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Literature / The Foolish Love Episode One by thankgod(m): 08:46am On 10 Oct 2017
THE FOOLISH LOVE EPISODE ONE Nnamdi was a loyal and humble man,who
everyone around him emulated him. He
was a hardworking man,who was also
born with a silver spoon.
He was born into a family of Four(4),two
(2) boys and two(2) girls.Nnamdi was the second born,his elder sister Blessing was
the first born. He was so loved by his
siblings and parent,he was so
intelligent,quite and smart. He was the
carbon-copy of his grandfather.
Nnamdi was a graduate from Oxfrd University,He studied Petrol Chemical
Engineering.He was loved among his
course mates in his school.He was the
best among his peers.Many years passed
and Nnamdi got a job in a petroleum
company in London.HE worked in the company for 2years and decided to go
back to his country and look for a wife
there.Few months later he returned back
to Nigeria and while he was returning,a
has been sent to him to come and work in Shevron as an assisting Manager. He got
back home successfully and he was so
happy to see his family.
Two weeks later,Nnamdi was ready to go
to work at Shevron, he entered into his
Car and was driving to work.When he finally arrive at work, he was welcomed
unexpectedly by everyone.he was so
happy and pleased to see everyone
smile. Nnamdi was so handsome, slight
talks going on among the females in the
company. he was shown into his office,and was told all that he need to do
what and who to call on.One morning
while Nnamdi
was in the office,he heard a knock on the
door...''The door is open'' Nnamdi said,as
the door was opening,Nnamdi was amazed at what he saw.Guess
what he saw?

Romance / 5 Things To Do When Your Partner Asks For “space” by johneewalker: 08:38am On 10 Oct 2017
At some point in some relationships, your partner may ask for that dreary “space” or a break. Most of the time, this is a red flag signalling the end of the relationship.

So what do you do when your partner asks to take a break from the relationship? We have five suggestions for you:

1. Make the rules for your separation

Yes, your partner asked for space. Quite shocking, isn’t it? But remember it’s the two of you in your relationship and you also have a say in it. Discuss topics like sex, fidelity, the amount of contact allowed between the two of you, financial issues, child care, appropriate and inappropriate relations with others and so on depending on which ones apply to you. Also know the length of time the separation will last, after which you two will discuss the next steps in your relationship. Clearly agree on the rules for separation and if there is room for adjustments.

2. Feel

Allow yourself feel whatever emotions come up. Forcing down, ignoring or surpressing your emotions only makes them build up. when they eventually come out, they will be much more intense. So let the feelings flow freely. Allow yourself cry or get upset when you need to, as long as you don’t hurt yourself or any other person. You’ll feel better in the end. As much as it is advisable to let yoursef feel emotions, try not to stay in them for long.

3. Take care of yourself

As shocking as it is hearing your partner ask for space, you need to consciously try to go through your normal routine. Take proper care of yourself. Eat well, drink a lot of water, exercise, listen to relaxing music, take long showers and do mani-pedis or whatever makes you feel good. If you do think of your relationship, try your best to stay in the present and be true to yourself about what’s happening in your relationship.

4. Have a support system

Friends, family, groups, music, books or other activities that will support and uplift you are very important at this time. Spend more time with these people, doing the things that make you feel good. Let them support you through these times.

5. Work on yourself

Use this separation period as a time to work on yourself and become a better partner. This does not mean that there is something wrong with you or you are to blame for your partner’s desire for space. No. This is just a piece of advice to evaluate, recognise and take responsibility for the role you may have played in some of the challenges in your relationship. How should you act in certain situations? What can you do better? Develop new habits and work on the bad old ones you may have, like jealousy, holding grudges, lacking intimacy after an argument, trust or anger issues.


Regardless of what happens after this separation period, whether you get back together or not, these tips will help you become a better partner and a better person in general. Evaluate your relationship and know what is healthy for your relationship and what isn’t. Feel free also to decide if it is a good idea to stay in the relationship.

This space has given you the freedom to make requests, agreements and decisions that can be better for you. Use it wisely.


Crime / Jihadists Kill 3 American, 5 Nigerien Soldiers Near Mali by johneewalker: 08:22am On 10 Oct 2017

Five Nigerien soldiers and three U.S. Army Special Forces troops were killed and two wounded in an ambush on a joint patrol in southwest Niger, near Mali.

The attack occurred on Wednesday, according to Nigerien and U.S. officials.

The five Green Berets were attacked while on a routine patrol in an area known to have a presence of insurgents, including from al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and Islamic State, a U.S. official told Reuters.

It was unclear who fired on the U.S. and U.S.-backed forces, the official said. Those forces were not patrolling the area with any specific objective, such as a high-value target or rescuing a hostage, the official added.

A spokesman for U.S. Africa Command confirmed the attack after Radio France International (RFI) reported a lethal ambush near the Niger/Mali border.

“We can confirm reports that a joint U.S. and Nigerien patrol came under hostile fire in southwest Niger,” said the spokesman.

Namatta Abubacar, an official for the region of Tillaberi in Niger, said five Nigerien soldiers were among the dead.

A Niger diplomatic source said the attackers had come from Mali and had killed several soldiers, without saying whether any of the U.S. troops stationed in the West African country were among the victims.

U.S. President Donald Trump was briefed by telephone on the attack by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly while Trump flew back on Air Force One from Las Vegas, where he had been visiting victims and first responders affected by Sunday’s mass shooting.

RFI said earlier on Wednesday a counter-attack was underway.

African security forces backed by Western troops are stepping up efforts to counter jihadist groups forming part of a growing regional insurgency in the poor, sparsely populated deserts of the Sahel.

A relatively new militant group called Islamic State in the Greater Sahara has claimed some of the attacks.

Geoff D. Porter, head of North Africa Risk Consulting, said that any confirmation of Islamic State’s role in Wednesday’s strike would lead to a strategic shift from Libya toward the Sahel band, stretching eastwards from Senegal to Chad.

“The emphasis … will now shift south,” he said.

The U.S. Africa Command has hundreds of soldiers deployed across the region, including at an air facility in Agadez, and offers training and support to Niger’s army in aspects such as intelligence gathering and surveillance.


Foreign Affairs / Catalonia Breaks From Spain 9 October by johneewalker: 08:19am On 10 Oct 2017

Catalonia has set Independence day from Spain for next Monday 9 October after holding a referendum, Madrid declared illegal.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said he favored mediation to find a way out of the crisis but that Spain’s central government had rejected this.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government responded by calling on Catalonia to “return to the path of law” first before any negotiations.

Mireia Boya, a Catalan lawmaker from the pro-independence Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) party, said a declaration of independence would follow a parliamentary session on Monday to evaluate the results of the Oct. 1 vote to break away.

“We know that there may be disbarments, arrests … But we are prepared, and in no case will it be stopped,” she said on Twitter.

Puigdemont told the BBC he would ask the region’s parliament to declare independence following the referendum, which Spain’s government and constitutional court say was illegal and in which only a minority of Catalans voted.

In a televised address on Wednesday night, Puigdemont said: “This moment calls for mediation. We have received various offers in the last hours and we will receive more.”

Without specifically mentioning plans for an independence declaration, he added: ”I am sure that in the next few days we will show the best of our country when the institutions of Catalonia will have to apply the results of the referendum.

“Today we are closer than yesterday to our historic wish.”

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government replied that Puigdemont had wasted an opportunity to put Catalonia back on a legal course. “If Mr. Puigdemont wants to talk or negotiate, or wants to send mediators, he knows perfectly well what he must do first: Return to the path of the law,” it said in a statement.

Participants in the referendum opted overwhelmingly for independence, but turnout was only about 43 percent as Catalans who favor remaining part of Spain mainly boycotted the ballot.

Spain was only restored to democracy following the death in 1975 of military dictator Francisco Franco, under whom the Catalan language and traditions were suppressed.


Foreign Affairs / Australia To Jail Nigerian Student Igwebuike 25 October by johneewalker: 08:10am On 10 Oct 2017

An Australian court will sentence a Nigerian post-graduate student, Jackson Igwebuike on 25 October, after he was found guilty of importing methamphetamine worth $10million to Canberra.

The drug, worth N3.6 billion was imported by Igwebuike to Canberra in ornate golden fish statues in October 2015, but alert security men intercepted the drugs and substituted the ice before he collected the parcel.

The drug could have had “calamitous consequences” if sold in the community, federal prosecutors told the court.

Lawyers for the 34 year-old Nigerian, a graduate of University of Benin, agreed he acted as “more than just a mere courier” when he accepted delivery of about 8.47 grams of pure ice before he attempted to board a Murrays bus to Sydney with the drugs in his bag.

An ACT Supreme Court jury found him guilty of importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug in August.

Igwebuike was caught in a police sting after Australian Border Force officers intercepted packages destined for Canberra in October 2015.

His trial heard the drugs were discovered when three 20 kilogram statues that arrived in a shipping crate from China were X-rayed by officers at Port Botany on October 8.

Inside one statue of a fish they found 43 packages that contained a combined total of 10.58 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Federal police had swapped the drugs with an “inert substance” before the fish statue was put back together and repacked.

Taps of Igwebuike’s phones picked up communication between the accused and another man in Igbo and with a freight company based in Sydney.

Prosecutors said Igwebuike used the name “Solomon David” and asked the company for the package to be delivered to an address in Kaleen.

Undercover police later watched as the packages were delivered to the address and collected by Igwebuike, who took them to a second address in the same suburb.

In a phone conversation with another man soon after, Igwebuike discussed transport and meeting places in Sydney.

He was arrested as he stood in a queue at the Jolimont Centre for a Murrays bus to Sydney on October 17.

Police seized a suitcase filled with 43 packages of the drug substitute.

Igwebuike said he hadn’t known the statues had been filled with drugs.

He said he’d been approached by two men in a carpark and asked to pick up some decorative glass items.

Those men later showed up at his house after he had collected the parcels and broke the statues open, before threatening to kill his wife and destroy him if he didn’t take the drugs to Sydney, he said.

Commonwealth prosecutor Edward Chen told a sentence hearing on Tuesday that Igwebuike had maintained he had been doing a favour for a friend and wouldn’t admit he committed the crime for profit.

“The offender does not seem to demonstrate any willingness to accept responsibility for his actions,” he said.

Defence barrister James Sabharwal said Igwebuike had come to Australia to study at the University of Canberra and the fact he would not now be able to complete his postgraduate studies was a form of punishment.

Mr Sabharwal said Igwebuike had worked in the kitchen at the territory’s jail and used his income to make phone calls to his large family, including his wife, in Nigeria.

Igwebuike, who didn’t “quite gel” with other inmates and was often alone, had been in custody since his arrest and could be deported when he was released, the court heard.

Mr Sabharwal said there was no evidence Igwebuike would have benefited from a large amount of money from his involvement.

Acting Chief Justice Hilary Penfold said some comments in a letter Igwebuike had written to the court, which indicated he did accept some responsibility, raised questions as to why he maintained his innocence to a pre-sentence report author.


Literature / Blood And Water (a Short Story) Final by thankgod(m): 11:36pm On 10 Oct 2017
Room number 006 was pasted on the door of the last room on the corner to the right, on the long dormitory corridor. He knocked on the door three times just as the girl had instructed him to do when they spoke on the phone. After a couple of seconds, he heard the door being unlocked from inside, but no one came forward. He looked to his right; there were girls going back and forth and all had strange stares on their faces. He was thinking of turning around and quietly walking away, but his phone really meant a lot to him. The girl was sitting on a neatly made bed, typing on her laptop as he walked into the room. She didn’t look up at him, so he just stood there in the middle of the room, wondering if he had walked into a trap. She finally looked up to him, “relax; take a seat.” she said and patted a portion of the bed. She had an Aiwa sound system opposite the bed, playing jazz music at a low volume. He looked at it as he sat on the bed as it reminded him of the one that had been in his Dad’s room when he was a teenager; it was an exact replica. He remembered always sneaking into his Dad’s room to play his favorite Hip Hop music on the player back in the day.
From the corner of his eyes, he noticed the girl had been staring at him, so he nervously sat upright. The strange thing was that she didn’t avert her eyes when he caught her staring, such that it made Mark uncomfortable.
“Can I just have my phone and be on my way.” Mark said. He had heard crazy stories of horny University girls ganging up to rape boys, and he wondered if this was her plan. ‘She can’t rape me here’, he thought to himself. When looked at her again, he saw something in her eyes he couldn’t describe. It wasn’t desire; it was more like joy, and it left Mark confused. “Angela, I would really appreciate it if you would just hand over my phone, please.”
A frown appeared on the girl’s face, which was quickly replaced by a smile. She reached under her pillow and pulled out Mark’s Xperia X10.
“My name is Helen, not Angela.” She said as she handed Mark his phone.
“So sorry” he said.
“Those guys earlier were going to give you a real beating.” she said. Mark froze, and his attention shifted from the screen of his phone back to her.
“What are you talking about?” He asked looking all puzzled. 
“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dalmatians.”
“Well…I have heard a little about them” he replied.
“Those were their pimps.” she said in a most confident manner. “You must have offended one of the Dalmatians.”
“I don’t understand all you are talking about. I’ll be on my way if you don’t mind.” Mark said and started heading towards the door.
“Mark, wait.” She said in the softest pitch of her husky voice, and rushed to block him from leaving the room. Mark stood there stunned.
“How do you know my name? I don’t remember telling you.” Mark said, looking straight at her for answers.
“Mark; who knew you would be passing through that road path earlier today?” she asked, ignoring his question.
“No one; I was going to meet my girlfriend.”
“Okay then, your girlfriend knew. What’s her name?”
“You are kidding, right?” Mark said with a little laugh. “Are you trying to tell me my girlfriend set me up? That she’s in some sort of cult?” Mark stood there, shaking his head. “Why should I believe any of this bull crap?”
“Because...” she stopped mid sentence and headed over to the Aiwa. She bent down, and turned up the volume a few notches. She removed the scarf on her head as she walked to where he was standing. He stood there, staring at her lovely black hair, which fell down to her waist. “Mark, I’m the head of the Black Amazon cult. I know everything that happens on this campus before it does. Mark got weak in his knees and held on to the door handle for support. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing yet.
“So…what’s your girlfriend’s name?”
“Susan Jones.” Mark said, reluctantly.
Helen smiled before talking. “Mark, your girlfriend is one of the Dalmatians.”
“That’s impossible. Susan?’’ Mark said and laughed. “Your story is ludicrous.”
“Why? Because you think you know her?” Helen said, looking into Mark’s eyes. “Why do you think she wears all those white Polka dot dresses? You think she’s a big Disney fan?”
Mark was confused now. “How did you know that? How do you know…?”
“Don’t be naïve.” She said, cutting him off. “That’s how they identify themselves.”
Mark was lost in thought now. He was thinking of any incidence in the past that would give him a reason to believe that Susan was really a member of that cult, but he couldn’t find any. He looked up at the mystery girl again, and asides from the weird way she always looked at him, there was something else about her he couldn't place. He had a feeling he had met the girl before, or seen her at a party recently. He went back to the thought of Susan being an actual cult member, and he just couldn’t come to terms with it. Even if she was in a cult, he couldn’t think of any reason why Susan would get guys to beat him up.
“They believe in Earthly punishment to ill-treatment of the vulnerable. You must have done something to offend Susan.”
Mark thought about the party he went to last Saturday, and he remembered getting drunk and having sex with Alicia Johnson in his car. But he didn’t think Susan would have found out about that. Besides, everyone lies about having slept with Alicia Johnson, because of how loose she was, so it would be hard for Susan to believe any rumors of him sleeping with her, he thought to himself. “But Susan would never do that to me.” Mark said out loud.
“She would be going against their laws, and there are consequences for that.”
Mark’s face was screwed up as he looked up at her. “Why did you help me?” It got Helen off guard, and she became speechless. After a couple of seconds of silence, Mark walked out of the room.

He saw his dad driving the Jaguar out as he drove into their street. He waved at Mark, and Mark bowed his head in greeting. He had been looking at his Dad differently lately, ever since he caught him at a park close to his school with another woman. He wasn’t mad at the fact that his dad was seeing another woman; he was just double pissed because she was a very much younger woman. He had watched them from afar for about half an hour, and they hadn’t spoken much, but as they held hands, he could see there was a lot of passion in their eyes.
He was parked in the garage now, but was too lazy to come out of his car. He slouched in the car seat, and got lost in thoughts again. Somewhere in his subconscious, a thought popped up, and made its way to his conscious mind. He processed the data, and with every second that passed, he was sure he was right on his conclusion. He had come to the realization that the girl he had seen with his Dad at the park was none other than Helen, the mystery girl. He got out of the car, and as he walked into the house, he wondered how his Dad had ended up dating a cult member. He also wondered why on Earth his Dad’s mistress would be on the lookout for him, and put herself in danger just to protect him.
He exchanged greetings with his Mom as he walked into the living room. She had been using her iPad, and she looked at him funny when he came to sit beside her on the couch. He was shocked when he saw that his Mom was actually going through Helen's pictures on Facebook. He felt bad for how she would be feeling at this very moment. “Umm! Mark, I have to tell you something.” his mom said and tapped his knee. Mark prepared to act as surprised as possible to what his Mom was going to tell him. “Mark, you…” she was saying and paused to hand him the iPad. He squeezed up his face as he collected the device from her. “She actually goes to your school. Mark, that's your half-sister.”

Literature / Blood And Water (a Short Story) Cont... by thankgod(m): 11:35pm On 10 Oct 2017
“I’m fine Abigail, how are you doing?” Abigail had been trying to get Mark to attend her church fellowship for a while now, and she just wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. She went on and on as usual, telling Mark how good things would become once he gave his life to Christ and started attending church regularly. When Mark noticed she wasn’t going to let him go easy this time, he decided to give in, and promised to attend her Church. A big smile appeared on her chubby face. She took down Mark’s phone number, and gave him about half a dozen Christian tracts. He collected them, slipped them in his right pocket.
Susan had just finished answering a call and was putting her phone in her purse as he approached her. She looked at him, hissed, picked up her purse and walked passed him. He pulled her back by the arm, and was about to apologize, but the look on her face made him let her go. Mark knew what his girlfriend was capable of doing when angry, and this was definitely not a good place for them to settle their drama. He leaned on the Coca-Cola refrigerator and pondered what to do next. He brought out the tracks Abigail had given him, and looked to make sure she was not looking in his direction before putting them on a chair next to him. Someone that needed it more than him would find them, he had thought to himself. Just then, another girl walked up to him, with a look on her face like he was supposed to do something. He stared at the bald headed girl, wondering where he knew her from. “Hello!!! I need to get a bottle of Coke, duh!” she finally said.
“Oh! Im so sorry", Mark said, and moved out of the way.
He walked out of the cafeteria, but this time stood by the entrance. The view was another spectacle, and he could see the whole hostel area from that elevation. He looked towards the brown multiple storey building by the chapel, and wondered if he could spot the girl he had met earlier from the tiny dots of movements he could see from where he stood. His eyes hurt from focusing too long, so he stretched to relax. Whilst yawning uncontrollably, he felt something when he slipped his hand into his left pockets. He at first thought it had to be one of the tracts, but when he got it out from his pocket, he found out it was a sticky note with something scribbled on it. Just then, he noticed someone approaching him from his right side.
“Who was that girl you were talking to!!?” Susan barked out as she stood inches from his face.
“What?” He said, and quickly put the paper back in his pocket.
“I saw you talking to a girl; didn’t I? Who is she?”
“Abigail?” Mark replied, and laughed. “That’s the girl from my department, she…come on! You can’t possibly be getting mad over me talking to Abigail?”
“What are you talking about? I saw you…”She stopped mid-sentence as she was hyperventilating now. Mark stopped to think for a second, and realized who Susan was referring to, but he didn’t know how he was going to explain that situation to her. “Mark!” She shouted out.
“Hey! I’m sorry. I actually thought you were talking about Abigail.” Mark finished his sentence with a chuckle, and started walking towards his girlfriend. She put up a hand, and Mark knew what that meant, so he stopped approaching.
“So, who is she?”
“Susan, technically speaking, I don’t know her.”
“What are you talking about?” She said with a low menacing voice.
“Some guys were going to beat her up; she just used me for protection or something.”
Susan squeezed her face, and looked into space. “Susan, I swear, I don’t know the girl.”
“Call me when you get your facts right.” She said, and angrily walked out on Mark for a second time that day. He leaned on the barricade outside the cafeteria and watched her walk downhill. When she got to leveled ground, she looked up towards him and shook her head before walking off. Mark sighed, and reached into his pants pocket for his phone. His heart skipped a beat when he discovered his phone wasn't there. He checked his pockets again and again, and then he pulled out the small sticky note he had noticed earlier. ‘Helen- 0802-7794635’ was written on it. Just then, it hit him.

Literature / Blood And Water (a Short Story) by thankgod(m): 11:29pm On 10 Oct 2017
Blood and Water (A Short Story)
Kayode Odusanya

© 2015 Kayode Odusanya
Mark was trying to get through to Susan on the phone as he walked briskly to where they were meant to meet. With the phone glued to his right ear, a busy tone was all he could get as he wondered who could be on the other end of the line with this girlfriend this long. 
An hour had gone by since they were meant to meet at the cafeteria, he was dead sure that by now, she would be pissed at him.
“Hi?” a girl said, as she walked up briskly beside Mark from his right side. She quickly wrapped her left arm around his right, simultaneously putting up a smile. There was confusion all over Mark’s face but it felt perfect. She moved in closer and whispered in his ear, “Please act like you know me.” He looked into her face; frowned, but the beautiful smile didn’t leave her face. By now, they had gotten to a tiny path on the road, he could now see about four guys gathered under the tent that was usually occupied by the lady who sold doughnuts. There, almost instantly, he put two and two together, figured out what was going on.
She kept talking whilst they walked as Mark played along with the fake conversation to the best of his abilities. As they walked past the tent, he could see some level of disappointment in the eyes of the men. He tried to double up his pace, but the girl pulled him back, slowed him down and tightened her grip on his arm. At the end of the small path was an old rusty gate; Mark opened the gate gently as he stylishly looked back towards the tent. The four guys were arguing, and just about the same time, looked in his direction. Suddenly, in their eyes was some renewed sense of determination. Just as he was about to drag the girl along with him in a dash for the main road, she laid her hands on his cheeks, pulled his face towards hers’ and kissed him passionately. 
A few seconds went by, they disentangled and continued walking. Both silent, they only stopped when they got to the main road. The girl leaned on a sign-post on the side of the road that read 'Speed Limit: 40 Km/Hr'. Subconsciously it now clicked; Mark had always thought that it quite was ridiculous for a University campus road, but that was the last thing on his mind right now.
“Do you mind telling me what all that was about?” he said with a quite disgruntled voice. She looked his way but didn't say anything. He took a good look at her now, and noticed that her height and features were quite intimidating. He wondered why she needed his help earlier. He noticed she was still staring at him. As much as it freaked him out; he kept his eyes on hers. Just then, she stood upright and sighed.
“Thanks a lot for that.” she said with a smile.
“Well…its okay, but I’d still like to know what kind of trouble you are in. You know…”
“Sorry I had to kiss you.” she said with a frown, cutting Mark off... “You will surely feel as bad as I do later, trust me.” she continued in a barely audible voice.
“What? Oh! Nothing…I wasn’t talking to you.” She said, and started stroking her fingers in her hair. Mark looked around him and noticed no one had passed by since they had been standing there, and fear slowly crept into his mind again. He wondered why the girl was still standing there staring at him, and not running off to some place safer.
“Look…” he said, as he scratched his head. “I really need to get to my girlfriend, are you okay?”
“Oh! yea, I’m going that way.” she said, pointing towards the right side of the road. “I stay at Amina hall.”
“Okay. That’s not far from here. I’m actually going across the road to the cafeteria, are you sure you’ll be okay?”
“Yes.” she said, before turning around. Mark stood there, staring at her coke-body figure walking away from him, and he wished he could get to know her a little more. Just then, she looked back.
“I’ll be expecting your call.” she said, and hastened her pace.
How am I supposed to call you when I don’t even have your number, Mark thought to himself. “Hey, wait!!I don’t have your number.” he yelled, but she didn’t look back. She just kept on walking, till she got to the school chapel, and disappeared by the bend down the road.
He made his way uphill to the cafeteria. That part of the campus was now an old abandoned village. Many years ago, the inhabitants of the village had won many battles because of the advantage they had of seeing their enemies approaching from downhill, and having the upper hand when fighting them off from that elevation. But as time passed, and warfare became more complex, the village was finally conquered and pillaged by foreigners who wanted the area for selfish reasons.
Mark wiped the sweat off his brow as he walked into the cafeteria. It was always a tiresome walk up the hill, and he wondered if the school made it that way so people would eat less and study more. He saw Susan sitting at her usual spot, close to the Coca Cola Refrigerator, wearing one of her favorite polka dot gowns. She was talking on the phone, and she sounded really pissed.
“Hey Mark! How are you doing?” A familiar voice called out from behind him. He reluctantly turned around.

Foreign Affairs / Four-year-old Girl Found Dead In Drain by johneewalker: 02:03pm On 10 Oct 2017

A four-year-old girl, Shaynice Talla’s lifeless body was found dumped in a drain in Eldorado Park‚ Extension 2 in Johannesburg‚ South Africa.

Shaynice Talla’s body was found an hour after her family reported her missing to the Police.

Shaynice’s aunt, Nita Mackay, said she knew something was wrong when her niece didn’t meet her at the corner of the road after work.

“When I got home I noticed she wasn’t there. Her mother thought she was with her granny but her grandmother said she hadn’t seen her since 4.30pm. Then we started looking‚”

Mackay and Tella’s mother, Samantha, went to report to the police while the community also began a search for her.

The four-year-old was later found in a drain, with her little legs sticking out.

However, Mackay said that she believed that her niece was not raped adding that when the mortuary van came to take her out of the drain her pants were not stained with blood.

She said her head was found smashed with something like a brick.

She further revealed that Talla’s six-year-old niece‚ Makayla Lee‚ was also found murdered at the same spot on a koppie in Eldorado Park‚ Extension 2 in Johannesburg.

The suspect was later found hiding behind bricks near the body, the community alleged that he always lurked around the corner where the body was found.

Eldorado Park community leader and anti-drug activist Dereleen James told TimesLIVE that the community has a high rate of drugs’ usage adding that it was the reason for the high rate of crime.

Police have confirmed that an autopsy revealed that Talla died from lack of oxygen to the brain due to her head injury. She was not raped.

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Business / 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked by johneewalker: 01:44pm On 10 Oct 2017

An estimated three billion Yahoo accounts were compromised during a data breach in 2013, the company said on Wednesday.

The figure tripled the number revealed by the company in 2016.

The revised figure was issued after Yahoo admitted in December that over 1 billion users’ data, including names, email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth had been impacted by the August 2013 breach.

Verizon, the U.S. communications giant that purchased Yahoo earlier this year, said in a statement that it had found “all accounts that existed at the time of the August 2013 theft were likely affected.”

The company did not provide any details about who may have been behind the attack except for saying that an “unauthorised party” stole the data.

Although credit card data and bank account information were not believed to have been affected, Yahoo encouraged users to review account statements and monitor credit reports.

The attack is separate from the one disclosed in September 2016 involving data on 500 million Yahoo users.

Yahoo said it believed that attack was carried out by “a state-sponsored actor.”

Sports / All Eyes On Pique As Spain Play Last Home Game by johneewalker: 11:41am On 10 Oct 2017

It should have been a celebration of Spain qualifying for next summer’s World Cup but instead Julen Lopetegui takes his team into their penultimate match in Group G trying his best to weather a political storm.

If Spain get a better result against Albania than Italy manage against Macedonia then they will have qualified automatically for Russia 2018.

And if they win the game, but Italy win theirs too, then they will need just a point away in Israel on Monday to secure qualification.

But instead of anticipating a carnival atmosphere at the Rico Perez stadium in Alicante, Lopetegui is just hoping supporters do not jeer his defender Gerard Pique who was verbally abused at Spain’s first training session of the week in Madrid on Monday.

Pique publicly backed the referendum in Catalonia that took place on Sunday despite being declared illegal by the Spanish government who sent national police and the Civil Guard into the region to prevent people accessing polling stations.

Pique was pictured voting in the referendum shortly after addressing reporters following Barcelona’s behind-closed-doors 3-0 win over Las Palmas at the weekend.

In the interview he admitted he would step aside from the Spain squad if his open political stance was deemed a problem by his bosses.

Lopetegui has so far backed Pique. He said in an interview with Spanish radio on Monday: “His commitment to the team has always been extraordinary. We do not analyse political opinion.

“He is selectable because he wanted to come here with us. He has always behaved well and all the time that is the case we will not look any further.”

Spain’s second most prominent Catalan midfielder Sergio Busquets was slightly contradictory when he spoke to Spanish radio station Cope on Tuesday.

He said: “This is my most difficult moment with the Spain team because of everything that is happening. I think it will be difficult to find a solution to the Pique situation.”

But he also added: “There has been no special summit between the players. I don’t know if Pique and Sergio Ramos have spoken. The atmosphere within the squad is exceptional.”

Pique and Ramos’ defensive partnership is the rock on which the team’s success has been built. They won the World Cup together in 2010 and then the European Championship in 2012.

But Ramos is a staunch Spanish patriot and has not always seen eye-to-eye with Pique even before he became such an outspoken advocate for the illegal referendum on Catalan independence.

Pique and Ramos will be even more important than usual against Albania on Friday precisely because Busquets will not be available to play in front of them in holding midfield. The Barcelona player is suspended for the game.

Lopetegui will also be without striker Alvaro Morata, midfielder Andres Iniesta and right-back Dani Carvajal for the match.

None of that ought to stop Spain winning their final home game of the group matches but Lopetegui will be hoping not just for the right response from his players on the pitch but also from the spectators.

He took to social media this week to appeal to them to back the team. He tweeted: “Concentrating on the important game against Albania. We need the support of the great fans in Alicante for this important step towards the World Cup.”


Foreign Affairs / Gmail Users May Have To Pay For Storage by johneewalker: 11:34am On 10 Oct 2017

Many Gmail users have had to make several complaints over delayed mail delivery or having difficulties sending mails without actually knowing what went wrong.

Anyway, Gmail which is an e-mail service offered by Google, (Gmail is short for Google Mail), started as a limited beta release on April 1, 2004, and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009.

Initially, all emails come with 15 gigabytes of free storage. Users can receive emails up to 50 megabytes in size, including attachments, while they can send emails up to 25 megabytes. But lately, Gmail is now offering a paid version as part of the Google Apps for Business plan once 15GB is exhausted.

Today, most 15GB of Gmail users are fast disappearing and warning messages are popping up every now and then on such email. At other times, one would be directed to thrash unnecessary mails.

From all indications, Google will start to use a model similar to Picasa Web’s premium plans to let customers buy more storage for different Google services, including Gmail. For $20 a year, customers will get six gigabyte that can be used in storing photos in Picasa Web Albums and to send or receive messages in Gmail.

And some online influencers noted that it may not be too long before other companies join Google in demanding for cash for more storage space.

Speaking via email, a staff of Google says, “Storage issue will require the customer to clear as many things as possible from the gmail storage. Checkingwww.google.com/settings/storage to see which of the Google services is using up the space? As far as you know it might not be gmail taking all the space. It might be Google Drive or Google Photo. The link above will let the customer know. Once you know which one is taking the space, you can go there and start deleting.

“If its Google Drive taking the space, the customer can delete heavy files when you go to www.drive.google.com. If its Google Photos, you can delete heavy files when you go to www.photos.google.com”.

According to Google, as at February 2016, gmail hits one billion active users worldwide, and became the first app on the Google Play Store to hit one billion installations on Android devices.

Despite what the world wide web (www)offers, email remains the most important application of the Internet and the most widely used facility . It is now a verifiable fact that over 600 million people use email globally.

Recall that with the www email became available with friendly web interfaces by providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Usually this was without charge. Now that email was affordable, everyone wanted at least one email address, and the medium was adopted by not just millions, but hundreds of millions of people.

Before internet working began, email could only be used to send messages to various users of the same computer.

Mr Ray Tomlinson is credited with inventing email in 1972. Like many of the Internet inventors, Tomlinson worked for Bolt Beranek and Newman as an ARPANET contractor. He picked the @ symbol from the computer keyboard to denote sending messages from one computer to another.

-the sun

Sports / Yukhub Football Predictions 4th October - Sure Games For Wednesday by Kingvictor(m): 10:39am On 10 Oct 2017
1. England
National League
19:45 Tranmere Rovers – Leyton Orient | Bet on Tranmere Rovers draw no bet @ 1.30.(WON)

2. Germany
Regionalliga Northeast
18:00 SV Babelsberg – TSG Neustrelitz | Bet on SV Babelsberg to win @ 1.30.

3. Belgium
First Division B, First stage
19:30 KVC Westerlo – Union Saint-Gilloise | Bet on over 1.5 goals.(WON)

4. Romania
Cupei Romaniei
09:00 CS Balotesti – CS Afumati | Bet on under 1.5 goals in first half @ 1.35.(WON)

5. Venezuela
Primera Division, Clausura
20:00 Deportivo Jbl Del Zulia – Zamora FC | Bet on under 1.5 goals in first half @ 1.45.(WON)

6. Italy
Lega Pro, Girone A
15:30 Olbia Calcio – AC Pistoiese | Bet on over 1.5 goals @ 1.35.

7. Italy
Lega Pro, Girone A
19:30 SC Pisa – Arzachena | Bet on SC Pisa draw no bet @ 1.25. (WON)

Business / Warning Shots?: Tstv Denies Alleged Piracy by johneewalker: 08:59am On 10 Oct 2017

Barely three days after its launch, new satellite TV provider, TSTV has received is first warning shot in form of a letter alleging illegal pirating of some TV content.

A letter purported to have been sent to the Nigeria Copyrights Commission by beIN, a TV content provider, and titled “Illegal Pirating of beIN Content”, alleged that TSTV planned to offer its content illegally.

The purported letter was stamped to have been received on September 29, two days before teh official launch of TSTV.

However, the new TV provider had denied the letter and described it as frivolous.

The new provider in a series of tweets on its twitter handle @tstvafrica, urged Nigerians to disregard the letter as they were fake an an attempt to bias Nigerians even before it begins sales.

“DISCLAIMER!! We are not unaware of the messages circulating the social media regarding a letter from beIN Sports and Turner.

“We wish to inform Nigerians that the letters are FAKE and were prepared basically to bias Nigerians.

“Kindly disregard the documents because they are frivolous. TStv Africa…connecting your world!


Health / Juices For Constipation: 5 Juices To Improve Bowel Movements by johneewalker: 09:31am On 10 Oct 2017
They say the root of good health lies in your gut. If your digestive system functions with regular bowel movements, in all probabilities, your overall health would be good. So, if you have less than three bowel movements in a week or hard stools, you may be constipated. Many people try out different home remedies such as drinking juices for constipation relief.

How Juices Help Relieve Constipation?

Do juices really work for constipation and are they suitable for people of all ages? Yes, juices do relieve constipation to some extent. However, they are not useful for all age groups, especially infants. Before we proceed with juices for constipation relief, we should know what causes constipation.

There are various causative factors of constipation. The primary factor is the lack of a proper diet and exercise. If your diet lacks fiber and fluids, you are bound to be constipated. Not having enough movement or not getting enough exercise also lead to slowed bowel movements.

Normally, if you start exercising and add fiber and fluids to your diet, you will notice improvement in your bowel movements within a few days. However, if you do not find any difference after making these lifestyle changes, there could be an underlying reason for the constipation such as hypothyroidism, certain medications such as iron supplements, neurological conditions, and more. This is precisely when you should consult your doctor for the right diagnosis and medication.

List of Juices that Help with Constipation Relief

1. Prune Juice

Prunes or dried plums contain sorbitol, fiber, and phenolic compounds such as chlorogenic acids in good amounts. These phenolic compounds may also serve as a natural laxative. One can use fresh plums as well.

2. Apple Juice
How Apple Juice works for Constipation Relief? Apple juice contains sorbitol and soluble fiber which help relieve constipation. However, make sure to include the skin in the juice as it contains maximum amount of fiber.

3. Banana Juice
Ripe yellow bananas help deal with constipation. On the other hand, unripe bananas are used to treat diarrhea. Ripe bananas contain some amount of tannins, soluble sugars, and soluble fiber.
Unripe bananas contain starch and tannins in high amounts which may aggravate constipation. This is why only ripe bananas are recommended to treat constipation.

4. Grape Juice
Grapes have decent amount of fiber and are generally considered a mild laxative. Grapes are often a part of detox diets and are known to cleanse your system.
Grapes are known to have many other health benefits may be useful in preventing certain types of cancers.

5. Pear Juice
Pear juice is used for better bowel movements and is a topic of research. Pears are a rich source of fiber and have higher amounts of these than apples.
The fruit is also watery. Pear or pear juice should be consumed along with its skin.

Drinking juices for constipation might help owing to their sorbitol and fiber content if it is merely due to lifestyle issues. However, do not overdo it as drinking these juices in excess may result in diarrhoea. It is best to drink homemade juices without straining, to retain maximum sorbitol and fiber from the fruits.

Also, drink them fresh and consume within a day or two. Do not refrigerate for more than 24 hours, else it may lead to food-borne illnesses. As far as possible, avoid packaged juices as they may contain huge amounts of added sugar and preservatives.

Juices for constipation are not meant for infants. If your baby is constipated, it is best to consult a pediatrician for other suitable home remedies or medication.

Politics / Njc Sacks Zamfara Judge Over N200, 000 Bribe by johneewalker: 08:42am On 10 Oct 2017

The battle to rid off bad elements in the judiciary received a major boosts, yesterday, as the National Judicial Council (NJC) sacked Justice Musa Ibrahim Anka of the Zamfara State Judiciary for allegedly receiving a bribe of N200,000.

He reportedly collected the bribe from one Zubairu Abdumalik in order to deliver judgment in his favour.

The judge was fined by the Zamfara State government which approved the recommendation of the National Judicial Council in 2011 for his compulsory removal from office.

The Council has also set up 15 committees to investigate various allegations contained in the petitions against 15 judicial officers, including two chief judges.

NJC reached its decision after considering the reports of the two Preliminary Complaints Assessment Committees on 46 petitions written against judicial officers in the federal and states judiciaries.

Meanwhile, the NJC had at its 83rd meeting under the chairmanship of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Nkanu Samuel Onnoghen, dismissed 31 petitions, 29 of which it found unmeritorious. The remaining two written against Justice J. T. Tsoho of the Federal High Court and Justice O. O. Akeredolu, acting Chief Judge of Ondo State were withdrawn at the instance of the petitioners.

Al-Sagr National Insurance Company who wrote against Justice Tsoho withdrew his petition since the judge had delivered the ruling in his case.

Also, Chief Raheem A. Badmus who wrote against Justice Akeredolu also voluntarily withdrew his petition for personal reasons.

A statement by Soji Oye, Director (Information) disclosed that “Council treated the two petitions as withdrawn, since it did not find anything in them sufficiently serious for further consideration as stipulated in Regulation 9 (1) of the Judicial Discipline Regulations.

“Council considered and found worthy of further investigation, the petition written by Azi A. Phillip on behalf of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Plateau State chapter, accusing Hon. Justice P. D. Damulak, the immediate past Chief Judge of Plateau State of bias, for failure to make his judgment in Suit No. PLD/J/236/16 delivered on 4th November, 2016 available to him till the time he wrote the petition,” the statement said.

Council, however, decided not to constitute an investigative committee to look into the matter because the Chief Judge had already retired from service and therefore no longer in the employment of the National Judicial Council.

It also considered and dismissed petitions written against two other judicial officers for lack of merit.

The Judges are Justice Mr. L. T. C. Eruba (High Court of Justice, Abia State) and Grand Kadi Abdullahi Waiya ( Sharia’h Court of Appeal, Kano State).

NJC also issued two letters of advice to Justice M. A. Dada of the Lagos State High Court of Justice and Justice Chukwudi Charles Okaa of the Anambra State High Court for violation of extant laws in the course of their judicial duties based on petition written against them by Dayo Adamolekun, Esq. & Ridwanulah Olanite, Esq. and Reverend F. U. Ekavhiare & Associates respectively.

The statement said Council agreed to report Adesina Ogunlana to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (L.P.D.C.) for misconduct, for the use of uncouth language in a petition written to the NJC against Justice O. O.. Atilade, the immediate past Chief Judge of Lagos State.

Events / 1000 Year-old Chinese Bowl Sells For $37.7m by johneewalker: 08:36am On 10 Oct 2017

Another record auction has been recorded, this time not for diamond, but for an antique Chinese bowl.

The 1,000-year-old bowl from China’s Song Dynasty sold at auction in Hongkong for $37.7 million on Tuesday, breaking the record for Chinese porcelain, auction house Sotheby’s said

The sale broke the record for Chinese ceramics, auction house Sotheby’s said.

The small piece — which dates from 960-1127 — stole the previous record of $36.05 million set in 2014 for a Ming Dynasty wine cup which was snapped up by a Shanghai tycoon famous for making eye-watering bids.

The person behind Tuesday’s winning offer wished to remain anonymous, Sotheby’s said, with the auction house declining to say whether the buyer hailed from the Chinese mainland or not.

“It’s a totally new benchmark for Chinese ceramics and we’ve made history with this piece today,” Nicolas Chow, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s Asia, told reporters.

Bidding started at around US$10.2 million with the suspense-filled auction lasting some 20 minutes as a handful of phone bidders and one person in the room itself competed with each other.

The winning offer eventually came from one of the phone bidders and was received by a round of applause.

The bowl — originally designed to wash brushes — is an example of extremely rare Chinese porcelain from the imperial court of the Northern Song Dynasty and one of only four such pieces in private hands, according to Sotheby’s.

Measuring 13cm in diameter, the dish features a luminous blue glaze.
– ‘Chicken cup’ –

The price tag exceeds the earlier record made by a tiny white piece known as the “Chicken Cup”, decorated with a colour painting of a rooster and a hen tending to their chicks, and created during the reign of the Chenghua Emperor between 1465 and 1487.

That cup sold in 2014 to taxi-driver-turned-financier Liu Yiqian, one of China’s wealthiest people and among a new class of Chinese super-rich scouring the globe for artwork and antiquities.

Reported by AFP

Health / People Skipping Breakfast Risk Heart Attack by johneewalker: 08:31am On 10 Oct 2017

People who skip breakfast or eat poorly to start the day are twice as likely to develop hardened arteries, which can lead to deadly heart disease, researchers said Monday.

The study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology uncovered signs of damage to the arteries long before symptoms or disease developed.

Researchers said their findings could offer an important tool in the fight against cardiovascular disease, the world’s top killer, which took 17.7 million lives in 2015, according to the World Health Organization.

“People who regularly skip breakfast likely have an overall unhealthy lifestyle,” said study author Valentin Fuster, director of Mount Sinai Heart and editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“This study provides evidence that this is one bad habit people can proactively change to reduce their risk for heart disease.”

The report was based on 4,000 middle-aged office workers in Spain. Participants were followed for six years.

About one in four ate a high-energy breakfast, which included 20 percent or more of the day’s calories.

Most people in the study — 70 percent — ate a low-energy breakfast that gave them five to 20 percent of their daily calorie intake.

Three percent said they skipped breakfast altogether or ate very little. This group “tended to have more generally unhealthy eating habits and a higher prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors,” said the report.

People who skipped breakfast also “had the greatest waist circumference, body mass index, blood pressure, blood lipids and fasting glucose levels,” it said.

Researchers used ultrasound technology to scan participants for signs of fatty deposits in the arteries, or early evidence of disease.

They found that people who ate less than five percent of their recommended daily calories at breakfast had, on average, double the amount of fatty buildup in the arteries as people who ate a high-energy breakfast.

This heightened risk of hardened arteries among people who skipped breakfast or ate little to start the day appeared independently of other factors, such as smoking, high cholesterol and physical inactivity.

Previous studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast is linked to good health, including a lower body weight, healthy diet, and lower risk of problems with cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

Skipping breakfast has also previously been shown to raise the risk of coronary artery disease.

According to Prakash Deedwania, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and author of an accompanying editorial in the journal, the study offers more evidence that skipping breakfast can be harmful to one’s health.

“Although breakfast skippers are generally attempting to lose weight, they often end up eating more and unhealthy foods later in the day. Skipping breakfast can cause hormonal imbalances and alter circadian rhythms,” said Deedwania.

“That breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been proven right in light of this evidence.”


Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by Kingvictor(m): 03:33pm On 10 Oct 2017
Lol... ;D

Sports / Re: 1.5 Odds Rollover For 10 Days by adamsfriday27: 03:18pm On 10 Oct 2017
Sorry guy..even 1.50 hard u...na wa ooo prediction no b moimoi..:hahaha

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