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Date: Thursday 19th October 2017 at 09:07 PM
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Romance / Pics: Love Story Of Century-old Couple In China by johneewalker: 12:24pm On 8 Aug

Many can only dream of finding a partner to be with for the rest of our lives. This couple from China is proof that maybe our dreams aren’t so unrealistic after all. Wu Xi’an and Xiang Yongshan have been married for 81 years and are still crazy about each other. How romantic!

The couple reveal that their secret to their successful marriage was treating each other with kindness and not giving up on the hope of a better life. Wu, who is 100 years old, recounts her childhood and how she came about getting married to 99 year-old Xiang in a report by The Shanghaiist. As a toddler, Wu’s parents started binding her feet despite it being an incredibly painful experience, since small, bound feet were considered the ideal beauty standard in China at the time. Having bound feed also used to help girls find suitable husbands from better backgrounds.

Thankfully, her painful experience was worth it as her parents managed to find a well-off husband for her. Wu’s and Xian’s parents agreed that they would be married when Wu was just 6 years old. When Wu turned 19, they finally got married in a beautiful ceremony, where Wu presented her dowry to Xian’s family. Her dowry consisted of pillows and curtains, with beautifully intricate embroidery hand-stitched by Wu herself.

When he saw the dowry, Xian gasped as he was amazed by Wu’s incredibly detailed embroidery. She blushed. Once they got married, Wu started stitching designs in her spare time as an expression of her love for her husband! And she still regularly does it to this day.

Wu grew up without any education but her mom said it’s fine, as long as she’s very good at embroidering. The only characters Wu know are her and her husband’s names. 81 years after they first got married, Wu and Xian are now heads of a 5-generation family. Every Spring Festival, their 55 family members return to their home to celebrate with them.

Source: The Shanghaiist

Jobs/Vacancies / Swiss Golden Financial Freedom by Chik1: 08:22am On 8 Aug
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Crime / Boko Haram Commander Confesses by johneewalker: 08:12am On 8 Aug
Reveals how killer squad abducted Chibok girls, killed students

Auwal Ismaeela, former top Boko Haram Commander who played a major role in the abduction of Chibok girls and killing of youths in Madagali, Borno State, has confessed to several acts of bloodletting on innocent people and destruction of properties across the length and breadth of the North-east.
The ex-terrrorist kingpin who is being held in a military facility for the repentant and surrendered Boko Haram members in the North-East, is reportedly cooperating with the Military with useful information on locations and hideouts of other top Commanders of the Islamist sect.
“Myself and Abu Hafsat a Boko Haram commander led other squads to abduct the Chibok girls.
“We led the operations to invade Gwoza, Bama, Limankara Mobile Barrack, Bita, Bosso, Madagali, Chibok, Pulka, Firgi and Mubi.
“In Madagali, which was my home town, myself, Adam Vitiri, Abu Adam and Habu Kudama, some high ranking Boko Haram Commander led an operation in 2014 where we killed some students and youths at the Central Secondary School in Sabon Garin Madagali.
“In one of the operations, I abducted my wife named Maryam who had two kids for me in Sambisa forest.
“It is unfortunate that I was brainwashed and misled not only on some abductions but in the killings of my own people that were innocent. I wholeheartedly regret my actions.
“During a battle in Konduga where myself and other Boko Haram commanders led the operations, I lost my right leg and almost got burnt. Even at that, I did not stop fighting for the course. Sheikh Shekau ordered that I should be given a tricycle which I continued to use for various operations before I eventually surrendered,” he said.
He gave several reasons for his decision to voluntarily surrender to the Nigerian troops after realising the misleading sermons, barbaric indoctrination of the sect leaders and atrocities being committed in some of the Boko Haram camps.
“I willingly surrendered to the military because I was tired of the senseless killing and fight. I realised that our people have resorted to stealing and all sort of atrocity contrary to the teaching and practice of Islam.
“Women were being raped, sometimes publicly. Children died from malnutrition and disease as the living condition became harsher. As there was no food in the camp, people died every day because of hunger.
“I will continue to cooperate with the security agencies in providing useful information on our mode of operations and to disclose top-secret hideouts of our commanders.”
Meanwhile, more than 100 Boko Haram members and some commanders have surrendered to the military in recent time.
In a related development, two factions of the Boko Haram insurgency group may be ready for talks with the Federal Government, Abdulkadir Abubakar, former commander of the group claimed.
Abubakar, also known as Abu Muhammad, was the chief intelligence officer of the group and one of its top commanders, until his arrest in June by the military in Buni Yadi in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.
Abubakar told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at his cell in Maiduguri that Albarnawi and Mamman Nur factions were willing to dialogue and cooperate with the government to defeat the most visible leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau.
According to him, Shekau, whose capture, dead or alive, the military high command has ordered, has been the major obstacle to peace, since the insurgency began in 2009.
“Shekau is not willing to surrender due to his high handedness. Unfortunately, the government and military authorities accorded priority on dealing with Shekau, who is blood thirsty.
“Albarnawi has indicated interest to dialogue with the government to end insurgency and provide a lasting solution to the crisis. Albarnawi discusses this with members of his circle. And I can assure the government that he would cooperate to achieve peace.
“The two factions are willing to cooperate with Nigerian government to defeat Shekau,” he said.
Abubakar’s claim about the readiness of the factions to dialogue with the Nigerian authorities could not be verified as he had been incarcerated since June. But he insisted that the groups are predisposed to a peaceful resolution of the eight year-old crisis.
Abubakar claimed to have undertaken various espionage missions and provided intelligence to the insurgents, which enabled them to
hit a long list of targets, among which were the abduction of 275 students at Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok and the massacre of students at Federal Government College, Buni Yadi. Over 20 students were murdered at Buni Yadi.
He also claimed to have been involved in other attacks on schools in Maiduguri, Damaturu, Postikum and Mamudo.
The detained Boko Haram commander expressed his willingness to give the military useful information to crush the insurgents and arrest Shekau.
“I am cooperating with the military and I am ready to provide information on the whereabouts of Shekau. Shekau has left his enclave in Sambisa and moved deep into Mandara Mountain. I know the area where he is hiding and willing to provide a guide to the military.
“The intensified military offensive has weakened Shekau’s position and that of the other groups,” he added.
Abubakar revealed deep divisions and power struggle among the insurgents, claiming the Albarnawi and Mamman Nur factions were opposed to Shekau’s leadership style and his bloodthirstiness.
He also blamed Shekau for many attacks on civilians by the Boko Haram insurgents.
“During the early days of the insurgency we fought for what we thought was a just cause, to establish a caliphate where human beings are valued, cherished and respected.
“After annexing vast territories, Shekau began to demonstrate his cruelty and atrocities against humanity.
“In view of the high level atrocities committed by the group,some of the top commanders including myself, Albarnawi and Mamman Nur challenged Shekau, demanding an immediate end to the ugly saga.
“Thereafter, Albarnawi and Mamman Nur parted ways, and formed their groups. Shekau is responsible for suicide bombings and attack on soft targets in the North-East.
“The Albarnawi and Mamman Nur groups never attacked schools, religious places of worship, markets, women and children. Our fight was strictly with security forces. Even the kidnapped oil workers would not be killed by the group,” he said.

Sports / Nigeria Wins Women Afrobasket For 3rd Time by johneewalker: 08:07am On 8 Aug

Nigeria’s senior women basketball team, D’Tigress, on Sunday restored the nation’s lost glory in the Women Afrobasket having defeated defending champions, Senegal to clinch the title for the third time after 12 years.

The News agency of Nigeria reports that in the competition’s final played in Bamako, Mali, the D’Tigress walloped their Senegalese counterparts 65-48 points to beat them a second time in the championship.

NAN reports that the team recorded no loss in all their games to the final in the 2017 edition after they had won it last in 2005. They first won it in in 2003.

With the victory, the team has qualified for the 2018 Women FIBA Championship in Spain.

They had earlier in the semi-final defeated hosts, Mali 48-47 to set up the final against Senegal which they had earlier beaten 58-54 points on Thursday in the group stage of the tournament.

In the first quarter of the match, Senegal enjoyed the privilege of 18-12 points’ victory but Nigeria powered past with 21-10 points in the second quarter.

Senegal then struggled to reverse their loss in the third quarter only to suffer additional loss of 7-15 points to D’Tigress.

Evelyn Akhator, Dallas Wing forward, in the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA), has earned a reputation as top performer for the umpteenth time in the competition, scoring 13 points and seven rebounds for D’Tigress.

Akhator also made two assists and one steal even as she made no successful block during the final game.

But D’Tigers Captain, Aisha Muhammed, Adaora Elonu and Ezinne Kalu contributed seven rebounds, four assists and two steals respectively during the match.

However, Astou Traore, the top performer for Senegal, scored 17 points which was the highest score in the match, six rebounds, three assists, two steals and no block, all in vain to stop D’Tigress.

Nigeria’s return to glory in women basketball in the continent began on July 21 immediately Musa Kida-led NBBF was inaugurated by Solomon Dalung, Minister of Youths and Sports.

Kida had announced the opening of camp for D’Tigress in Florida U.S, and Lagos for the invited foreign and home-based players respectively.

It will be recalled that Kida said the players and officials’ welfare was prioritised by the management board of the NBBF to get the best of the team.

Sports / Yukhub Football Predictions 27th August - Sure Games For Sunday by Kingvictor(m): 12:45pm On 8 Aug
Real Madrid vs Valencia 1 & Over 2.5. (LOST)
Milan vs Cagliari 1. (WON)
Sporting Braga vs FC Porto X2
Bronby vs Horsens 1. (WON)
Skeid Fotball vs Finnsnes IL 1. (WON)
ASV Geel vs FC Duffel 1. (WON)
FC Viktoria Plzen vs FC Banik Ostrava 1. (WON)
FC Sion vs FC Basel OVER1.5. (WON)
Monaco vs Marseille 1X. (WON)

Family / Man Fathers 102 Children By Ignoring Rules And Donating Sperm At 11 Different Clinics by KingVictor(m): 10:53am On 8 Aug

According to a Metro UK report, a sperm donor is believed to have fathered 102 children after ignoring rules to donate at 11 separate clinics.
It’s believed several single mothers warned the authorities of a sperm donor who gave his sperm against the rules at several fertility clinics.
Whoever donates sperm signs a contract not to donate at different clinics, although this is not checked nor enforced.
The authorities found out the man in question, who has not been named due to privacy laws.
The donor of the 102 children was tracked down and told a Dutch daily that his motive ‘was not to have as many children as possible’.
He said: ‘I just like to do it and to make people happy. It makes me feel helpful. The gratitude of doctors and prospective parents is great.’
The man said: ‘Clinics are already happy if they have a donor who passes the screening.’ He said that his sperm was ‘often immediately used’.
An investigation has been launched in the Netherlands after an analysis of the Artificial Insemination Data Foundation, which oversees the data of sperm donors, and the Dutch Ministry of Public Health warned that oversight is lacking in fertility clinics.
Another man was also caught having donated his sperm to multiple clinics, but he had fathered only two children.
By law, a sperm donor in the Netherlands is only allowed to sire 25 children to limit the chance that conceived children could later end up in a relationship not knowing they are half-siblings.
The Dutch association of gynaecologists (NVOG) called sperm clinics to immediately stop using the sperm of the two men.
Both men even offered their sperm outside of clinics on the internet and through personal contacts as well.
Earlier this year, another scandal broke out around the head of a fertility clinic, with a DNA test proving that he illegally used his own sperm to father at least 19 children with unsuspecting women.
Controversial sperm doctor Jan Karbaat, who operated the MC Blijdorp fertility clinic in the town of Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, used his own sperm in 19 cases instead of the prescribed sperm donor.
Karbaat died in April this year at the age of 89 and had denied for years that he had used his own sperm in the fertility clinic that he had operated since the 1980s.
The doctor always declined to cooperate with a DNA test. One of his children however did give a DNA sample to the databank.

Sports / Floyd Mayweather Defeats Conor Mc Gregor In The 10th Round In The Much Anticipated Boxing Fight by KingVictor(m): 10:45am On 8 Aug
Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor with a 10th-round stoppage in a much-hyped fight that is expected to be the most lucrative in boxing history.
Mayweather, 40, started cautiously as UFC lightweight champion McGregor, making his professional boxing debut, landed a first-round uppercut.
But McGregor, 29, looked to tire before the referee called time on the Irishman in Las Vegas.
It saw the former five-weight world champion extend his record to 50-0.
Mayweather said:
“He is a tough competitor and we gave the fans what they wanted to see.
“He was a lot better than I thought. He was a tough competitor, but I was the better man.
“I guaranteed everybody this would not go the distance. Boxing’s reputation was on the line.”
Mayweather, who came out of retirement to face McGregor, added: “This was my last fight, for sure. I chose the right dance partner. Conor McGregor, you are a hell of a champion.”

Sports / Re: Yukhub Football Predictions 26th August - Sure Games For Saturday by KENNY: 06:38am On 8 Aug
Bravo bro

Sports / Yukhub Football Predictions 26th August - Sure Games For Saturday by Kingvictor(m): 11:48am On 8 Aug
Bournemouth Manchester City 2. (WON)
Alaves Barcelona 2. (WON)
Genoa Juventus 2. (WON)
Werder Bremen Bayern Munich 2. (WON)
Rio Ave FC Benfica Lisbon 2. (LOST)
Crumlin United FC Dundalk FC X2. (WON)
Nantes Lyon X2. (WON)
8. SPAIN Las Palmas UD Atl. Madrid X2. (WON)
Manchester Utd Leicester City OVER1.5. (WON)
Borussia Dortmund Hertha BSC HT OVER0.5 (WON)


Jokes Etc / This Was How I Lost My Job . by thankgod(m): 10:16am On 8 Aug
Ok, it started like this. Last week
my boss sent me to go and buy
Airtel for 500.
So Mr Big Joe had only
200 and 100 cards Airtel; he had no
500 cards.
I came back to tell my boss that i didn't find
500 card but they only have 200 and 100
cards. My
Boss begin shouting at me, "Mr. Charles, are
you mad?! Why
can't you use your head for
once? Pls go and buy two 200 cards
and one 100 card !!!"
I was embarrassed...!!
So this morning my boss sent me
again to buy shoes for him...
He said his size is Size 12.
Now, Mr Enock had no Size 12;
but he had Size 4, Size 5 and Size 3.
So I didn't want my boss to
embarrass me again... I decided to
use my head for once and
bought Size 4, size 5 and Size 3 for my
Now my boss has fired me and he doesn't
want to tell me what I did
wrong. No reason at all.
Pls help me ask why
he fired me!!! Pls Size 4, Size 5 and Size 3 is it
not Size 12???

Crime / Police Officer Dismissed, Docked Over Ritualist’s Escape by johneewalker: 10:19am On 8 Aug

POLICE officer, Inspector Johnbosco Okoroeze, who allegedly aided the escape of a ritualist, Ifeanyichukwu Dike, 23, who is said to have killed eight years old Victory Chikamso in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has been dismissed by the Nigeria Police.

This was disclosed in Port Harcourt yesterday by the State Police Commissioner, Mr. Zaki Ahmed.

According to the police boss, Okoroeze, who was the Investing Police Officer (IPO) in charge of the ritual murder case, was dismissed by the Police Service Commission (PSC).

Besides his dismissal, Okoroeze was also arraigned at the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Port Harcourt yesterday on a two-count charge of aiding the escape of the ritualist and assisting the murder suspect to pervert justice.

The Police Commissioner disclosed that Dike’s accomplice in the crime has also been arrested by the police.

Ahmed, who could not disclose the identity of the second suspect, explained that the prime suspect mentioned his name, as the client who hired him (Dike) to procure human parts for money rituals.

“During interrogation, Dike linked him to the murder of the eight years old girl,” he said.

Also, the River State Police Command has promised to give a cash reward of N1 million to anyone who could give the police useful information that would lead to the arrest of Dike.

Meanwhile, a Chief Magistrate’s Court in Port Harcourt has ordered that the former policeman be remanded remand in prison.

Okoroeze, 34, wept profusely as he was brought to the court in handcuffs in a bus with number plate FG 128 F50.

Count one of the charge against him reads: “That you Johnbosco, on the 19th of August, 2017, at about 2030 hours at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Port Harcourt, in the Port Harcourt Magisterial District, did assist one Ifeanyi Maxwell Dike, who is to your knowledge guilty of the offence of murder of one Chikamso Mezuwuba, aged eight years, for rituals, to escape when he was to be detained for prosecution and, thereby, committed an offence punishable under Section 322 of the Criminal Code Cap 37 Vol.II Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria, 1999.

The second charge stated: “That you, Johnbosco Okoroeze, on the same date and place in the aforesaid magisterial district, did conspire with a suspect, Ifeanyi Maxwell Dike, and allowed him to escape from prosecution to prevent and defeat the course of justice and, thereby, committed an offence punishable under Section 126 (1) of the Criminal Code, Cap. 37, Vol.II, Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria, 1999.”

However, when the case came up for mention, the charges against him were not read and plea was not taken as the first count was a capital offence, which attracts, at least, life imprisonment.

Chief Magistrate Sokari Andrew-Jaja, said the accused was facing charges for assisting a suspect to escape from custody, and committed an offence, which, on conviction, attracts life imprisonment.

Andrew-Jaja also said the former Inspector was accused of perverting justice, stressing that any person found guilty of the offence would serve seven years in prison.

The chief magistrate, however, declined to listen and determine the first count due to lack of jurisdiction. But he said he had the legal standing to entertain and determine the second charge.

He, therefore, told the court registrar to remit the case file to the Director of Public Prosecutions for legal advice, and urged the counsel in the matter to file their addresses on whether bail should be granted to the suspect or not.

He adjourned the case till September 14, 2017, for adoption of bail application and the DPPs’ legal report.

The suspect now at large had allegedly defiled, killed and mutilated vital parts of Chikamso Mezuwuba.

Dike was arrested at about 1:30 am on Saturday, August 19, 2017, by a vigilance group in Eliozu area of Port Harcourt, while on his way to dispose of the remains of the victim .

After the suspect was paraded at the SCIID the same Saturday and statements obtained from him, he escaped from police custody and has since not been re-arrested.


Politics / Buhari Signs Agreements On Extradition, Others With Uae by johneewalker: 10:10am On 8 Aug

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed nine agreements, including the Extradition Treaty, with United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The treaty is designed to strengthen Nigeria’s anti-corruption campaign.

Speaking at the agreement signing ceremony at the President Villa, Abuja on Thursday, the President said that the agreements would enable both countries to take important steps toward strengthening their economies and security.

“Today’s ceremony marks a very important milestone in our demonstration of sovereign capacity to fulfil our international obligations and take important steps for the benefit of our economy, security and the anti-corruption war within and outside Nigeria.

“I am happy to note therefore, that pursuant to a Memorandum presented to the Federal Executive Council by the Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Council has approved the ratification of the said Agreements, thus paving the way for today’s ceremony.

“With this sovereign act, which has been replicated in the United Arab Emirates by their responsible authorities, we are now in a position to utilize these Agreements fully to foster cooperation between our respective authorities particularly for the purpose of prosecuting the anti-corruption campaign of this Government.’’

President Buhari, therefore, charged all agencies with roles to play under the respective Treaties to ensure that they did that effectively to reap the full benefits of the agreements.

Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates in January 2016 in Abu Dhabi signed six different agreements to enhance bilateral relations between them.

The signing of the agreements on trade, finance and judicial matters was witnessed by President Muhammadu Buhari and the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami and his counterpart in the United Arab Emirates, Sultan Bin Saeed Albadi signed the Judicial Agreements on Extradition, Transfer of Sentenced Persons, Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal Matters and Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal and Commercial Matters, which include the recovery and repatriation of stolen wealth.

The President, however, said that the full implementation of the agreements was delayed due to the need for both sides to conclude their respective ratification processes.

President Buhari further observed that the signing of the agreements was in demonstration of the nation’s sovereign capacity to fulfil its international obligations and take important steps for the benefit of the economy, security and the anti-corruption war within and outside Nigeria.

In his remarks, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, said the signing of the treaties was a clear demonstration of Nigeria’s determination to continue to play its role as a responsible member of the international community.

Other legal instruments between Nigeria and UAE signed by the President included the Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters; Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters and the Agreement on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons.

The President also signed the Charter for the Lake Chad Basin between Nigeria, Cameroun, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger and the Republic of Chad, African Tax Administration Forum Agreement on Mutual Assistance in Tax Matters.

Others are the World Intellectual Property Organisation Performances and Phonograms Treaty; The World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty on Audio-Visual Performances.

The Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to published works for persons, who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise was also signed by the President.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the signing of the agreements was witnessed by Ambassadors of the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Chad, and Head of the European Union (EU) to Nigeria as well as some cabinet ministers and presidential aides.


Sports / Yukhub Football Predictions 24th August - Sure Games For Thursdag by Kingvictor(m): 10:26am On 8 Aug
Maccabi Tel Aviv - SCR Altach 1X
RB Salzburg - FC Viitorul
Constanta 1
Fenerbahce - Vardar Skopje 1X
Ath. Bilbao - Panathinaikos 1
Marseille - NK Domzale 1
Shkendija 79 Tetovo - Milan X2
Ostersunds FK PAOK X2
Hajduk Split Everton X2
Austria Vienna NK Osijek Over1.5
Midtjylland - Apollon Limassol FC OVER1.5

Jokes Etc / Things Sex Can Do by thankgod(m): 09:27am On 8 Aug
1. It makes some people religious = by saying:- Oh my God, Yes Lord
2. It gives some people their first musical lessons = mmmm, aaaaah, ooooo, asssshhh,annnnnnnh.
3. Makes some people natural coaches = fast, fasterrrr!!!, yeah keep doing it,ure good.
4. Makes some people announce their own obituary = U are killing me, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm finished, u will kil me ooo.
5. Makes some ladies become terrorists = Destroy it!, Don't have any mercy, Just tear it,beat it up, Let me feel it.
6. Others become respectful = Daddy I love you,I promise, okay, yes I will do anything for you.
7. Makes some people become loyal = Love U endlessly,... U own my life,... am Urs forever,... U are my world.
8. Turns some ladies to beggars = yeah Please don't stop,... continue please ,... give it to me... Please do it again.
9. Some speak in tongues: mamamama hahalahalahalaaaa aaajoooooo haaaaaaaaaaa rotorotoroto
10. Some start speaking their dialects: aiwa shumba endererai! Maita basa shumba!...shumba kani punnany...do mi pa! Fa obo mi ya! Beeni! (=
Where do u belong?

Literature / Is Love Really Enough? (short Story) by thankgod(m): 08:58am On 8 Aug
Is Love Really enough? (short story)

written by Abel
It was magical
All the excitement that had filled my system since he proposed
Butterflies flying around my tommy
The silent giggles whenever his thoughts or face flashed through my mind
And then the D-day came
Obviously the event planners knew their onions
The arrangement and planning was on point
Family,guest all had a nice time
Did I forget to mention the honeymoon? Far away in Hawaii
I have dreamt of it as far back as secondary school
I flooded the internet and social media with different pictures and video of how it all went down!
It was all i could ever ask,a perfect union made in heaven or so it seemed;as at that point
Boom! Reality check
Fast forward to present day
That was four years ago
Its some few minutes past eight and he is not yet home
The last time I checked,closing hour was still 5pm
Normally,20 minutes tops after closing he’s home
My last redial just ended, the eleventh ring out
Few minutes later,an SMS comes in “hanging out with some old pals”
How come?
I thought I was he’s best partner at “hanging outs”?
I just realised that was the third time this week!
Is he too engrossed with the drinks/buddies he couldn’t spare some few minutes to talk over the phone?
Why won’t he answer my calls? Maybe he mistakenly left it inside the car
No call? Am sure he ran out of call credit….
That’s me trying so hard to make excuses for Bayo
Could Cynthia be right?
” Don’t mind them,they will do everything for you just for you to marry them,get into his house first and then you will know his true colours”
No it cant be,but all the writings on the wall are pointing to it
Bayo is different,he has to be
Two years of courtship and I never saw a trace of this trait
Could it be that he was so good at hiding it or I was just too blinded with passion I couldn’t see what was right there in front of me?
So many thoughts rushing through my head-it aches badly
Then a sharp pain on my waist, 8 months gone and he kicks like every minute
Just to remind me that it could happen at any time
I tried to turn on the couch just to ease my discomfort
I totally forgot I left the phone on my protruded belly
Down it went with the screen smashing into a thousand pieces as it hit the marble floor
Damm it- how I hated myself
Now I can’t even call Bayo,even if he tried he can’t reach me
Am stuck on this couch until he gets back because I can’t bend down to sweep no more
“Madam,do not get into positions that will hurt your baby,especially domestic chores…let your husband or maid if available help you do it” That was Dr. Smith issuing instructions to Bayo and I the last time we went for antenatal 3 weeks ago
His concerns hinged on the fact that I had threatened abortion /miscarriage twice in my second trimester hence my pregnancy case file was tagged “Delicate”
After struggling to conceive for four years before it finally happened,the family doctor has been extra careful to make sure the baby arrived safely
” the more reason Bayo should be here with me all the time and not with buddies,whoever they are” I screamed out
“Aunty,what is the problem? Do you want anything?”
I was so lost in my thoughts,I didn’t realise Uduak the maid had entered with the groceries I sent for
I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself but didn’t want to show it
“No….em em I mean yes dear” I stuttered
“get a broom and clean this mess” me pointing to the remains of my phone
I could see the shock in her eyes,am sure she remembered how I gushed on my birthday just last week when Bayo gave me the sleek Samsung galaxy note
“don’t just stand there,get it done already”
How I wish I didn’t turn down mamas proposal of coming in time to stay,but it was because I wanted Bayo and I to share those last moments together. Not been abandoned like this,certainly not like this.
And then the hour bell struck nine. As much as I tried to keep them out,Cynthia’s words flashed again
“your husband is every woman’s dream,tall,dark and not only is he handsome but rich as well. Even if he didn’t go after them,they will hunt him. My dear, you have to be closer to God and pray o,this is Lagos o,those girls are very wicked . As for me,I had to engage local insurance policy…em you know what I mean now aunty Bisi”
I promptly rejected her assertions and ideas in my mind “bayo will never cheat on me,I don’t need black magic to keep my man,he loves me,very much”.
As I remembered those lines,it didn’t sound convincing to even me anymore,fear gripped me.
I removed my chaplet from my neck and started reciting the rosesary ” God please protect him,bring him home safely”
That’s me trying to obey what my mum told me ” always pray for your husband,no matter what. Pray first before you conclude on his behalf”.
If there was anytime in my life I needed quick response from heaven,it has to be today and now. ” if you can hear me oh Lord,bring him back to me NOW!” heaven could tell I was desperate.
The baby kicked once more and I adjusted the throw-pillow behind me to make it a bit more comfortable,with that last movement, I slept off on the couch
Hours later,I woke up in a frenzy,stood up and only then did I realise I was in our bedroom upstairs. Still confused as to how I got there and with Bayo not snoring loudly by my side I reached for the door. The door that lead downstairs,mid way through my descent down the stairs I peeped through the tiny tinted glass on the wall to see if he’s car was in the parking lot but to my surprise -it wasn’t.
” so he didn’t come back home last night,Bayo has killed me” I was breathing heavily as I turned the corner to embark on the final descent towards the living room,there he was!
Kneeling on one leg,the same position he took when he proposed five years ago at the bar beach,only that this time he had a tedy not an 18 karat gold ring.
It was a surprise baby shower party! Everyone who meant anything to me was already there,am sure the public holidays made it possible to assemble them all. Bayo had been making secret preparations all this while trying to keep it away from me hence the late nights.
I couldn’t take the remaining steps down,I practically froze on my knees. Tears rolled down my eyes as he held and raised me gently to my sit in front of everyone.
I was so overwhelmed with emotions and it didn’t matter I was still wearing my pyjamas,I had never felt that special my entire life!
Even though the baby kicked that very moment,I didn’t feel the pain. All I felt was paradise!!!
To all women who have endured the pain of pregnancy to give life. God bless you eternally

The End

Sports / Carabao League Cup - Chelsea To Face Nottingham Forest , Man United Play Burton ( See Full Draw ) by Kingvictor(m): 08:38am On 8 Aug
The draw for the third round of the Carabao Cup was conducted Thursday morning in Beijing.
The seven Premier League sides who qualified for European football last year will enter the tournament at this stage of the competition.
Liverpool will take on Leicester City, while defending champions Manchester United are paired with Burton Albion.
Among the match-ups including Champions League teams, Manchester City are set to visit West Brom, Chelsea will square off against Nottingham Forest and Tottenham will host Barnsley.
Also, Arsenal will welcome Doncaster Rovers, Everton will face Sunderland and West Ham will meet Bolton Wanderers.
The 16 matches will be played in the week beginning September 18.

Full draw:
West Brom vs. Manchester City
Everton vs. Sunderland
Leicester City vs. Liverpool
Manchester United vs. Burton Albion
Brentford vs. Norwich City
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Bristol Rovers
Burnley vs. Leeds United
Arsenal vs. Doncaster Rovers
Bristol City vs. Stoke City
Reading vs. Swansea City
Aston Villa vs. Middlesbrough
Chelsea vs. Nottingham Forest
West Ham United vs. Bolton Wanderers
Crystal Palace vs. Huddersfield Town
Tottenham Hotspur vs. Barnsley/Derby County
AFC Bournemouth vs. Brighton and Hove Albion

Education / How To Write A Good Cv by thankgod(m): 08:28am On 8 Aug
A good CV is very important because a good CV speaks for you before you're even invited for an invitation.

Many has the knowledge, the skill and what it takes to get their desired jobs but due to a poorly written CV, potential employers will ward them off.

Today I will teach you he you can write a good CV - one that will entice your employer at once and give you a chance for an interview.

A CV has the British type and the American Type. The British type is the accepted type here in Nigeria.

Writing a good British CV

There are few things to consider when writing your CV.

1. Personal Information
This is where you write your name, your address, telephone/ mobile number, and your email address. While writing your personal information, you can choose to omit the labels.
Example: Name: HowWriter. Just write HowWriter and move on. Do not include the label. And while writing your personal information, do not include your age, your marital status, your race or nationality and do not send a photograph unless you're asked to do so.

2. Profile And Oblectjve
Some people omit this feature. But for your CV to be really good, thus should be present because they give the employer an idea of your personality.
Objective: To find a role in a TV company  that will help me acquire more skills required for a career in television.

Profile: A fresh graduate  with a but of work experience in the movie industry.

So include these features and see the miracle.

3. Education.
You need to put your qualifications because employers would want to know your qualifications before calling you up for an interview. Put the most recent qualifications first. Also add prizes and awards won. Omit your primary school qualification.

4. Work Experience.
Every firm would want to employ an experienced person. But how will you be experienced if you've not been employed? Well, to help you out, you could use everything you know as experience. You could put your 1year service as a corp member and some other little experices you've got. And while writing, you should write more about your most recent post.

5. Skills
This is your practical abilities. This includes the languages you can speak and understand, exams passed, etc. You are free yo write more in this column if you're really experienced.

6. Interests
This should be short so that you don't encumber the employer with your interests. Include sports, a creative and a community activity. Avoid  ambiguous subject like reading and travelling because the employer doesn't care.

7. References
Write down the names, titles, phone numbers, addresses of your referees. It could be written on a separate page. Inform anyone you want to use as referee before writing he or she as your referee.

Other things to consider
Make your CV so adaptable so as to fit in the job you're applying for.

Make sure your CV is very short. At most two pages

Present yourself positively and accurately.

Make your CV attractive and easy to use.

Make use of Capitals, Spacing and underlining, bold type.

Write with fonts such as Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial. And use at least 10pts.

Follow the above tutorial and your CV can be tagged as being good.

Jobs/Vacancies / Accounting Intern Needed At A Lagos Based Company by Kingvictor(m): 08:24am On 8 Aug
Company: Crystalhills Software
Location(s): • Lagos
Specialization: • Finance / Accounting
Industry: • ICT /
Deadline: Not Specified
Job Type: Fulltime
Experience: year(s)

Job Details
Crystalhills Software Group is poised to be a world class dynamic IT solutions providing company in Nigeria. We specialize in developing customized software applications tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:
Job Title: Accounting Intern
Location: Lagos

Job Requirements

The intenship position is for fresh graduates.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online: crystalhills.org/jobs/intern-accountant/

Jokes Etc / Joke Of The Day! by bison(m): 01:42pm On 8 Aug
An airplane was about to crash.
There were 4 passengers on
board, but only 3 parachutes.
The 1st passenger said "I am
Stephen Curry, the best NBA
basketball player. The Warriors and my millions of fans need
me, and I can't afford to die."
So he took the 1st pack and left
the plane. The 2nd passenger,
Donald Trump, said, "I am the
newly-elected US President, and I am the smartest
President in American history,
so my people don't want me to
die." He took the 2nd pack and
jumped out of the plane. The
3rd passenger, the Pope, said to the 4th passenger, a 10 year
old schoolboy, "My son, I am old
and don't have many years left,
you have more years ahead so I
will sacrifice my life and let you
have the last parachute." The little boy said, "That's okay,
Your Holiness, there's a
parachute left for you. America
's smartest President took my
schoolbag." Lol.....

Education / Jamb Released New Cut-off Marks For Tertiary Institutions by thankgod(m): 11:05am On 8 Aug
- The institutions are however at liberty to raise theirs above JAMB's requirement

- JAMB also lifted the ban on Post-UTME

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the cut-off marks for Nigerian tertiary institutions while also lifting the ban for post UTME examination.

Premium Times reports that these decisions were taken at the 2017 Combined Policy Meetings on Admissions into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria which ended on Tuesday, August 22.

Minimum cut-off marks for tertiary institutions are:

Universities were pegged at 120

Polytechnics and colleges of education were pegged at 100

Innovative enterprising institutes was pegged at 110

Institutions were however allowed to raise their cut-off marks above JAMB’s stipulation.

It was also agreed that admissions into public degree awarding institutions for the 2017 UTME examination will end on January 15, 2018 while private institutions will end theirs on January 31, 2018.

It was also revealed that decisions on first choice candidates by universities will be expected to be complete October 15 and second choice candidates will end on December 15.

The rest of the students seeking admission will be available for other institutions till the January closing dates.

Ishaq Oloyede who is the registrar of JAMB said a Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) will be used to streamline admission processes among institutions based on challenges associated with the former approach.

He said: “All over the world, there is agitation for dynamic educational policy,” he said. “JAMB only admits for National Diploma, not Higher National Diploma; so why should we use the same requirement for ND and BSC, that is unreasonable parity.”

“We should not be sentimental in fixing our cut off mark; we need not over-dramatise issue of cut off mark.”

He noted that the number of those seeking admission to study agriculture had dropped while those for medicine and health science rose.


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