when people were ignoring him.
John even says on some occasions he felt intimidated by police – with officers standing in his way and watching him as he purchased tickets for public transport.
He added: “I didn’t want to be judged all the time. I don’t want to feel racism every day. “I just want to speak out and have people hear about it. “All I am doing is going to work, trying to fit in with society and being polite to people every day.”

Crime / Teenager Sets 43-year Old Lover’s House Ablaze Over S3x And Alcoh0l Argument by Kingvictor: Last month on Fri 05 at 03:13pm
An 18-year old by the name Sophie Stonehewer, has been spared jail term after setting her 43-year-old boyfriend’s house ablaze.
Sophie, was said to have set fire to a curtain in Steven Beddows’ house while he was in bed around 3.40am on February 1.
She then ran to a neighbour’s house to raise the alarm when she couldn’t put out the fire herself and told them ‘he made me do it.’
According to Metro UK, Mr Beddows managed to put the fire out before any major damage was caused at his home in Offerton, Stockport, then refused to give statements about what had happened.
During the court the couple, it was learnt that the couple who are still together, had been arguing about their sex life before the fire was started.
Stonehewer’s defence barrister Robert Lancaster said:
“There was an argument between them it involved alcohol and sexual activity. “The argument was of some severity which left this defendant upset and angry, and in an emotive state.
It is right to say that that she was pushed in a very emotive way and she reacted to her partner in a way she had never done before and in a way that she is deeply sorry for.
“She tried to put the fire out with her hands but didn’t have much success. She ran to a neighbouring address to raise the alarm and that friend rang the fire service and the police. When they got there the fire had been put out by Mr Beddows.
“The defendant was in hysterics and she was deeply upset and deeply fearful of Mr Beddows reaction of what she had done. She accepts what she had done and then she became more hysterical when she was arrested and taken to the police station.”

Sports / Re: Best Football Predictions 5th May - Best Games For Friday by Kingvictor: Last month on Fri 05 at 03:01pm
cyrilisreal:These ur predictions, r they reliable?

Yea they are

Sports / Re: Best Football Predictions 5th May - Best Games For Friday by cyrilisreal: Last month on Fri 05 at 02:30pm
These ur predictions, r they reliable?

Sports / Best Football Predictions 5th May - Best Games For Friday by Kingvictor: Last month on Fri 05 at 09:54am
[1] England
Premier League 2, Division 1
19:00 Manchester City – Southampton FC| Bet on Manchester City draw no bet @ 1.30.
[2] Spain
Primera Division
20:00 Sevilla FC – Real Sociedad | Double chance Sevilla FC to win/draw and over 1.5 goals @ 1.45.
[3] Spain
Segunda Division
19:00 Real Oviedo– Alcorcon AD| Bet on Real Oviedo draw no bet @ 1.35.
First half draw @ 2.00.
Half time correct score = 0:0 @ 2.05.
Real Oviedo to play a clean sheet @ 1.85.
Half time / Full time = x/1 @ 4.30.
[4] Germany
3. Liga
18:00 RW Erfurt – Jahn Regensburg| Bet on 1x @ 1.50.
Full time draw @ 3.05.
[5] Germany
Regionalliga Bavaria
18:00 Bayern Munich II– SV Schalding-Heining| Bet on Bayern Munich II draw no bet @ 1.40.
Double chance Bayern Munich II to win/draw in first half and No BTS @1.65.
Bayern Munich II to play a clean sheet @ 3.05.
[6] Germany
19:30 FC Cologne –Werder Bremen| Bet on Werder Bremen draw no bet @ 1.95.
Double chance Werder Bremen to win/draw and under 4.5 goals @ 1.80.
Double chance Werder Bremen to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 2.30.
Half time draw @ 2.15.
Double chance Werder Bremen to win/draw and under 2.5 goals @ 3.10.
Half time / Full time = x/1 @ 7.00.
[7] Germany
Regionalliga Northeast
18:00 Lokomotive Leipzig – TSG Neustrelitz| Bet on Lokomotive Leipzig draw no bet @ 1.30.
[8] Germany
2. Bundesliga
17:30 Dynamo Dresden– 1860 Munich| Bet on Dynamo Dresden draw no bet @ 1.80.
Under 1.5 goals in first half @ 1.45.
Double chance Dynamo Dresden to win/draw and under 4.5 goals @ 1.60.
Double chance Dynamo Dresden to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 2.00.
First half draw @ 2.05.
[9] Germany
Regionalliga Southwest
18:30 Offenbacher Kickers – TuS Koblenz| Bet on Lokomotive Leipzig draw no bet @ 1.35.
[10] Germany
Oberliga Baden Wuerttemberg
18:30 SSV Reutlingen– FSV Hollenbach| Double chance SSV Reutlingen to win/draw and under 4.5 goals @ 1.60.
Double chance SSV Reutlingen to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 2.20.
[11] Germany
Bayernliga North
17:30 Viktoria Aschaf...– DJK Don Bosco B…| Bet on Viktoria Aschaf… to win and over 1.5 goals @ 1.60.
[12] France
Ligue 2
19:00 Clermont Foot – FC Bourg Peronnas| Bet on Clermont Foot draw no bet @ 1.40.

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Sports / Re: Best Football Predictions 4th May - Best Games For Thursday by modupe247: Last month on Fri 05 at 09:25am
Good morning please check your yukhub private message

Sports / Re: Best Football Predictions 4th May - Best Games For Thursday by Kingvictor: Last month on Fri 05 at 07:10am
modupe247:Please check your private message I sent you a message

there is a problem with pm i can't read your messages which am working on the problem but i have emailed you check your inbox or spam box

Jokes Etc / See What To Do If No One Has Never Called  you Sweetheart  by thankgod: Last month on Fri 05 at 06:58am
If u have taken years without any one calling u "sweetheart" don't lose hope, create a folder on ur desktop and name it "sweetheart" then try to delete it...it will ask you...do you want to delete this folder"sweetheart"?

Jokes Etc / Oyinbo Has Done It Again by thankgod: Last month on Fri 05 at 06:54am
You can now check your weight on your phone; just dail *158#, put your phone on the ground then stand on it, if you want accurate reading, just jump on it and quickly check out the reading. No need to thank me for this info. Haba!!! What are friends for ?!?...​

Jokes Etc / Prayer Poin For Guys only by thankgod: Last month on Fri 05 at 06:51am
silence and repeat after me)
(1) My father my
Father! Anywhere any
girl is
planning to use me as a MUGU, God destroy her
(2) Oh God! Any girl that
is using her breast to
confuse my destiny,
Holy Ghost fire! Born them
(3) Any girl that has
vowed that she would
date me, God make her
to see me taking her 4 shopping in her dream.!
(4) Any girl that has
slept with 5 different
including me and wants
to tie me down with pregnancy that is not
mine, God make her
my name!
(5) Any girl that m
dating and calls me only to tell
has expired.. Oh Lord..
her calls to kidnappers.
If U believe say 'AMEN' If U dnt believe say 'NO

Jokes Etc / Lol!!! Google Turned 18 Years by thankgod: Last month on Fri 05 at 06:46am
Can u imagine "Google" turned 18 today....
only God knows what you people have been
asking that young teenager.

Sports / Re: Best Football Predictions 4th May - Best Games For Thursday by modupe247: Last month on Thu 04 at 10:00pm
Please check your private message I sent you a message

Sports / Re: Best Football Predictions 4th May - Best Games For Thursday by modupe247: Last month on Thu 04 at 09:54pm
@ Victor I sent you a message you didn't reply

Crime / 5 Men Jailed 3 Years Each For Having S*x With Married Woman In Husband's House by Kingvictor: Last month on Thu 04 at 03:46pm
A Minna Magistrate Court In Nigeria on Tuesday sentenced five men to three-year imprisonment each, after they admitted committing adultery.
They were, however, given an option of N150,000 fine each. The names of the accused are;
Mohammed Faruk, Johnbosco Dedan, David Momoh, Sunday Ekuese and Vincent Emmanuel.
They were arraigned alongside Naomi Abdulmajeed on a two-count charge of enticing a married woman and committing adultery.
The Prosecutor, Inspector Emmanuel Danladi, had told the court that one Abdulmajeed Akin of Tunga, Minna, reported the matter at the Tudun Wada Police Station on April 28.
Danladi quoted the complainant as saying his wife, Naomi, had intimate relationships with the other accused persons who each had s*x with her at different venues. He said that some of the accused persons were said to have slept with the complainant’s wife in her matrimonial home.
The offences, he said, were contrary to sections 389, 387 and 388 of the penal code. When the charges were read to the accused persons, they all pleaded guilty and begged the court for leniency.
The prosecutor thereafter asked the court to try them summarily in line with Section 157 of the Criminal Procedure Code. He also prayed the court to order the accused persons to pay a compensation of N500,000 each to the husband.
Counsel to the accused persons, Obi Alex, however, prayed the court to temper justice with mercy, given their admission without wasting the time of the court. Delivering his judgment, the presiding magistrate, Mohammed Hassan, sentenced the accused persons to three-year imprisonment each (15 years in total), or a fine of N150,000 each.
The reckless wife was also ordered to pay a fine.

Sports / Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes First Man To Reach 100million Followers On Instagram by Kingvictor: Last month on Thu 04 at 03:20pm
Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first sport star, footballer and MAN to reach 100million followers on Instagram.
He reached the milestone in the same week as scoring a stunning hat-trick for Real Madrid in their 3-0 Champions League win over city rivals Atletico.
The 32-year-old only trails behind pop stars Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez – as well as Instagram’s own account.
His closest sports rival is Barcelona and Brazil forward Neymar with 74m, while rival for best player in the world Lionel Messi has just 71m by comparison.

Sports / Best Football Predictions 4th May - Best Games For Thursday by Kingvictor: Last month on Thu 04 at 11:13am
Best Football Predictions 4th May with 90% confidence level are ==>Sedan-Ardennes, Germany, NK Dinamo Zagreb, Al Ahly Cairo, Maardu Starbunker, Piroozi Perspolis, St Andrews FC, Mamelodi Sundowns & FC Zurich.
[1] Germany
Oberliga Hamburg
18:00 FC Altona 93 – FC Tuerkiye| Bet on FC Altona 93 draw no bet @ 1.20.
Double chance FC Altona 93 to win/draw and over 2.5 goals.
[2] Germany
Oberliga Niederrhein
18:30 VfB Homberg – FC Bocholt 1900| Bet on FC Bocholt 1900 draw no bet @ 1.55.
[3] International Clubs
UEFA Europa League
20:05 Celta de Vigo – Manchester United| Bet on Manchester United draw no bet @ 1.65.
[4] France
19:00Sedan-Ardennes– CA Bastia| Bet on 1x @ 1.30.
Sedan-Ardennes draw no bet @ 1.60.
Sedan-Ardennes to play a clean sheet @ 2.55.
[5] International Youth
U17 European Championship, Group C
11:00Germany– Bosnia & Herzegovina| Bet on Germany to win and over 1.5 goals @ 1.22
Germany to win and over 2.5 goals @ 1.40.
Half time / Full time = 1/1 @ 1.60.
[6] International Youth
U17 European Championship, Group D
13:00 Norway – England| Double chance England to win/draw and under 4.5 goals @ 1.30.
Double chance England to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 1.60.
[7] Colombia
Copa Postobon, Group G
21:15 Cucuta Deportivo – Expreso Rojo| Bet on Cucuta Deportivo draw no bet @ 1.65.
[8] Croatia
1. HNL
17:00 NK Inter Zapresic –NK Dinamo Zagreb| Bet on NK Dinamo Zagreb to win and under 4.5 goals @ 1.30.
NK Dinamo Zagreb to win and under 3.5 goals @ 1.60.
NK Dinamo Zagreb to win and under 2.5 goals @ 2.40.
Half time / Full time = x/1 @ 4.00.
[9] Denmark
DBU Pokalen
17:30 FC Midtjylland – Brondby IF| Bet on Brondby IF draw no bet @ 2.00.
[10] Colombia
Copa Postobon, Group H
21:30 Deportes Pereira – Deportes Quindio| Bet on Deportes Quindio draw no bet @ 1.85.
[11] Egypt
Premier League
15:30 El-Entag El-Harby – Tanta FC| Bet on El-Entag El-Harby draw no bet @ 1.50.
[12] Egypt
Premier League
18:00 Talaea El Gaish –Al Ahly Cairo| Bet on Al Ahly Cairo to win @ 1.40.
Al Ahly Cairo to win and NO BTS @ 1.75.
Al Ahly Cairo to win and under 3.5 goals @ 1.60.
HAlf time / Full time = x/2 @ 5.00.
[13] Estonia
17:00 JK Welco Elekter –Maardu Starbunker| Bet on Maardu Starbunker to win and over 2.5 goals @ 1.35.
Half time / Full time = 2/2 @ 1.60.
Maardu Starbunker to win both halves @ 2.20.
[14] Iran
Pro League
14:30Tractor Sazi Tabriz FC– Naft Tehran FC| Bet on Tractor Sazi Tabriz FC draw no bet [DNB] @ 1.60.
Full time draw @ 3.30.
[15] Iran
Pro League
14:30 Siah Jamegan –Piroozi Perspolis| Bet on Piroozi Perspolis draw no bet @ 1.60.
[16] Iran
Pro League
14:30 Saba Battery – Esteghlal Khuzestan| Bet on Saba Battery draw no bet @ 1.40.
[17] Iran
Pro League
14:30 Esteghlal Tehran – Foolad Mobarake…| Bet on Esteghlal Tehran draw no bet @ 1.40.
[18] Iran
Pro League
14:30 Zobahan – Padideh Mashhad| Bet on full time draw @ 3.40.
[19] Iran
Pro League
14:30 Foolad Khuzestan FC – Peykan| Bet on Foolad Khuzestan FC draw no bet @ 1.70.
[20] Malta
Premier Division
18:30St Andrews FC– Gzira United FC| Bet on 1x @ 1.55.
[22] Saudi Arabia
Saudi Professional League
18:50 Al Ahli Jeddah – Al Taawon| Bet on Al Ahli Jeddah to win @ 1.35.
[23] Saudi Arabia
Saudi Professional League
18:50 Al Fateh SC – Al Ittihad| Bet on Al Ittihad draw no bet @ 1.30.
[24] Saudi Arabia
Saudi Professional League
18:50 Al Qadisiyah – Al Wehda| Double chance Al Qadisiyah to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 1.90.
[25] South Africa
Premier League
17:00Mamelodi Sundowns– Platinium Stars FC| Double chance Mamelodi Sundowns to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 1.40.
Mamelodi Sundowns to play a clean sheet @ 1.60.
[26]South Africa
Premier League
18:30 Bidvest Wits FC – Orlando Pirates FC| Double chance Bidvest Wits FC to win/draw and under 4.5 goals @ 1.25.
Double chance Bidvest Wits FC to win/draw and under 3.5 goals @ 1.45.
Bidvest Wits FC to play a clean sheet @ 1.80.
[27] Scotland
Development League
19:00 Hamilton FC U20 – Celtic Glasgow| Bet on Hamilton FC U20 draw no bet @ 2.05.
Challenge League
18:30 FC Aarau –FC Zurich| Bet on FC Zurich to win @ 1.40.
Half time / Full time = 2/2 @ 2.05.
FC Zurich to win and over 2.5 goals @ 1.85.
FC Zurich to win and no BTS @ 2.40.
[29] Turkey
TFF 1. Lig
16:30 Manisaspor – Altinordu| Bet on x2 @ 1.55.
[30] Turkey
TFF 1. Lig
14:30 Boluspor – Adana Demirspor| Bet on Boluspor draw no bet @ 1.40.
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Literature / The Maid episode 33 by thankgod: Last month on Thu 04 at 07:11am
Episode 33

The morning came with cold wind which seemed to have made everyone stay indoor that fateful morning. 
Adaora was also caught indoor,on the little mat which she shared with Sonia the previous night,wondering if there was anything she could do to lift Sonia from the dilemma she found herself.She knew Sonia was in more trouble than she could imagine;if she was shown on the television,that means she must be on the newspapers as well. 

Adaora smiled to herself on remembering how they got past the police checkpoint the previous day,driving down here,where she deemed safer.The policemen were holding Sonia's picture.As they looked at the picture,they looked at them in the taxi.Sonia had eyed her,not knowing that it has gotten to that level.Sonia's excessive make ups and changed appearance made it impossible for the police to identify her. 

Adaora was ready to do all she could to see that Sonia escaped falling into the dangerous pit that was on her way,even if it meant seeking help from where she vowed never to. 
An uncomfortable feeling invaded Adaora.Her eyes never saw Sonia that morning. 
She opened the wooden door of the old mud house and looked around;perhaps,Sonia may be sweeping the little compound but to her surprise,she was not there.A quick wave of fear swept through her as she ran around checking every corner of the building calling her name but not even her shadow was seen.Sonia was gone.Gone to God-knows-where. 

Tony filled the air with early morning yellow dust as he sped off,with the nearest hospital on his mind.At regular intervals,his eyes went to the woman lying at the back seat.The fear in him didn't permit him to have a good look at her.So,he didn't know it was Angela,his best friend's wife that he knocked down. 
She wasn't moving,getting him thinking if she was still alive or dead. 
His phone was ringing as he added more speed to the tyres.It was David but he was far from being in the mood to answer. 

Tony pulled into the hospital,signaling to the nurses to come over immediately.They came with the stretcher and without wasting any time,pushed her in to commence treatment on her. 
Tony waited behind,bearing in mind that he'd missed the important business appointment that morning. 

"Excuse me nurse,"Tony approached the nurse who came out from the room the victim was taken into,"how is she doing?" 

"Calm down sir,we will get back to you"The nurse told him and left for another ward. 

Just almost immediately she left,the doctor came out.Tony rushed to him. 

";Doctor.how far?"Tony asked him. 

"Are you her husband?"He asked in return. 

"No.I was the one who knocked her down.Is there any problem?"Tony was already worried she might be badly injured internally. 

"Uhmm,for now,there isn't much problem.We need to see her husband and that's maybe when she regains consciousness"The doctor stressed out. 

"Can i see her?"Tony asked,the hope of still catching the appointment coming back to him. 

"Sure.but she shouldn't be disturbed. 
I think she got into bad hands because she was so unkept and unclad except for the light white material she was wearing but the nurses saw to that.Meanwhile,they are minor papers you have to sign before leaving" 

Tony opened the door and saw her lying on the bed,with a big drip connected to her arm.He came close to observe her properly before leaving for the appointment,making up his mind to come and check on her as soon as possible.He had given one of the nurses some money to get her some food when she gets up. 

As Tony beheld her face,he felt a high sense of familarity.Getting even closer,he almost stumbled,realising it was Angela,David's missing wife. 

"Angela"he called her name softly,running his head over her forehead,feeling so sorry for her. 

Angela opened her eyes and found Tony sitting close to her. 

"Tony"She called weakly and noticed him shock greatly,bringing him back from his thoughts. 

"Angela, are you alright"He seemed relaxed and better,knowing she was getting better. 

"I feel very weak and hungry.Does david know i'm here?"She asked again. 

"No.i was about calling him"He replied,dipping hand into his pocket to get his phone. 

"No.don't call him yet,please"Angela pleaded. 

"Why? Your husband is dying.Your absence is killing him.He needs to see you" 

"I know but please don't call him yet"She pleaded again. 

Tony alighted from the car and got into the house.David was dressed and seemed ready to leave.Tony looked around the parlour and saw empty bottles on the centre table in the parlour and eyed David. 

"What happened? Why weren't you picking my calls?";David asked him. 

"There was a problem.I knocked someone down.Are you going out?"Tony tried averting the question. 

"I know you are a rough driver.Did you kill the person?";David asked,smiling at him. 

"God forbid.She is getting better"Tony smiled too. 

"I'm about going to the police station to know if they have any news for me.From there to my inlaws and from there to the streets if no good news.I cant stop searching for Angela";David told him. 

"Its still too early David.Don't worry,your wife will return to you.Relax your mind.God is in control"Tony advised him. 

Ebere was packing some clothes into some travelling bags,with fear all over her.The fear of Angela coming for her with the police and the fear of the gods coming for her.The old dibia had told her to make sure she produced Angela for the sacrifice because he already promised the gods her blood or else the gods would come after her(Ebere). 

The door swung open,leaving Ebere perplexed because she thought she bolted it.Sonia removed the glasses from her eyes and stared at Ebere murderously pointing a short black gun at her. 

"No.Sonia please.Don't do it please,i am begging you"Ebere pleaded,shedding tears with her kneels on the ground. 

"You are heartless.You don't deserve to live.Couldn't you at least have had mercy on me? What would my going to prison profit you? Souls like you deserve to rot in hell"Ebere told her with tears rolling down her own cheeks. 

"I can make up for everything.Please bring down the gun"Ebere pleaded. 

"Its too late.very late.I have killed before.Yes i killed paul and regretted it but i will never regret killing you.Go to hell while i go to prison.Goodbye"Sonia whispered to Ebere before sending her down with a killing shot.

Jokes Etc / Lol!!! Gce Result Is Out by thankgod: Last month on Thu 04 at 07:07am
GCE result is out ,my neighbour's son had 4 E8 and 3 F9. He was asking me which school will accept such result... Well, I just advised him to try Sunday school. Only God can accommodate our weaknesses. 
Abi what do u think ?

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