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Date: Sunday 25th March 2018 at 04:25 AM
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Adverts Market / Nigerian Portacabin Fabrication Company by chikito: Last month on Mon 05 at 12:34am
Nigerian Portacabin Fabrication company Atlasitalianigeria LTD is established in Nigeria over 20 years is one of the well-known names in the Nigerian portacabin fabrication & construction industry today for elegant range of porta cabins that depict quality, style, reliability and versatility. With over two decade of experience in the Nigerian domain, Atlasitalianigeria LTD specializes in Nigerian portacabin fabrication and understands the intricacies involved in the process. Nigerian portacabins are designed to meet the variegated requirements of diverse Nigerian industry segments like mining, telecommunication, oil exploration, among others.

Nigerian portacabin fabrication by Atlasitalianigeria LTD is termite free and comes with a three coat painting with anti-corrosive chemicals. Hence these houses are ideal options for varying weather conditions in Nigeria. Further, Atlasitalianigeria LTD is well known among the clients in Nigeria for its timely execution of the projects, business transparency and quality consciousness. These factors have helped Atlasitalianigeria LTD to garner a wide client base spread across Nigeria and Italy.

Atlasitalianigeria LTD for many years has been the leader in designing, engineering and installing portable structures for virtually every purpose across states in Nigeria - Lagos, Abuja, etc. Nigerian portacabin buildings by the company can be temporary or permanent, portable or modular and range in size from a small kiosk to a large office complex in any location of choice in Nigeria. Atlasitalianigeria LTD is to help you protect your employees’ positive attitudes by creating cabins with ideal working environments that will improve morale and communication and good business activities in Nigeria.

Atlasitalianigeria LTD understands in today’s corporate climate in Nigeria there are changing times and demands. As a leader in Nigerian portacabins fabrication and construction Atlasitalianigeria LTD welcomes these changes, working in harmony, both with staff and its clients. Nigerian portacabin Fabrication Company Atlasitalianigeria LTD is 100% committed to both service and unsurpassed product excellence in any state in Nigeria faster and easier. Atlasitalianigeria LTD porta cabin services processes have been developed with your needs in mind - Atlasitalianigeria LTD can guarantee a first class portacabins fabrication and construction delivered on-time and on budget.

Also, Nigerian portacabin fabrication company Atlasitalianigeria LTD keeping in mind the diverse requirements of Nigerian clients, is involved in offering a wide range of Prefabricated Site Offices in Nigeria. Prefabricated Site Offices offered can be made available by the company in different size, as well as color options to perfectly match up with the specific demands of customers in any part of Nigeria. In addition, available in choice of desired portacabin designs and logo support, these qualities steel structures also provide for lasting service life no matter any weather condition in Nigeria.
For further details and samples visit www.atlasitalianigeria.com/porta-carbins.html

Celebrities / Maheeda Shares Toilet Selfie (photo) by Jean(m): Last month on Sun 04 at 10:51pm
Controversial nudist and singer, Maheeda is no stranger to sharing racy photos on social media.

She took to her Instagram to share this photo of her taking a selfie in the toilet.

General / Save Us From Persecution- Ipob Urges Trump by Jean(m): Last month on Sun 04 at 01:07pm
Save Us From Persecution, IPOB Urges Trump

The Indigenous People of Biafra has alleged that its members in Aba and Port Harcourt are being persecuted and arrested by security agencies since President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel .

In a statement by IPOB ’ s Media and Publicity Secretary , Emma Powerful , the group complained about the open persecution of its religious group, Shalon Synagogue Church of Israel .

The group said its ordeal began shortly after Trump pronounced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel .

It enjoined Trump and Israel to intervene in the ordeal to save its members from annihilation by the President Muhammadu Buhari - led government.

The statement read , “We, the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, worldwide , condemn the ongoing religious persecution , harassment and arrest of IPOB members , especially those of the Shalom Synagogue Church of Israel in Aba, Abia State , last week .

“Since President Trump announced US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel , the wave of arbitrary arrests and persecution of Biafrans that practise Judaism in Aba and Port Harcourt have dramatically increased.

“Nigerian government is setting a very ugly and dangerous precedent. Those arrested for their faith must be released immediately, including all those illegally detained for expressing their legitimately held views that they are better off in Biafra than Nigeria .

Powerful added , “Arresting members of Shalom Christian Church because they are connected to the Jews in Israel is religious discrimination of the worst kind . Every religion has a root and in as much as nobody can deny that Saudi Arabia is the root of Islam , nobody can deny that Israel is the foundation of both Judaism and later Christianity . ”


Science/Technology / Glo Reduces Their Data Volume And Increased Plan Prices by Jean(m): Last month on Sun 04 at 12:51pm
Glo being the grand master of data recently decided to review their data services and finally, they have slashed down their data volume and increased the price of their data plans.

For the past years, GLO has been the king when it comes to affordable internet data plans and they contributed 80% in reducing the price of data in Nigeria as a whole by raising a competition among other competitors such as MTN, AIRTEL & 9MOBILE formally known as ETISALAT and if not for that positive move made by Glo Nigerians would have been paying more for data.

Despite all the great work done by Globacom they decided to slow down a bit by reducing their data volume up to 40% down from what it used to be for a reason best known by them.

Yes, Glo has all the right to review their data plans and other services at any time but the most annoying thing is that this update was not made known to their subscribers or to the general public which is unfair.

I use Glo as my main data network but I was not aware of the new change until my current subscription expired and when I renewed it I saw something different and I thought it was a joke until I contacted Glo Customer care and they confirmed the new changes to me.

Let not forget that many Nigerian choose to use Glo data service not because they are the fastest and reliable but because they are the most affordable data provider because they offer more for less but reducing their data volume will surely reduce the interest of many Nigerian's using their data plans.

What you should know about this changes

Since Glo decided to reduce their data volume it simply means that you will need to pay more to get more unlike when N2500 can give you between 10GB - 12GB but now 7.2GB.

New Glo Data price and allocated data Volumes

To better understand my point below are the new Glo updated data Plan prices and allocated data volume.

New Glo Data Plans

N1000 = 2GB - Used to be 2GB for N500

N2000 = 4.5GB - Used to be 9.5GB for N2000

N2500 = 7.2GB - Used to be 10GB for N2500

N3000 = 8.7GB - Used to be 12GB for N3000

N4000 = 12.5GB -Used to be 18GB for N4000

N5000 = 15.6GB - Used to be 24GB for N5000

N8000 = 25GB - Used to be 48GB for N8000

N18000 = 62.5GB - Used to be 90GB for N18000

If you wish to know more about Glo data plans, dial *777# on your Glo line to find out more about new Glo data services and other packages.

Romance / How To Approach, Seduce And Win A Girl's Heart For The First Time by Jean(m): Last month on Fri 02 at 11:02pm
There's always a meta-physical effect when approaching a girl for the first time even if you are a classical womanizer!

There is that effect that you will be shy and that's natural as we all tend to be shy when experiencing something new not to talk about having this experience for the first time. So it's normal after all, so accept it as the first step.

Someone who thinks out of the box may be guessing, Has the writer experienced this? Are these tips credible and good for real-time experimentation? And all other philosophical questions related to that.

First, am Mfonobong(18) and as a normal boy, I certainly had faced with these problems but gradually knew how to deal with it. I even nowadays clear the path for others.

This doesn't mean am not religious. Am a 100% christian and sincerely deal with women(girls) casually. This connotes that all whatever this tutorial instill in you should be utilized religiously casual!

The pre-approach step]

Have a mentality that you will approach right now

This idea will overcome fear.Do not lie to yourself. If you do not approach now, it turns out that you deceived yourself so train this sense of self-responsibility.

One other thing is to remember the rule of three seconds. The idea is that you mentally give a promise to approach a girl, then count "three, two, one - go". After the word "go", don't think, do not do anything else, just reach your goal

Make a promise

Give a promise to your friends that you will get acquainted with the girl right before their eyes. Then, you have to either disgrace yourself before them or go talk to the girl.

It's Natural, accept any experience and make a plan B

We should realize the importance of a negative experience. Any event can become a lesson for harder tasks. It's okay if someone does not like you. There are so many people and views, so everyone has their own taste.

The first approach to a girl

Here, you must first review the girl's mood. Maybe she's in a bad mood and she does not want to get acquainted now. Do not stop the hurrying girl, try to approach a strolling girl.

Talking to a girl for the first time

You should go straight forward and approach the girl and directly inform her about your intentions.

The topics to talk about with a girl

Wrong topics to talk with a girl

About work or study.

Talks on works are usually boring to thirdparties. Communication to the girl you want should cause joy but not boredom.

Talks about masculine themes.
If you like football, then it's better to talk about it with your friends. If a girl tells you about makeup. Will you enjoy this communication?

Successful topics for a conversation with a girl

This will be useful for you to find out her interests.
She will gladly talk about it.
[u]Movies[/u] You can find out what kinds of films she likes to watch.
Ask about her preferences. This topic is very extensive.
Find out what does she do on the weekends. In this way, you will learn more about her.
Take an interest in who are her friends are and how she treat them?

After - Approach Tips

After aproaching a girl, you probably know the mentality of the girl you are going for. You should have secured her contact and social media contacts.

The kind of messages you will be extending to her depends on the type of woman you met. You should probably use a phone call then connect with her on social media later. Check on spellings and be interactive not too egoistic .

Now,the ball is on your court.
What's your experience?

Sports / How To Fund Your Bet9ja Online Account Using Atm Card by Jean(m): Last month on Fri 02 at 10:55pm
Bet9ja Online account funding is much easier than you think but many of us don't really know how to fund their Bet9ja online account that will enable them to play games online instead of moving from on betting shop to the other but I will help you on how to fund your Bet9ja Online account easily using your ATM Visa or MasterCard.

Funding your account is simply no matter the bank you use and I will give you a step by step guide on how to fund your online betting account easily

If you are still struggling to fund your Bet9ja online account then this article is for you because I will show you how to fund your account with screenshots to enable you to understand it better.

Generally, Funding Bet9ja online account is simple irrespective of the bank account you are operating all you need is your Visa or MasterCard.

Funding your bET9JA online account using ATM Card (Step by Step Guide

Visit bet9ja.com and log in with you details signup and login if you are new.
login and click on Deposit at the top right-hand side as you can see below.

After clicking Deposit you will be taken to another page where you will need to select your preferred payment option, though there are many payment options you can choose from but if you are paying with your ATM Card simply select continue "Card Instant Deposit"

You will be taken to another page where you need to add the amount you wish to credit to your Bet9ja online account and after that, you click on the continue option to proceed.

Now click continue and select confirm to proceed to the final stage

You are now heading to webpay where you will complete the transaction using your ATM Debit card and you will see something like this.

Click on select card type and choose your cade type (Naira Master Card or Visa etc)

Finally, Input your 16 digit card number, your card expiration date and year as listed on the card and then your CVC2 which is normally the 3 digit number at the back of your card.

Input your card security PIN and click PAY and you are almost done but for security reasons, you might need to complete one last security check to prove that you are the one authorizing payment.

This last security check might be to input your special generated 4 digit access pin especially when you are using VISA card but if you are using MasterCard you will receive a safe token (Numbers) on your mobile phone that you need to input to finally grant access and complete the payment.

Hope you have learned how you can easily register and fund your Bet9ja online account but if you have any question to ask feel free to ask using the comment reply option below.

Science/Technology / The Mtn Awuf Codes & How To Check It's Balance by Jean(m): Last month on Fri 02 at 10:48pm
MTN Nigeria, the biggest telecommunication network in Nigeria and Africa have many juicy services granted to it's customers by simply dailing some codes.

One of such free-to-use service is the MTN AWUF. It grants customers specific bonuses for their balance recharge above N100 if they use a special recharge MTN AWUF credit code *888*PIN#.

For instance, if you recharge your line with N100, they give you the recharge value plus 300% bonus of the airtime, which is N400 in total.

If you recharge with N400, they give you the recharge value plus 1200% bonus of the airtime, which is N1600 in total.
If you recharge with N750, they give you the recharge value plus 2250% bonus of the airtime, which is N3000 in total.
If you recharge with N1500, they will give you the recharge value plus 4500% bonus of the airtime, which is N6000 in total.

This awuf bonuses can be gotten by dailing the *888*Pin# code but remember that the funds you receive as a credit after such an operation are valid for only a limited period of time.

You are supposed to make use of them within this period; otherwise, they will simply expire from your balance. Dail *141*1# and *559*14# to find more balance and bonus details on your line.

Education / The New Jamb Grading System 2018 by Jean(m): Last month on Fri 02 at 10:30pm
If you want to study in the university of your dream, then it's good you know the JAMB new grading system and how to calculate yours.

Calculating the grades involves two parts:
1. JAMB score
2. O-Level results.

Firstly convert the score you got in JAMB exams into grade points.

This is how it works:
If you score ◆ 180-185, you get 20 points;
◆ 186-190 , you get 21 points;
◆ 191-195, you get 22 points;
◆ 196-200 , you get 23 points;
◆ 201-205 , you get 24 points;
◆ 206-210 , you get 25 points;
◆ 211-215 , you get 26 points;
◆ 216-220 , you get 27 points;
◆ 221-225 , you get 28 points;
◆ 226-230 , you get 29 points;
◆ 231-235 , you get 30 points;
◆ 236-240 , you get 31 points;
◆ 241-245 , you get 32 points;
◆ 246-250 , you get 33 points;
◆ 251-300 , you get 34-43 points;
◆ 301-400 , you get 44-60 points.

The second part involves calculating how many points you get from your NECO/WAEC exams.

If your exam results have all been achieved in a single sitting, then you are awarded 10 points; If your exam results have been achieved in multiple sittings, then you are only awarded 2 points;

◆ If you have scored an A1 (75-100%) in a subject, you get 6 points;
◆ If you have scored a B2 (70-74%) or a B3 (65-60%) in a subject, you get 4 points;
◆ If you have scored a C4 (60-64%), a C5 (55-59%) or a C6 (50-54%) in a subject, you get 3 points.

Example a candidate, Ubong Akpan scored 244 in his JAMB exam. This means that he gets 32 points.

He managed to pass all of his WAEC subjects in one sitting, which means that he can add another 10 points to his score.

For him to be admitted into a university of his choice, he needs to have five O’level subjects. He scored an A1 in one of them (which is worth 6 points), a B2 and a B3 in two others (which are worth 8 points in total) and two C4 (which are worth 6 points in total). This means that he can add another 20 points to his score.

Summing it up, Ubong Akpan gets 32+10+20=62 points. He has to now wait until the university of his choice releases cut off marks, then he can figure out whether he got in or not. That's how the newest JAMB grading system works. You can review it again for proper clarification.

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: Last month on Fri 02 at 10:33am

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: Last month on Fri 02 at 10:32am

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: Last month on Fri 02 at 10:31am

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: Last month on Fri 02 at 10:30am

General / Nigerians Now Have More Websites To Help Them Compare Prices Of Home Appliances by Homesweet: Last month on Thu 01 at 11:24pm
Every Nigerian home with good home appliances knows the joy of having a seamless experience when it comes to running domestic activities or chores. Something as simple as having a pressing Iron with a bad control can cause cloth burns that may bring bad mood upon one for the rest of the day. We don't want what would have otherwise been simple processes to mess up our entire day.
We want a cooker that works effectively so we have our meals at the right time, a fridge or freezer we can always get cold water from after a day's hard work, an oven to easily use to bake cakes for our loved ones and the list goes on an on.
Point is that home appliances are very important to us and that's why it makes sense for us to carefully choose the home appliances we use. Many families are attached to particular brands because appliances by these brands have served them well over the years. Other families want a change because they discovered how much of a mistake it was choosing the home appliances they settled for. Even young adults that want to try out new brands or appliances still need to conduct decent to thorough research to make good choices. Nobody wants to waste money on anything.
Many people usually turn to friends and families for recommendation and others have learned that the internet is also a good place to get a handful of information before making purchasing decisions.
In Nigeria, new websites are beginning to spring up to help Nigerians choose the best home appliances based on their preferences. While some of these sites individually review the gadgets, others focus on the prices alone so as to help you get the best deals. Homesweet.com.ng is one of the price guide websites in Nigeria to help Nigerians make the best buying decisions as it concerns small or large home appliances. From refrigerators to ovens to pressing Irons, all the things you need to know about the prices of home appliances can be found at Homesweet. homesweet.com.ng

Sports / Re: 10 Kinds Of People You Would Meet In Bet9ja Shop by Homesweet: Last month on Thu 01 at 10:54pm

Computers / Re: How To Access Freebasics On Pc. by Homesweet: Last month on Thu 01 at 10:51pm
hmmmn...Will try this out[color=#000099][/color]

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Best Place To Work, Facebook 1st, Apple Drops To 84th Spot by Homesweet: Last month on Thu 01 at 10:49pm
Apple's drop is frightening

Education / Re: 2018 Jamb Cbt Exam Expo / 2018 Jamb Cbt Questions And Answers / Runs by donedo: 11:54pm On 1 Jan

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: 11:44pm On 1 Jan

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: 11:43pm On 1 Jan

Education / Re: 2018 Waec Gce Expo, Free Waec Gce Expo 2018; Waec Runs 2018 by donedo: 11:43pm On 1 Jan

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