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Health / People Skipping Breakfast Risk Heart Attack by johneewalker: 08:31am On 10 Oct 2017

People who skip breakfast or eat poorly to start the day are twice as likely to develop hardened arteries, which can lead to deadly heart disease, researchers said Monday.

The study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology uncovered signs of damage to the arteries long before symptoms or disease developed.

Researchers said their findings could offer an important tool in the fight against cardiovascular disease, the world’s top killer, which took 17.7 million lives in 2015, according to the World Health Organization.

“People who regularly skip breakfast likely have an overall unhealthy lifestyle,” said study author Valentin Fuster, director of Mount Sinai Heart and editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“This study provides evidence that this is one bad habit people can proactively change to reduce their risk for heart disease.”

The report was based on 4,000 middle-aged office workers in Spain. Participants were followed for six years.

About one in four ate a high-energy breakfast, which included 20 percent or more of the day’s calories.

Most people in the study — 70 percent — ate a low-energy breakfast that gave them five to 20 percent of their daily calorie intake.

Three percent said they skipped breakfast altogether or ate very little. This group “tended to have more generally unhealthy eating habits and a higher prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors,” said the report.

People who skipped breakfast also “had the greatest waist circumference, body mass index, blood pressure, blood lipids and fasting glucose levels,” it said.

Researchers used ultrasound technology to scan participants for signs of fatty deposits in the arteries, or early evidence of disease.

They found that people who ate less than five percent of their recommended daily calories at breakfast had, on average, double the amount of fatty buildup in the arteries as people who ate a high-energy breakfast.

This heightened risk of hardened arteries among people who skipped breakfast or ate little to start the day appeared independently of other factors, such as smoking, high cholesterol and physical inactivity.

Previous studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast is linked to good health, including a lower body weight, healthy diet, and lower risk of problems with cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

Skipping breakfast has also previously been shown to raise the risk of coronary artery disease.

According to Prakash Deedwania, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and author of an accompanying editorial in the journal, the study offers more evidence that skipping breakfast can be harmful to one’s health.

“Although breakfast skippers are generally attempting to lose weight, they often end up eating more and unhealthy foods later in the day. Skipping breakfast can cause hormonal imbalances and alter circadian rhythms,” said Deedwania.

“That breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been proven right in light of this evidence.”


Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by Kingvictor(m): 03:33pm On 10 Oct 2017
Lol... ;D

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by adamsfriday27: 03:18pm On 10 Oct 2017
Sorry guy..even 1.50 hard u...na wa ooo prediction no b moimoi..:hahaha

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by kyngTony: 05:03pm On 9 Sep 2017
kyngTony:•••day 2•••
its kinda late but place your bet fast
france Ligue 1
PSG - Bordeaux
1 1.15

english Premier League
Manchester Utd - Crystal Palace
Over(1.5) 1.14

spanish Primera Division
Levante - Alaves
1X 1.18
total odds : 1.54

2 done 1 left

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by kyngTony: 02:04pm On 9 Sep 2017
•••day 2•••
its kinda late but place your bet fast
france Ligue 1
PSG - Bordeaux
1 1.15

english Premier League
Manchester Utd - Crystal Palace
Over(1.5) 1.14

spanish Primera Division
Levante - Alaves
1X 1.18
total odds : 1.54

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by zaidon(m): 10:21am On 9 Sep 2017
Day 2


Sports / Yukhub Football Predictions 30th September - Sure Games For Saturday by Kingvictor(m): 10:03am On 9 Sep 2017
1. 15:00 Manchester Utd - Crystal Palace 1X & Over1.5 (WON]
2. 12:00 Arsenal - Brighton 1 & Over 1.5. (WON)
3. 16:00 PSG - Bordeaux 1 & Over 2.5 (WON)
4. 15:15 Sevilla - Malaga 1x & Over1.5 (WON)
5. 14:00 Lazio - Sassuolo 1 & OVER1.5 (WON=
6. 15:00 Cardiff City - Derby County 1
7. 18:45 PSV Eindhoven - Willem II Tilburg 1(WON)

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by Kene232: 10:14pm On 9 Sep 2017

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by george2much: 07:47pm On 9 Sep 2017
ride on


Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by kyngTony: 01:03pm On 9 Sep 2017
those following please comment

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by kyngTony: 12:01pm On 9 Sep 2017
•••day 1•••
france ligue 1
monaco vs Montpelier
1x @ 1.05

Spanish la liga
celta vigo vs girona
home score @ 1.16

Netherlands Eerste divisie
FC Oss - Jong Ajax Amsterdam
Over(1.5) @ 1.10

Austria Regionalliga East
SV Horn - Karabakh Wien
1X 1.14

total odds 1.52

Religion / Catholic Church Rejects Ransom Bid To Free Priest by johneewalker: 10:16am On 9 Sep 2017

The Catholic Bishop of Auchi Diocese, Bishop Gabriel Dunia, has said it will not pay ransom to abductors of the Parish Priest of St. Benedict Church, Iddo 2, Okpella, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Adorolo.

The church, however, confirmed Rev. Fr. Adorolo was kidnapped along Auchi-Okpella Highway, on Wednesday evening, by unknown gunmen.

Dunia disclosed these at a press conference in Auchi, in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State, yesterday.

“Adorolo was on his way back from Auchi to his parish, St. Benedict Catholic Church, Okpella, when he was abducted by gunmen at a bad spot near Okpella at about 6.00pm on Wednesday evening.

“The abductors have made contact with the church for ransom. The church does not pay ransom as it is not a profit-making organisation,” said Dunia.

Th cleric has called on security agencies to help free Adorolo.

“The diocese is calling for unconditional release of the priest. We are holding a mass for the unconditional release of the priest,” he added.

-The sun

Politics / Sec Docks Bgl Chiefs Okumagba, Edozien by johneewalker: 09:24am On 9 Sep 2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday arraigned the Deputy Managing Director of BGL plc, Chibundo Edozien, in a Wuse Chief Magistrates’ Court for conspiring with some staff of the company to defraud the investing public.

The accused person, of Plot 417 Tigris Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, was docked on charges of criminal conspiracy, breach of trust and cheating.

Edozien also appeared in court on behalf of M/S BGL plc, its asset management and securities limited subsidiaries.

The prosecutor, Moshood Adeyemi, told the court that Edozien conspired with the company along with one Albert Okumagba, now at large.

He alleged that the accused also conspired with some other staff and cheated one Mahmoud Usman and four others.

Adeyemi further alleged that the accused cheated UN Staff Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society of Anambra, Abuja Office, among others, who filed complaints against the defendant before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The prosecutor said the offences contravened the Penal Code.

Edozien, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The defence counsel, Mr K.B Asunogie, made a bail application for Edozien, stressing that the matter had been on since 2015 and he had been honouring invitations all through the inquiry.

He added that his client was on administrative bail and never breached it, urging the court to grant bail in the most liberal terms.

The prosecutor, however, said if bail was granted, it should be with conditions that would ensure the defendant’s appearance for his trial.

He also said the police detained and granted the defendant administrative bail, not the SEC.

The Magistrate, Chinyere Nwecheonwu, however, granted the accused bail in N1 million with one surety in like sum.

She said the surety must be a civil servant of Grade Level 12 and the office address must be verified by the prosecutor and the court registrar.

She added that the surety must present original appointment letter and promotion letter before the court and adjourned the case till Nov. 6 for hearing.


Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by Kingvictor(m): 07:21pm On 9 Sep 2017

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by kyngTony: 05:59pm On 9 Sep 2017
who is following?
I'll be starting tomorrow


Sports / 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by kyngTony: 05:58pm On 9 Sep 2017
hey guys I'll be dropping sure to win 1.5 odds daily here for 10 days
note: i. you can start with 1k , 5h or 2h
ii. some figures are approximated
day 1: 1,000 × 1.5 = 1,500
day 2: 1,500 × 1.5 = 2,250
day 3: 2,250 × 1.5 = 3,375
day 4; 3,375 × 1.5 = 5,000
day 5: 5,000 × 1.5 = 7,500
day 6: 7,500 × 1.5 = 11,250
day 7: 11,250 × 1.5 = 16,870
day 8: 16,870 × 1.5 = 25,300
day 9: 25,300 × 1.5 = 37,950
day 10: 37,950 × 1.5 = 56,900
if you are starting with #500 at the end of 10 days you will be getting half the figure i.e #28,450
#200 will be 1/5 of the figure i.e #11,380
follow this thread for daily games and updates following the games
May the odds be in our favour....


Travel / 13 Of Africa's Favorite Dishes by johneewalker: 02:09pm On 9 Sep 2017
From the humble maize/grain porridges and root vegetables that form the basis of so many diets, to grand feasting dishes such as breyanis, tagines, stews and aromatic curries, Africa's favorite foods offer something for every palate.
This article focuses on regional dishes that you might enjoy in the some of the more popular tourist destinations.

1. Pap en vleis/Shisa nyama, South Africa

Barbecued meat and maize porridge is a combination dearly beloved across many cultures in Southern Africa, and particularly in South Africa, where the braaivleis is a treasured institution and practically a national sport.
Shisa nyama, meaning "burn the meat" in Zulu, has come to refer to a festive "bring-and-braai" gathering; Shisa nyama restaurants are often located next to butchers' shops so patrons can select their own meats and have them cooked to order over fiercely hot wood fires.

2.Piri piri chicken, Mozambique

Mozambique's cuisine is a heady blend of African, Portuguese, oriental and Arab flavors -- think fragrant spices, hot piri piri and creamy coconut sauces, with hints of cashews and peanuts.
Sizzling, spicy prawns and seafood are often a first choice for visitors to Maputo, but don't miss the iconic Mozambican dish Galinha à Zambeziana, a succulent feast of chicken cooked with lime, pepper, garlic, coconut milk and piri piri sauce.
It's generally known simply as grilled chicken piri piri by tourists, and is traditionally served with matapa, a dish of cassava leaves cooked in a peanut sauce.

3. Jollof rice and egusi soup, Nigeria

It's not easy pinning down a national favorite dish for Nigeria, because this is a vast country with many distinct regional cuisines.
But one dish you shouldn't leave Nigeria without eating is jollof rice, a great favorite all over West Africa, and one that is thought may be the origin of the Cajun dish jambalaya.
A simple, spicy one-pot dish comprising, at its most basic, rice, tomatoes, onions and pepper, it's often served at parties and other festive gatherings, along with other Nigerian favorites such as egusi soup (made with ground melon seeds and bitter leaf), fried plantains and pounded yam (iyan or fufu).
Other dishes to try in Nigeria include thick, spicy broths made with okra and flavored with chicken or meat, and suya, which are spicy Nigerian shish kebabs (similar to Ghana's chichinga) cooked over braziers by street vendors.

4. Bunny chow, South Africa

No one's quite sure how bunny chow came to be named, but what is certain is that this hollowed-out half- or quarter-loaf of white bread filled with a blistering-hot curry is one of South Africa's most treasured street foods.
The meat and vegetable curries that fill bunny chows were bought to South Africa by Indian indentured laborers who came to South Africa in the 19th century to work on the sugar-cane fields.
Available as takeaways in all major cities, but the best bunnies come from Durban.

5. Kapenta with sadza, Zimbabwe

Kapenta, comprising two species of small freshwater fish native to Lake Tanganyika, were introduced to Lake Kariba and now are a much-loved source of protein for lakeside populations of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

6. Chambo with nsima, Malawi

The eyes of Malawians away from home may well fill with tears when you say the word "chambo" to them -- it's the most popular and best-known fish found in Lake Malawi, and a great national favorite.
It's served grilled along the lake shore, usually with nsima (a stiff porridge very similar to South Africa's pap and Zimbabwe's sadza) or with chips.

7. Namibian venison, Namibia

Good venison can be sampled all over Southern Africa, but Namibians will insist that the very best gemsbok, kudu, zebra, warthog, ostrich and springbok is to be found at restaurants and game lodges across their country.

8. Muamba de Galinha, Angola

Also known as chicken muamba, this is a spicy, somewhat oily stew made with with palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chilis and okra. Variations of chicken muamba, such as poulet moambé, are to be found all over the Congo River region, where it's often served with cassava leaves and white rice.

9. Cape breyani, South Africa

A treasured classic of Cape Malay cuisine, breyani is a fragrant dish comprising layers of marinated meat, rice, lentils and spices topped with crisp-fried onions and hard-boiled eggs.

10. Zanzibari biryanis and pilaus, Zanzibar

You can practically feel the warm breath of the trade winds in your face as you taste these great celebration dishes, both based on rice and the exotic array of spices synonymous with Zanzibar.
There are all sorts of variations on biryani, ranging from humble vegetable assemblages to more complex ones incorporating meat and seafood; pilau tends to be a one-pot dish generously spiced with cardamom, cumin and pepper.

11. Nyama na irio, Kenya

This well-loved dish, originally a Kikuyu staple that has spread through Kenya, is made of mashed-up potatoes, peas, beans, corn and onion and often served with spiced roasted meat to make a delicious dish called nyama na irio.

12. Koshari, Egypt

If you want a taste of what ordinary Egyptian families eat at home, you can't go wrong with koshari (variously spelled koushari and koshary), a nourishing vegetarian dish of rice, lentils, macaroni, garlic and chickpeas, bought together by a spicy tomato sauce and topped off with fried onion.

13. Pastilla au pigeon/b'stilla, Morocco

Moroccan tagines and couscous dishes have earned their glory on the world's culinary stage in recent decades, but this is one dish you'll not find in an average cookbook.
A complex and many-faceted feast dish, pastilla au pigeou (also known as b'stilla) is sweet and savory; substantial and delicate.
It's a pie comprising shredded cooked squab (or, more often, chicken, when pigeon is hard to find) thickened with egg sauce and interspersed with paper-thin pastry and layers of nutty, spicy filling.

Sports / Re: Bayern To Hold Crisis Meeting With Carlo Ancelotti At Risk Of Sack – Report by johneewalker: 01:39pm On 9 Sep 2017
was just informed he has left his position as the manager. sad :'(

Sports / Bayern To Hold Crisis Meeting With Carlo Ancelotti At Risk Of Sack – Report by johneewalker: 01:29pm On 9 Sep 2017
UNDER-FIRE CARLO Ancelotti could be sacked as Bayern Munich boss as early as Thursday, according to a report in Germany.

Sport Bild claim the Bayern board are to hold a crisis meeting after returning from Wednesday’s 3-0 Champions League loss to Paris Saint-Germain.

It is reported Ancelotti will be summoned to explain his selection and tactics to president Uli Hoeness and chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the wake of the damaging defeat to the Ligue 1 side.

Eyebrows were raised when Bayern started with Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Mats Hummels on the bench and Jerome Boateng not even in the squad, despite no indication of any injury problems.

The Bundesliga champions were dispatched by a ruthless PSG counter-attack, with Dani Alves, Edinson Cavani and Neymar on the scoresheet.

It was Bayern’s second defeat of the season, following a 2-0 loss at Hoffenheim, and came in a week in which they surrendered a 2-0 lead over Wolfsburg to draw 2-2 at the Allianz Arena.

Speaking afterwards, Robben refused to say if the team still backed their coach, claiming any comments he made would be “one word too many”.

“I will not answer that,” he said. “It was a painful defeat, we can talk about this. When it is a game as big as this, you never want to lose.”

Rummenigge hinted at possible repercussions for the result, saying: “It’s a loss we have to talk about, we have to analyse.

“I think what we saw was not Bayern Munich. I think we all agree on that. Then there is nothing to misunderstand or to interpret wrong.”


Celebrities / Forbes Lists Top Earning Hip-hop Artists 2017 by johneewalker: 01:24pm On 9 Sep 2017
Forbes Lists Top Earning Hip-Hop Artists 2017

Forbes returns with their 2017 edition of the top 20 people who made the most money over the past one year in the Hip-Hop scene.

It’s no surprise that Diddy sit at the top of the list once again with estimated earnings of a whopping $130 million, attributed to success with Ciroc vodka, DeLeon tequila and Aquahydrate water as well as revenue earned from the Bad Boy Reunion Tour earlier this year and selling a chunk of his Sean John clothing line for an estimated $70 million.

Drake comes in at number 2 with $94 million, thanks to his enormous music sales, revenue earned from the Boy Meets World Tour and other deals with brands like Apple, Sprite and Nike.

Jay-Z ranks third with earnings of $42 million due to various ventures like Roc Nation and Sprint. His earnings will go even higher once his $200 million deal with Live Nation fully materializes.

There are some newcomers on the list this year as well, including Chance the Rapper (No. 5 with $33 million) who is yet to release an official studio album, and Lil Yachty (No. 20 with $11 million). Notable names missing from the list are Birdman and 50 Cent. The latter should make a splash once his earnings from shows like Power are accounted for.

Forbes Hip-Hop’s Top Earning Acts of 2017

1. Diddy ($130 million)
2. Drake ($94 million)
3. Jay-Z ($42 million)
4. Dr. Dre ($34.5 million)
5. Chance The Rapper ($33 million)
6. Kendrick Lamar ($30 million)
7. Wiz Khalifa ($28 million)
8. Pitbull ($27 million)
9. DJ Khaled ($24 million)
10. Future ($23 million)
11. Kanye West ($22 million)
12. Birdman ($20 million)
13. J. Cole ($19 million)
14. Swizz Beatz ($14 million)
15. Snoop Dogg ($16.5 million)
16. Nicki Minaj ($16 million)
17. Lil Wayne (15.5 million)
18. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ($11.5 million)
18. Rick Ross ($11.5 million)
20. Lil Yachty ($11 Million)


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