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Date: Wednesday 18th October 2017 at 04:43 AM
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Literature / Ghetto Life (a Short Story) by thankgod(m): Last week on Sat at 06:11am
Guys this short story isn't meant to cause religious barrier or so, if you are a Muslim and get offended by it, please am sorry. I was just remembering old times and got inspired to write this short piece of my past. Note, the name aren't real. Please and please again, it isn't an abusive or disrespectful story towards any religion, it is a true life story.
Ghetto Life.
By Gabriel Akilozi
"Allahu akbaru" The mosque loud speaker sounded as I sat outside my face me and face you house which I and my parents are managing. I turned and look at the mosque as I saw people washing hand and legs before entering to pray, a man was also outside the mosque, he was not washing his hands or legs, he held the micro phone and recited some word which later was made loud enough by the speaker that stood high up over the mosque
"Allahu akbaru" the speaker shouted again. I smiled to myself as I knew I was about to do something naughty, I picked up a stone and hid myself behind some blocks, I then targeted the stone directly to the man's head, I hardly miss my target, the stone hit where it was sent to. I watched as the man paused his prayer and looked around, he picked up the microphone again, I thought he was going to continue praying but to my surprise he said.
"Tani ju oko ( who is throwing stone) "came the sound from the speaker this time, I laughed silently where I was and I was kind of fufiled with myself but my happiness changed to shock when someone drew my ear from the back, I stretched my neck to see who it was and to my surprise it was one of the Alfas that was just going to the mosque. He drew me to my dad who was lying on a mat in front of our room. Of course my dad knew I had done something wrong, it was not the first time someone will draw me by my ear to him but it was the first time it will be done by an Alfa.
"Your chyd is ju okota ba Alfa" the poor man struggled to communicate in English but ended up mixing it up with his dialect. My dad of course was not a Yoruba man so he did not understand what the Alfa was trying to say, he put on a confused face and the Alfa tried repeating himself again and again. At a point the Alfa got tired and picked up a stone, he stoned it at my dad and then pointed to the Alfa who was still reciting prayers outside the mosque. My dad face changed, he must be obviously angry from the impact the stone had on him. He stood up in anger from the mat, rolled up his cloth and made to start a fight with the Alfa. To my surprise, the Alfa pulled up his jalamia and also prepared to fight. I in my humble self passed through their middle as sound of "Emi" and "Me" filled the air without no one hitting the other, Yoruba fight.
I did not go far, I stood in a corner and watched the two men exchange words , to my outmost amazement they later ended up shaking each other and then dispersed, my father resumed lying down on his mat.
"Gabriel,Gabriel" he shouted my name and I ran to him like an innocent child.
"Papa this me" I said
"Gabriel onetoporo mogodo" he called my full name, "Why were you throwing stones at the Alfa that was praying?" He asked me while I drew back in shock. I wasn't shock because of the question but for the fact that this man had been pretending not to understand what the poor Alfa had been saying.
Years passed, this time we had packed out from our face you and face me house, my father had been able to save to rent a three bedroom flat. I myself had gained admission into the university and was studying Medicine.
It was on a Sunday when I decided to visit my former area, I had missed the life there. I dressed up and put on my medicated glasses, I made sure I was looking smart, I then went to get a cab which drove me to Aararomi bus stop, Iyana Ipaja. I entered the street which had the name banner "Oshundairo". I checked my wrist watch and it was almost two. The place was now looking more better, I walked down the street until I finally stopped in front of my former house, just then I heard the loud speaker again.
" Allahu ak...."The Alfa suddenly paused, I turned to see why he paused and I caught him staring at me as if he was trying to recongnize me, he then drew the micro phone close to his mouth again as if he was to continue the prayer.
"Aju Oko ti de ooo(the stone thrower has come)" I heard the loud speaker echo. I miss this life, I thought as I went into the compound.

Jokes Etc / Bag Of Rice Have Dropped Down by thankgod(m): Last week on Sat at 06:09am
Congratulations Nigerians a 
Bag of rice have dropped down to N8,000 all thanks to Gen. Buhari. You can now purchase bag of rice at N8,000
For more lies please text APC to 444

Crime / Landlord, Children Kill Tenant Two Days To Wedding by johneewalker: Last week on Fri at 08:50pm
A landlord in Owerri, the Imo State capital, Paul Oparaugo, and five of his six children allegedly stabbed to death their tanant, Udochukwu Iwuoha, on Wednesday.

Iwuoha, who hailed from Agbaja in the Nwangele Local Government Area of the state, was to traditionally wed his fiancée on Friday (today).

The tragedy was said to have occurred at No. 50 Onumonu Street in the state capital between 9pm and 10pm.

After allegedly killing the artisan, the family of seven reportedly fled the area.

Neighbours were said to have vandalised their property.

A neighbour, who declined to be identified, told PUNCH Metro on Thursday that the family ensured that the victim died before they left him.

He said, “The incident happened on Wednesday. Udochukwu had told Paul Nwachukwu, who is a security guard at a branch of Guaranty Trust Bank, to stop rearing chickens behind his apartment.

“He told him that the smell and noises of the chickens were affecting his health; but the family took his observation as an insult.

“They beat him up before stabbing him. A neighbour, Godspower, who came to rescue Udochukwu (Iwuoha), was stabbed in one of his hands.

“The man, Paul Oparaugo and five of his six children – Chiemezie, Ndubuisi, Ugochinyere, Chidera and Deborah – committed the dastardly act. It was the last born, Michael, who is in primary school, that didn’t take part in the murder.”

An unidentified friend of the slain man said, “He had complained that his landlord was always on his case.”

Another neighbour, who identified himself simply as John, said all the hospitals that the victim was taken to on Wednesday rejected him.

John said, “The hospitals demanded a police report because the injuries were too much. Before we could get the report, he died.

“We have reported the matter at the Owerri Urban Police Station. Policemen came here, and his corpse was deposited at a morgue.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Chris Ezike, who confirmed the development to our correspondent, said he had ordered that the case be transferred to the homicide section of the Criminal and Investigation and Intelligence Department of the state police command.

Ezike said, “It is a case of a family feud. Some youths in the area wanted to take the law into their own hands, but we were able to calm the situation.

“The suspects are known; they are on the run, but they can’t run for too long.”

Sports / Football Coach Deila, Goes Naked On Duty by johneewalker: Last week on Fri at 08:38pm

A Norwegian football coach Ronny Deila took to desperate measures to inspire his Valerenga side in the battle against relegation, giving a crucial team talk while naked.

“A lot of people have probably seen me nude already,” Deila told the Norwegian paper VG on Friday.

“We have to have fun in all the seriousness.”

Valerenga won the match against Brann 2-1 two weeks and a subsequent home victory, delivered by a fully clothed Deila, has lifted the capital club five points above the top-flight drop-zone with six games remaining.

Deila has said he will not regularly appear naked as not to reduce the “surprise effect” of the motivational manoeuvrer.

That is a decision likely welcomed by his players.

“No one was really disappointed that he has not done it again since,” captain Christian Grindheim said.

Events / Facebook Launches Food Delivery App by johneewalker: Last week on Fri at 08:30pm
Facebook Inc on Friday launched a service through which its U.S. users can order food for take-away or delivery directly through its app or website.

Facebook said it partnered with restaurants including Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, Jack in the Box Inc, Five Guys and Papa John’s International Inc.

The company said in a blog post that it signed on food ordering services such as EatStreet, Delivery.com, DoorDash and Olo. (bit.ly/2ygvF6Z).

Users will have to go to the “order food” section on Facebook’s “explore” menu, which will show them a list of participating restaurants in the vicinity through which they can place their order.

A year back, the company said its U.S. users would be able to order food through restaurants’ Facebook page.

Facebook’s shares were up nearly one per cent in early trading on Friday after shares of food order and delivery service GrubHub Inc dropped nearly three per cent.

GrubHub’s shares had also dropped last month after Amazon Restaurants teamed up with Olo, whose network of restaurants include Applebee’s and Chipotle.

Foreign Affairs / Lightning Strikes 72 Cambodians To Death by johneewalker: Last week on Fri at 08:20pm

Lightning killed 72 people in Cambodia in the first nine months of 2017, A senior disaster control official said on Friday.

Nhim Vanda, first Vice President of the country’s National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), however, said the rate of lightning in 2017 was 28 per cent less compared to 2016 in the same period.

The official said during the celebration of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Day for Disaster Management in Phnom Penh that beside lightning fatalities, flash floods and storms also killed 33 others between January and September this year.

He added that “although the fatal numbers from lightning has reduced, lightning remains the leading cause of death among deaths from natural disasters.”

Lightning happens often during rainy season from May to October, he said, adding that to avoid the dangers of lightning, people should stay indoors whenever it was raining.

Jokes Etc / Laugh Out Loud by bison(m): Last week on Fri at 09:04am
3 drunk guys entered a taxi.
The taxi driver knew that they
were drunk so he started the
engine & turned it off again.
Then said, "We have reached
your destination". The 1st guy gave him money & the 2nd guy
said "Thank you". The 3rd guy
slapped the driver. The driver
was shocked thinking the 3rd
drunk knew what he did. But
then he asked "What was that for?". The 3rd guy replied,
"Control your speed next time,
you nearly killed us!"

Investment / Re: Start Earning Without Paying A Dime by dahnee: Last week on Thu at 08:44pm
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Investment / Start Earning Without Paying A Dime by dahnee: Last week on Thu at 08:33pm
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Health / How Oil Spills Increase Infant Deaths In Niger Delta by johneewalker: Last week on Thu at 10:34am

Experts blame oil firms, govt for 11,000 infants’ death in one year
New research from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, has demonstrated for the first time how oil spills are increasing mortality rates among newborns in the Niger Delta of the country.

The new study by Prof. Roland Hodler and Research Assistant, Anna Breuderle, from the School of Economics and Political Science at the University of St. Gallen, found that of the 16,000 infants killed within the first month of their life in 2012, 70 per cent – that is around 11,000 infants – would have survived their first year in the absence of oil spills.

The study titled “The Effect of Oil Spills on Infant Mortality: Evidence from Nigeria” was published September 14, 2017, in Center for Economic Studies and Ifo Institute (CESifo) Working Paper Series No. 6653 and available at SSRN: ssrn.com.

According to the study, the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency recorded more than 6,600 oil spills from 2005 to 2015. Nearby oil spills increase neonatal mortality rate by 38 per cent per 1,000 live births.

Neonatal relates to the newborn and especially the human infant during the first month after birth. The researchers said shockingly, this corresponds to an increase by 100 per cent on the sample mean and these oil spills are the cause of an alarming human tragedy and the research calls for more attention to the issue from both the research community and the international public.

Earlier studies have associated oil spills in Nigeria to rise in cancer cases and low sperm count especially among local communities in the oil-rich Niger Delta region.

The researchers noted: “In a recent study, we provide first-time evidence on the effects of onshore oil spills on neonatal and infant mortality as well as child health. The study combines two geo-coded data sets: First, the Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor provides information on date and location of oil spills registered by the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency. Second, the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) 2013 provides the complete birth histories and information on the survival of children for 23,364 Nigerian mothers, along with geo-codes of their place of residence. It also provides height and weight measurements for children under five years of age.

“Our study analyses mortality within different phases over the first year of life. We thereby focus on children born to mothers whose reported place of residence is within 10 km from an oil spill, which has occurred between 2005 and 2014. For identification of causal effects, the study compares siblings conceived before and after nearby oil spills.”

The study found that oil spills, which occurred within 10 km prior to a child’s conception, strongly increase the risk of mortality during the first month of life. “Specifically, nearby oil spills increase the neonatal mortality rate by 38 deaths per 1,000 live births, which corresponds to an increase by 100 per cent on the sample mean. The effect of oil spills on infant mortality is also relatively large, but not statistically significant. The effect on neonatal mortality is higher for oil spills that occurred in closer proximity, and it is highly persistent over time: nearby oil spills which occurred up to five years in the past still affect the survival chances of children born today,” the researchers noted.

Also, they said that the effect of oil spills on neonatal mortality is independent of the family’s socio-economic status or the location.

The study also found some evidence that oil spills impair the health of surviving children. “In particular, oil spills prior to conception increase the incidence of low weight-for-height, notably in the first year of life.”

The researchers concluded: “A calculation based on these findings suggests that oil spills, prior to conception, killed around 16,000 infants within the first month of their life in 2012. Of these, 70 per cent (around 11,000 infants) would have survived their first year in the absence of oil spills. While there are good reasons to believe that the exact figure may be different from this estimate (example, the true effect may have been underestimated due to the incomplete oil spill records), the findings point out that onshore oil spills in Nigeria are the cause of an alarming ongoing human tragedy. More attention to the problem by both the research community and the international public is warranted.”

Roland Hodler is a professor of economics at the School of Economics and Political Science, University of St. Gallen. Holder said: “The oil companies are one culprit. They are directly responsible for oil spills that result from the lack of maintenance of pipelines and other oil infrastructure. In addition, their indifference towards the local population is one reason for some acts of sabotage. The Nigerian government is another culprit. It fails to properly regulate and control the oil companies as well as to prevent oil theft and sabotage. The only way to stop this ongoing human tragedy is that both the oil companies and the Nigerian government start caring about the environment and the local population particular rather than just about profits and personal enrichment.”

Epidemiological and clinical studies suggest that exposure to hydrocarbons in the environment and to particulate matter in the air can have severe adverse effects on human health, whereby unborn and newborn children are particularly vulnerable. So far, no causal evidence exists on the effects of onshore oil spills on human health.

Jokes Etc / I Am So Lucky by bison(m): Last week on Thu at 10:03am
I remember once when my dad
gave me money to pay the
electricity bill but instead i
bought a lottery ticket for a
brand new car. When i backed
home i explained to my dad what i did and he beat the crap
out of me. But the next
day,when my dad woke up and
opened the door,outside my
house was a brand new car.

all cried especially me because the car was from the electricity
company, they were there to
cut off the electricity, my dad
beat the crap out of me again!

Business / Dpr Marks Over 2 Years Of Steady Fuel Supply by johneewalker: Last week on Thu at 08:33am

The Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR) has celebrated not just Nigeria’s 57th Independence anniversary, but also almost three years of steady fuel supply.

The Head Public Affairs Unit, Mr Saidu Bulama, said in spite of challenges plaguing the nation, the celebration was worthwhile.

Bulama said: “For God keeping us as a team till today after 57 years, I think it’s worth celebrating.

“There’s no country that doesn’t have challenges and if we say because of challenges, we won’t celebrate then we are not grateful.

“God has kept us up till now in unity. DPR has a lot to be thankful for.

“We spent three successive years without fuel scarcity so for the oil and gas industry particularly the DPR we think this reason and more are worth celebrating.

He said Nigerians should expect more of the “peaceful, product-scarce-free moments as DPR will see to that’’.

Bulama said the DPR owed its success, at ensuring steady supply of fuel, to government policies that sanitised the industry.

“Government’s enabling environment, ensuring that activities of individuals who carry out sharp practices are curtailed, so many other policies have really helped to sanitise the oil and gas industry.

“People no longer look at the oil and gas industry as a destination for corruption, they have turned elsewhere.

“That is why everything we are doing now is electronic: to register your filling station, to collect your permit, and so on. We have reduced person-to-person contact and that has really helped,” he said.

“We have eliminated to a large extent corruption and other illegal activities in the sector and this is a major success for the industry,’’ he said.

Also speaking to NAN, the Zonal Operation Controller, Mr Abdu Abba, said prayers that were offered at the event was necessary to ensure the nation’s leaders paddle the affairs of Nigeria well.

“We are celebrating the independence of Nigeria at 57. We were not able to do it on Oct. 1 and we feel that God has blessed us with abundant resources.

“We are alive and you know where we are coming from, how we prayed for our President to be well and be back. We thank God and we pray for all our leaders so that they can paddle the affairs of the country.

“We pray for prosperity, we thank God for good health and we pray for the best,’’ Abba said.

Other organisations at the event were the in-house unions: NUPENG and PENGASSAN and the Petroleum Training Institute.


Politics / Kidnapping: Judge Hands-off Evans Case by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 11:39pm

Justice Abdulazeez Anka of the Federal High Court, Lagos on Wednesday declined to hear a fundamental rights suit filed by suspected kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans.

Evans is seeking N300 million damages for his illegal detention.

Anka said that the case file would be returned to the Administrative Judge for further directive.

The judge had earlier heard the case during the court’s long vacation and had adjourned until Aug. 29 for judgment after parties argued it and adopted their addresses on Aug.16.

But the police through its counsel Mr David Igbodo said another lawyer, Mr Henry Obiazi, who represented the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and the Nigeria Police when the case was heard did so without authorisation.

The police prayed the court to set aside all the purported arguments made by Obiazi and to set aside the ruling it delivered on Aug. 16 in which he adjourned for judgment.

When the case came up before another judge, Justice Chuka Obiozor during the long vacation, he held that the case was no longer urgent.

Obizor, then returned the file to the Chief Judge, Justice Adamu Kafarati for re-assignment to another judge.

The case was subsequently re-assigned to Justice Babs Kuewemi.

However, Evans’ lawyer, Olukoya Ogungbeje wrote the chief judge informing him that Anka had already adjourned the case for judgment.

Based on the letter, the case was again returned to Anka.

When the case came up before Anka on Wednesday, he expressed displeasure that the case was returned to him when the issue of judgment had been overtaken by events.

The judge said that since the police had filed other applications, the earlier adjournment for judgment had become void.

Anka added that even if he had written the judgment earlier, it meant that a new one would be written.

Police Counsel Chukwu Agwu accused Ogungbeje of “smuggling” the case file back to Anka’s court.

“The case was re-assigned to Justice Kuewumi. How my learned colleague smuggled this case to this court is baffling.

“He did not avail us with a copy of his letter to the chief judge, otherwise we would have reacted,” he said.

But Ogungbeje said his letter was on the premise that since a judgment had already been fixed, it could be delivered by Anka after entertaining the late applications filed by the police.

Meanwhile, Anka held that it was not factual to say that judgment had been reserved “when it’s not’’.

He said that the court was obliged to hear the fresh applications by the police.

The judge said the case was not adjourned for judgment but for hearing, adding that Ogungbeje’s claim that the case was for judgment was not the true position.

Ruling, he said: “the case was made for hearing of the motion of first and second respondents.

“The court shall therefore cause a letter to be written to the Administrative Judge to explain the true position of the case, which is for further hearing and not judgment.

“Parties shall therefore await the decision of the Admin Judge, either to re-assign the case or for this court to maintain the case in its cause list.”

Evans has since been arraigned before Justice Hakeem Oshodi of the Lagos State High Court.

While Evans and two others pleaded guilty to the charges, the remaining defendants pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution said that the defendants between Feb. 14 and April 12, on Obokun Street, Ilupeju, Lagos, armed with guns and other dangerous weapons captured and detained Duru Donatus.

It said that the defendants allegedly collected a ransom of 223,000 Euros to release Donatus.

In his fundamental rights suit, Evans is claiming N300 million against the police as damages for alleged illegal detention and rights violation.


Health / Every Man Needs To Know About Prostate Cancer by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 01:15pm
Oladapo Ashiru (THE PUNCH)

Did you know that one man dies from prostate cancer every hour? I bet you were not aware of the fact that over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. It means that more than 100 men are diagnosed every day.

It is estimated that by 2030, prostate cancer will be the most common cancer in the world. One in eight men will be afflicted with prostate cancer

In Nigeria, every now and then you hear of someone who just died of prostate cancer. This disease occurs most frequently in elderly men of 72 years and above.

Although we are not keeping statistics for the number of new cases and deaths in Nigeria for this preventable disease, the American example is relevant for us because there are significant racial differences that are negative for the African male.

For example, for the African American male aged between 50 and 54 years, the incidence of prostate cancer is two times as high as the Caucasian American and it is one third higher for the African American of all ages.

For all Asian men, the incidence of this type of cancer is relatively low. It is not known what causes this racial difference, but genetics must surely play a part.

Diet is a major another factor that cannot be ruled out as African American food closely mimics many Nigerian diets of pork, beans and greens cooked with plenty of oil and fat. This is, therefore, a Black man’s disease that Nigerian men should be concerned about.

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized organ located under the bladder, surrounding the urinary tract of men. It secretes a fluid that forms part of the seminal fluid, which is part of the semen produced at ejaculation after intercourse.

Prostate cancer is primarily a disease of the aged. So as men age, they should take note of the following symptoms and if they have them, they should definitely pay a visit to a doctor.

Slow urination: Men should take this symptom seriously, especially when the last few drops do not expel easily. You should also let the doctor check you out if you notice any change in urination as described below:

Frequent urination is another symptom of prostate cancer. Other symptoms include:

Nocturia, which is passing urine in the night.

Difficulty in passing urine, termed Hesitancy.

Reduced force of urination.

Reduced projectile pressure of urine (ejaculatory pressure).

Blood in the urine.

What causes the prostate to enlarge

Aging, stress, chemical toxins that may be from the use of chemical products like dye, polluted water, and contaminated food, especially with heavy metals; genetics and infection have been identified as some of the factors that can lead to the enlargement of the prostate gland. With aging, there are hormonal changes associated with getting older, such as decreased production of the male testosterone, prolactin ad stress- related hormone will increase with age.

High prolactin level in the blood will lead to an increase in the uptake of testosterone in the prostate gland, which will result in the production of another male hormone called Di-Hydro-testoterone.

High levels of DHT in the prostate gland will enlarge the prostate. A stressful lifestyle also does not help the prostate. This will usually cause an increase in the level of circulating prolactin hormone.

The net result is elevated DHT and subsequent prostate enlargement. Prostate cancer is highly related to genetic factors, if one of the families has had prostate cancer, it is highly likely that other male members of the family will get it.

Frequent exposure to pesticides used on food crops and those used in our homes can expose men to cancer.

We also eat crops which contain pesticide that contain the chemical polychlorinated hydrocarbon, which accumulates in organs like the adrenals, the liver and the prostate and then, become diseased.

Cancerous toxins also exist in some food products, such as fruits and vegetables, large fish and stock fish from polluted fish farms.

Apart from narrowing the urethral passage and reducing sperm count, frequent sexually transmitted diseases from sexually active men may lead to prostate enlargement or cancer.

Eating a diet full of saturated fats and red meat is said to be bad for the prostate as is smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Tobacco contains cadmium, which is a heavy metal that increases the activities of 5-alpha reductase enzyme. The enzyme converts testosterone to the active form called DHT, which is responsible for the abnormal enlargement of the prostate gland.

Alcohol increases the level of the prolactin hormone. This will increase the level of testosterone intake by the prostate gland, which eventually leads to its enlargement.

How to prevent prostate problems

Early diagnosis by rectal examination at the doctor’s clinic can be very helpful in detecting prostate enlargement. More recently, a very sensitive test has been put in place for early detection of prostate enlargement by checking the level of a substance called Prostate Specific Antigen, which can give an indication of an overactive prostate.

High PSA levels might give a clue to likely prostate problems. It is recommended that one should have a medical examination annually to rule out prostate enlargement.

Men are advised to take multivitamins that contain extra zinc along with Vitamins C, D and E, which are rich in antioxidants. Zinc is good for the prostrate because it is required in the normal functioning of the gland. Prostate secretion contains a high quantity of zinc.

Zinc removes the toxin cadmium and also inhibits the secretion of 5-alpha reductase, which is a toxin. A clinical trial dose of 150mg of zinc daily for two months and subsequent 50-150mg per day has recorded a 74 per cent success in treating abnormal enlargement of the prostate.

Prostate cancer patients have low levels of Lycopene. Lycopene is one of the major carotenoids present in light yellow or deep red fruits and aid the absorption of Vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene is found in fresh tomatoes, tomato sauces and pastes as well as in watermelon.

There is a growing amount of data supporting the claim that a diet rich in lycopene may help to prevent various chronic diseases, including cancers of the lungs and prostrate. Other non-prescription alternatives for benign prostrate enlargements are the mineral saw palmetto, a handful of pumpkin seeds chewed once a week, drinking plenty of water and eating a diet high in fibre.

As men grow older, they can actively take care of their health and safeguard against prostate cancer by eating a diet high in fibre. Fibre binds to testosterone and eliminates it from the system.

They can also reduce the cholesterol in their diets by reducing saturated fatty acid found in palm oil and groundnut. Instead, men should increase their consumption of Omega 3 essential fatty acids from such sources as cod liver oil, geisha, mackerel and when available, salmon.

Sports / Safe Football Predictions For 11th October - Sure Games For Wednesday by Kingvictor(m): Last week on Wed at 11:08am
1. Spain
Segunda Division
20:00 Real Oviedo – Tenerife CD | Bet on Real Oviedo draw no bet 1.45.
2. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League Women
17:00 Brondby – Lillestrom SK Kvinner | Bet on Brondby draw no bet @ 1.90.
3. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League Women
17:00 Linkopings FC – Apollon Limassol Lfc | Bet on Linkopings FC to win @ 1.40.
4. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League Women
17:30 FC Barcelona – Avaldsnes IL | Bet on FC Barcelona to win and over 2.5 goals @ 1.35.
5. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League Women
17:30 Olympique Lyon – Kkpk Medyk Konin | Bet on Olympique Lyon to win
6. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League Women
17:00 AC Sparta Prague – FC PAOK Thessaloniki | Half time / Full time = 1/1 @ 1.45.

Family / 7 Ways To Short-circuit Kids’ Mobile Addiction by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 09:23am

Limit alone time

With desktop computers, one of the best ways to stop compulsive gamers from overdoing it is to keep the family computer in a public place, said Ofir Turel, a researcher at the California State University, Fullerton.

“If the parents know how much time the kids play and they see what they’re doing on the computer, the kids are reluctant to behave freely on the Internet,” Turel said.

Unfortunately, portable devices such as smartphones or tablets are trickier to control. But if kids are playing on a parents’ device, preventing kids from taking devices back to their own room can be a good way to limit game play. And consider whether the child actually needs his or her own device, most younger children don’t.

Passwords protection

Kids can unwittingly rack up huge bills for hay, jewels or doughnuts in “freemium” games if they’re allowed to, and though many app makers will work with parents to refund that money, companies usually make those calls on a case-by-case basis, Markey said.

“This is why passwords are wonderful,” Markey said. Passwords should be in place whenever a credit card purchase is a possibility, Markey said. It’s also important not to share passwords with kids, and not to pick ones they can easily guess, Markey added. Ensuring they can only play on your device with your permission and cutting off access to those in-game extra goodies may also help limit their game play.

Use transitions

When children are playing a game, it’s best to warn them in advance when it’s time to put the game away. So, to avoid the teary meltdown, 10 minutes before dinnertime, let kids know their time is running short, said Catherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical psychologist at the author of “ The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age,” (Harper, 2013).

You’re the boss

If the early warning doesn’t work, there’s always the nuclear option. Parents are still the ones in charge, and if gaming becomes a problem, the obvious course is to restrict access to the iPad or other mobile device, Steiner-Adair said. “You’re the boss, you just take it away,” Steiner-Adair said.

Fill their time

For some kids, games are more than just diversion; they offer a way to deal with stress, fill a hole in their social lives, or simply relieve hours of boredom. Taking away game-playing devices without providing any alternatives is unlikely to work in the long run.

So after restricting game play, make sure to fill that time with another activity. If the child is cut off from their phone, then sign them up for soccer practice three times a week or take them on a bike ride, Turel said.

Set a good example

This next tip should go without saying: Children learn from their parents. If parents have their eyes on a screen at all times, kids will learn that non-stop viewing of devices is acceptable behavior. So parents should put their phone or tablet down during meals or when spending time playing with children.

Kick your addiction

Parents should also take a hard look at their dependence on mobile devices. Many parents slip a mobile device into their children’s hands to get some downtime without a child tugging their leg, or to get through a meal in a restaurant without flying food. That’s okay in moderation, but kids eventually need to learn how to behave without these crutches, Markey said.

Letting go of the reliance on the iPad babysitter will pay dividends down the line, even if it leads to a few temper tantrums along the way, Markey said.

“It’s easier in the short run to give in rather than facing the wrath of a 5-year-old,” Markey said. “But at the end of the day you’re the parent.”

Sports / Usa Knocked Out Of Fifa World Cup by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 09:18am

The United States will be missing in Russia next year as they failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

They crashed out on Tuesday after a shock 2-1 defeat against already-eliminated Trinidad and Tobago.

In a result that will be viewed as a catastrophe for soccer in the United States, Trinidad took all three points via an Omar Gonzalez own goal and a superb strike from Alvin Jones.

US star Christian Pulisic pulled a goal back in the second half, but the increasingly desperate Americans were unable to find another to rescue their hopes.

Their exit was confirmed by results in Tuesday’s other CONCACAF qualifiers, where Panama booked their place at the World Cup for the first time with a 2-1 win over Costa Rica in Panama City.

Honduras then snatched fourth place in the table with a 3-2 win over Mexico, who had already qualified.

The Hondurans will now face Australia in a two-legged playoff next month for a place in the finals.

But the shock of the night was without a doubt the US failure at the final hurdle.

Bruce Arena’s side had needed only a draw at the Ato Boldon Stadium to be virtually certain of securing at least a playoff spot.

After thrashing Panama 4-0 last Friday, the Americans had arrived in the Caribbean confident of securing the result needed to extend a proud record of qualifying for every World Cup since 1990.

Yet it started to go wrong for Arena’s men after 17 minutes when Gonzalez’s sliced clearance looped high and over the stranded Tim Howard to put Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 up.

It got worse just after the half-hour mark when Alvin Jones produced a goal out of nothing to double the home side’s lead.

Gathering the ball on the right flank, roughly 35 yards from goal, Jones let fly with a ferocious shot which flew past Howard to make it 2-0.

Pulisic then gave the US hope with a deflected shot soon after half-time to make it 2-1.

As the changing scores in the other games began to filter through to the American ranks, the US became increasingly desperate.

Despite the desperation, Trinidad and Tobago held firm for a famous win that is likely to trigger a prolonged inquest in US soccer.


Crime / 70-year-old Man Stoned To Death In Kano by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 09:10am
By Ramatu Garba

A Senior Magistrates’ Court sitting in Kano on Tuesday remanded five men in prison over alleged kidnap and stoning 70-year-old Usman Danbuba to death.

The accused were Wada Mohammed, 30, Ya’u Muhammad, 22, Musa Inusa, 35, Sale Buba, 27, and Sule Garba, 45.

They are facing a five-count charge of criminal conspiracy, hostage taking, armed robbery, culpable homicide and being in possession of firearms

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Danbuba was kidnapped on May 18 in Doguwa Local Government Area of Kano.

The Senior Magistrate, Aminu Fagge, ordered that the accused be remanded in prison and adjourned the case until Oct. 23 for mention.

Earlier, the Prosecutor, Insp. Yusuf Sale, had told the court that the accused, including one Iliyasu Moshede, now at large, attacked the victim with an AK 47 rifle, cutlasses and knives at home on May 18.

According to the prosecutor, the accused kidnapped and robbed the victim of N85, 000 and a motorcycle.

“After kidnapping the victim, the accused took him to their hideout at Shetu Hills in Falgore Forest in Kano and demanded N5 million ransom from his family,” the prosecutor said.

He added that when the family could not provide the money, the defendants stoned Danbuba to death on May 22.

The defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The prosecutor said the offences contravened Sections 97, 17, 15 of Terrorism Prevention Act 2013 and the Robbery and Firearms Special Provisions Act Cap 221 of the Penal Code.

Sports / Messi Wins For Argentina, Brazil Knocks Out Chile by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 09:07am

Argentina have won their place in the Russia FIFA World Cup, but Chile, the South American champions are out.

Brazil, first to qualify in the CONMOBEL group, handed out a humiliating 3-0 defeat to Chile, with second half goals by Paulinho and a brace by Gabriel Jesus, ending their hope of qualifying for Russia. They ended up sixth on the table, out of the play-off zone, which was snatched by Peru who played 1-1 against Colombia, another qualifier.

For Argentina, Lionel Messi was the decisive factor in Quito, Ecuador.

He singlehandedly trashed all the dire permutations and predictions about the Quito jinx for Argentina as he rescued their World Cup hopes, coming from behind to hand over a memorable victory .

Romario Ibarra had given Ecuador a shock lead after only 38 seconds but Messi struck twice inside the opening 20 minutes to give Argentina the lead before adding a third in the second half.

It was a vintage display from Messi, delivering for Argentina when it mattered most to erase fears that the two-time champions might not qualify for next year’s finals in Russia.

Argentina had got off to a disastrous start, conceding a goal in the opening minute as Ecuador took full advantage of hesitancy in the visiting side’s defensive ranks.

Argentina stalwart Javier Mascherano failed to deal with a speculative long ball forward from Dario Aimar, directing a headed clearance into the path of Romario Ibarra.

Ibarra calmly headed to team-mate Roberto Ordones who then steered a header back to Ibarra for the Universidad Catolica midfielder.

It was the worst possible start for a shell-shocked Argentina, who had kicked off chasing their first victory in the Ecuadoran capital since 2001.

For a while Argentina struggled to get to grips with a vibrant Ecuador, who looked to push forward at every opportunity.

But it was not long before Messi stamped his authority on proceedings, hauling his team back into the contest with a composed opening goal.

The equaliser came in the 12th minute when Messi darted forward and quickly released Angel Di Maria down the left.

The Paris Saint-Germain attacker duly returned the favour as Messi raced into the penalty area to poke home a low finish past Maximo Banguera.

Eight minutes later, Messi fired Argentina into the lead with another virtuoso strike.

When a loose ball fell kindly to the 30-year-old’s feet just outside the area, Messi accelerated past a clutch of yellow shirts and uncorked a thunderous left-foot shot which flew into the top corner.

Messi’s double-blast galvanised Argentina, who gradually grew in confidence through the remainder of the half, carefully maintaining possession to frustrate Ecuador’s hopes of regaining the initiative.

Messi then completed his hat-trick with the best goal of the night in the 62nd minute.

Once again finding himself in space outside the Ecuador penalty area, the diminutive maestro burst clear and lofted an exquisite chip over Banguera from just inside the box to make it 3-1.

The victory also saw Argentina soaring to the third place on the table, behind Brazil and Uruguay and winning their place in Russia next year. Colombia also qualified and Peru will go for the play-off.

Events / Da Vinci Painting Of Jesus To Be Sold For $100m by johneewalker: Last week on Wed at 09:05am

The last Leonardo Da Vinci painting dating from around 1500, “Salvator Mundi” — which depicts Jesus Christ as the world’s saviour, will go under the hammer next month in New York.

The Christie’s auction house on Tuesday, estimated its worth at $100 million, the AFP reported.

The painting which was long believed to be a copy of an original by the Italian master, was eventually certified as authentic.

Fewer than 20 works by Da Vinci, whose art was already highly sought after during his lifetime, have survived to this day — all of them held in museum or institutional collections, with the exception of “Salvator Mundi.”

As a general rule, very few pre-19th-century artworks remain in private ownership, and it is extremely rare for one of them to be offered at auction.

“For auction specialists, this is pretty much the Holy Grail, no pun intended, but it doesn’t really get better than that,” said Loic Gouzer, co-chairman of Christie’s Americas post-war and contemporary art department.

A third party guarantee has been arranged for the painting, which ensures it will sell for around the estimate of $100 million on November 15, said Francois de Poortere, head of the Christie’s old masters department in New York.

The work will travel to Hong Kong, San Francisco and London, before spending three days on display in New York leading up to the sale.

According to Poortere, “Salvator Mundi” — which measures 45×65 cm (26×18 inches) — was last sold to an unnamed European collector following a historic Da Vinci exhibition at London’s National Gallery in 2011-12.

Mining a common theme, next month’s auction will begin with the sale of the massive “Sixty Last Suppers” by pop artist Andy Warhol — which depicts Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” 60 times over, and is offered with a $50 million estimate.

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