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Date: Friday 15th December 2017 at 02:50 PM
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Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:38pm On 9 Sep

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:37pm On 9 Sep
45'+1' Substitution-Guido Hernán Pizarro - Pablo Sarabia García
Pablo Sarabia replaces the injured Pizarro.

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:34pm On 9 Sep
42' Missed Penalty-Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira
OFF THE WOODWORK! Firmino sends Rico the wrong way, but he rings his penalty off the post!
That's a massive let-off for Sevilla and a big chance missed for Liverpool!

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:34pm On 9 Sep
42' Missed Penalty-Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira
OFF THE WOODWORK! Firmino sends Rico the wrong way, but he rings his penalty off the post!
That's a massive let-off for Sevilla and a big chance missed for Liverpool!

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:32pm On 9 Sep
41'PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL! The Reds can take a stranglehold on the match! Moreno plays Mane through with a header and Pareja handles the ball before tugging Mane down from behind. The penalty was for the foul, not the handball, but it really could have been either.

42' Yellow Card-Nicolás Martín Pareja
Pareja is booked for his foul, as well. It's the third yellow issued this match, the second to a Sevilla player.

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:30pm On 9 Sep
39' Yellow Card-Alberto Moreno Pérez
Moreno lunges into a foul, completely missing the ball. It's a really hard challenge that has the Sevilla sideline up in arms, but the referee responds by producing a yellow card for the Liverpool full-back.

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:27pm On 9 Sep
37' Goal-Mohamed Salah Ghaly
FROM BEHIND, LIVERPOOL LEAD! Salah over-powers N'Zonzi to win the ball back deep in the Sevilla end, before turning and shooting from just over 20 yards.
His effort takes a massive deflection off Kjaer, looping high into the air as it creeps under the bar and beyond a helpless Sergio Rico!

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:23pm On 9 Sep
35' Yellow Card-Gabriel Iván Mercado | Sevilla

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 08:13pm On 9 Sep
21' Goal-Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira
BACK ON LEVEL TERMS! That's a goal out of the top drawer from Liverpool! Splendid interplay as they break forward, with Moreno played through on the end of a one-two with Henderson, before rifling a pass across the face of goal where Firmino is waiting to redirect it into the empty net! Stunning!

Assist-Alberto Moreno Pérez

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 07:57pm On 9 Sep
5' Goal-Wissam Ben Yedder
SEVILLA STUN ANFIELD! Wissam Ben Yedder is in the right place at the right time to scrape home a simple finish into an empty net after Dejan Loren made an absolute mess of a Sergio Escudero cross in from the left! It was a swift and smart attacking move from the visitors, but Lovren should have seen it away with ease!

5' Assist-Sergio Escudero Palomo
Smart running on the overlap from Escudero, whose cross somehow gets through Lovren, as he's credited with an assist.

Sports / Re: Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 07:50pm On 9 Sep
1'AND THEY'RE OFF! Liverpool get the match underway attacking right to left in their red strip, with Sevilla in white.

Sports / Full-time : Liverpool Vs Sevilla (2:2) by Kingvictor(m): 07:22pm On 9 Sep
Hello and welcome to YukHub live commentary coverage from Anfield as Champions League football returns to Merseyside tonight as Liverpool host Sevilla!

In last season’s group stage Sevilla lost just once in six matches, before being dumped out at the hands of Leicester in the round-of-16, a 2-0 defeat at the King Power leaving them with bad memories from their last trip to England.
Sevilla have opened their season unbeaten through five matches, but face their toughest test to date tonight against high-flying Liverpool at Anfield, a match they come into with great confidence following a comfortable 3-0 victory over Eibar on Saturday.
The last time the Reds ventured into the Champions League group stage was in 2014, winning just once from their six matches. An easier group, on paper at least, should equate to better results this time around, and a pair of victories over Hoffenheim in qualifying will have given them a timely confidence boost.
Liverpool limp into this clash on the back of a 5-0 drubbing at the hands of Manchester City on Saturday, ending a four-match winning run and their unbeaten start to the season, but they didn't have to wait long for a chance to right the ship.


LIVERPOOL (4-3-3): Karius; Gomez, Matip, Lovren, Moreno; Can, Henderson, Wijnaldum; Salah, Mane, Firmino.

SUBS: Milner, Coutinho, Sturridge, Klavan, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mignolet, Robertson.

SEVILLA (4-3-3): Rico; Mercado, Kjaer, Pareja, Escudero; N'Zonzi, Banega, Pizarro; Navas, Correa, Ben Yedder.

SUBS: Corchia, Carrico, Krohn-Dehli, Soria, Sarabia, Muriel, Vazquez.

Business / Defunct Nigerian Airways’ Workers Protest Over Unpaid Entitlements by johneewalker: 03:36pm On 9 Sep

Some workers of the defunct Nigeria Airways on Wednesday staged a peaceful protest at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos over delayed payment of entitlements estimated at over N78 billion.

The protest, which started about 8.00 a.m., worsened the vehicular gridlock around the airport for over two hours.

The aggrieved workers of the defunct national carrier, which was liquidated by President Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime in 2005, carried placards with various inscriptions.

Some of the inscriptions read: “Pls, pay our severance benefits in full”, “We need our pay-off, not monthly pension”, and “Mr President, we prayed for your recovery every Friday since May 2017″, among others.

Addressing journalists, Mr Sam Nzene, the Chairman, Nigeria Airways Chapter of Nigeria Union of Pensioners, said it was unfortunate that the former workers were yet to receive their entitlements in spite of the President’s approval.

“ We understand the funds are ready because bond was floated and the bond has since matured in June, but up till now, what we are saying is that nobody has called us for negotiations on the next line of action.

“By now, we should be working with the unit that has been mandated to pay us, but up till now they are doing the payment in secret.

“They do not want us to know. Even the aviation ministry is not so much in the know of what they are doing, so we want the President to please call those concerned to order.

“We are not seriously quarreling that we have not been paid, but that the union should be aware of what they are doing, so that we can equally tell our members to remain calm that we will get our money.”

According to him, the union has written several letters and made attempts to see the officers in the unidentified unit.

“Since the approval came, nobody has told us what has been approved, but as long as we are concerned, our money is N78 billion; 5,909 workers and pensioners are to benefit,” he said


Foreign Affairs / Dog Mauls Owner To Death After Eating Crack Cocaine by johneewalker: 03:34pm On 9 Sep

Both cocaine and morphine were found in the blood of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog that mauled and killed its owner earlier this year experts have confirmed.

The dog named ‘Major’ attacked and killed its owner, Mario Perivoitos, in north London while BBC film crew that was working on a documentary about drugs looked on in horror. A veterinary toxicologist said it was the drug in the animal’s blood that fuelled the attack on its dog’s owner.

The film crew had gone with the 41-year-old owner of the dog to his home in north London shortly after 10 p.m. on a night in March to work on a documentary called “Drugs Map of Britain.”

Then, out of nowhere, Perivoitos began to have a seizure.

That’s when the dog named Major attacked, crushing Perivoitos’ larynx and bloodying his neck and face, reported the Miami Herald.

“I heard shouting – ‘Get him off! Get him off me!’” Perivoitos’ neighbor Geoff Morgan, 52, told the Guardian.
Morgan said that he lived in the apartment below Perivoitos.
dog kills Mario Perivoitos, its owner after eating cocaine
Dog kills Mario Perivoitos, its owner, after eating cocaine

“He was shouting really loudly,” Morgan added. “He was bleeding from his neck. There was a lot of blood.”

In the apartment, the film crew tried wrestling the dog off of Perivoitos, according to The Telegraph. But by the time the show’s producer was able to pry the dog off, the owner had already sustained fatal injuries, the Telegraph reports. The crew wasn’t filming during the attack.

Coroner Andrew Walker confirmed that the dog attack was the cause of death.

“It is likely that he was experiencing an epileptic shock, which caused the dog to nip his face before biting his neck,” Walker told The Telegraph. “The film crew telephoned an ambulance while attempting to get the dog off Mr Perivoitos.”

It took police nearly 10 minutes to get into the apartment where Perivoitos lived because it was heavily locked, according to The Independent.

Perivoitos was taken to a major trauma hospital when authorities arrived at the scene but died after midnight.

“The dog was eight times the drug drive limit,” said Nicholas Carmichael, a veterinary toxicology expert.

Both cocaine and morphine were found in the dog’s urine, according to the Independent.

“The dog had clearly taken it and, whether it had eaten it or taken it in by smoke, it is likely to have been a factor in the dog’s behaviour,” Carmichael added.

It is not clear what will become of the dog at last, but it will likely be killed, police told The Independent.

Romance / Are You In Love Or Obsessed? Take This Quiz To Find Out! by johneewalker: 03:14pm On 9 Sep
Love is perhaps one of the most complicated topics of all time. Most people can describe being in love at some point in their lifespan, as like many other animal species, humans crave companionship.

Finding a steady partner often proves to be quite strenuous as we are constantly falling in and out of love and we are forced to confront feelings of confusion, heartbreak, betrayal and fulfilment.

Mass media doesn’t help matters when it comes to the portrayal of love in pop culture. If you look around you might find that the depiction of love on TV, in films and music videos is somewhat skewed as it is generally rooted in ideas of infatuation, lust and obsession. With all the dramatic notions built around the idea of love, we sometimes lose sight of what a healthy, realistic relationship should be. In the spirit of summer, we have put together a quiz to guide you.

Are you in love or simply obsessed? Let’s find out!

After dating someone for a short time, how do you feel about them?

A You need or can’t live without them

B You are enjoying getting to know them and feeling a chemistry

C You’re feeling an attraction but nothing serious

What attracts you to them?

A Everything

B Who he or she is as a person

C His or her appearance

When you’re around them, what do you feel?

A Euphoric, even relieved

B In a good mood

C Sexually aroused

When you’re not with him/her, how do you feel?

A Like checking their social media, calling and messaging them constantly

B You miss them but get on with other things

C You start noticing other people

How well do you know each other?

A You don’t know them that well

B You know each other equally well

C You’re not so interested in their life

When you are out and about together, do you?

A Sometimes accuse them of flirting/staring at the opposite sex?

B Hold hands?

C You don’t believe in public intimacy?

Would you say he/she is flawless?

A Yes, they are perfect

B No, of course not and their flaws annoy me

C I don’t know any of their flaws yet

Could you imagine life without him?

A I can’t remember how I went through life before I met him or her I’ve known him my whole life and I never want that to change

B Yeah sure, but I’d rather make it work

C Yes, this isn’t long-term for me

Mostly As

Possessive, dependent and unrealistic, you fit the profile of obsessive. This is not a basis for a healthy relationship. Now is a good time to take a step back and ask yourself why you are so needy?

Mostly Bs

It sounds like you are falling in love but not losing yourself in your relationship. This is the best position to be in. Keep it healthy.

Mostly Cs

You’re not obsessed. You’re not even in love, you’re in lust! That’s not a bad thing but if you want a more meaningful relationship you will have to show more interest in the other person and invest emotionally.

Sports / Yukhub Football Predictions 13th September - Sure Games For Wednesday by Kingvictor(m): 11:00am On 9 Sep
1. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, Group E
19:45 Liverpool FC – Sevilla FC | Bet on over 0.5 goals in first half @ 1.25.
2. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, Group F
19:45 Feyenoord Rotterdam – Manchester City | Bet on Away over 0.5
3. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, Group G
19:45 FC Porto – Besiktas Istanbul | Bet on FC Porto Draw no bet.
4. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, Group H
19:45 Real Madrid – Apoel Nicosia | Bet on half time / full time = 1/1 @ 1.25.
5. Peru
Primera Division, Clausura
17:00 Real Garcilaso – Inti Gas Deportes | Bet on Real Garcilaso to win @ 1.25.
6. Finland
Kakkonen Itainen
17:00 Mikkelin Palloilijat – FC Legirus Inter | Bet on both team to score @ 1.30.
7. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, Group H
19:45 Tottenham Hotspur – Borussia Dortmund | Bet on both team to score @1.45.
8. International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, Group G
19:45 RB Leipzig – AS Monaco | Bet on RB Leipzig draw no bet @ 1.55.

Phones / Re: Apple Iphone X Malfunctions At Launch by Kingvictor(m): 10:01am On 9 Sep
Hahaha.. 😁😁😁

Phones / Re: Apple Iphone X Malfunctions At Launch by johneewalker: 09:50am On 9 Sep
walahi, im thinking of selling my kidney sef.

Kingvictor:This phone is a machine of its own kind by the price is way of.. 😽

Phones / Re: Apple Iphone X Malfunctions At Launch by Kingvictor(m): 09:25am On 9 Sep
This phone is a machine of its own kind by the price is way of.. 😽

Politics / 2 Killed, Scores Wounded As Soldiers, Ipob Clash In Rivers by johneewalker: 08:46am On 9 Sep

Two persons were feared dead and scores wounded, yesterday, when supporters of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and soldiers clashed in Oyigbo, capital of Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Daily Sun gathered that the clash started at the popular Oyigbo Express Junction, when IPOB members received information that some of members had been ambushed by soldiers and eight allegedly killed at 44 Battalion Asa, in Abia State.

A source said the travelling IPOB members were said to have allegedly responded to a call from their second-in-command, Uche Mefor, who they claimed, called in from London. He reportedly ordered IPOB members to move down to Nnamdi Kanu’s residence in Umuahia, Abia state.

According to the source, in reaction to Mefor’s call, IPOB members mobilised and started protesting, with some of them attacking people they suspected were opposed to the Biafra struggle.

It was alleged that some IPOB members seized three rifles from policemen and burnt a police van at Oyigbo junction, and forced business and shop owners to lock up, as motorists and commuters scampered for safety.

A witness, who declined to be named for security reasons, recounted how “northern traders hurriedly closed their shops and ran for safety, with some of them running to Oyigbo Police Station. At the popular Nkwo Oyigbo Market, at Afam Road, people ran helter skelter, as guns boomed from Oyigbo Express junction, while soldiers mounted sentry at the railway and near Abriba Quarters, to provide safety for the northern traders.”

But, spokesman of 6 Division, Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Colonel Aminu Iliyasu, told newsmen that no soldier was deployed to Oyigbo to stop IPOB members from travelling to Umuahia.

“I am in Bayelsa now, but people have been calling, telling me that there is a situation in the Oyigbo area. But, I don’t know exactly where this is happening. But one thing is certain, no soldier was deployed to Oyigbo and asked to stop IPOB members from travelling to Umuahia,” said Iliyasu.

The violent clash caused serious gridlock along Aba-Port Harcourt, particularly the Toll Gate axis of Port Harcourt.

Another witness, Chuks Madu, a trader, who was travelling to Aba, said the bus he was in, was trapped at Toll Gate for several hours, following blockade by security agents, to forestall the protest escalating to Port Harcourt. Madu said he had to return to Port Harcourt, after trekking to Eleme Junction, before getting a vehicle to his destination.

Meanwhile, different parts of Aba was tense, yesterday afternoon, after soldiers, under the Operation Python Dance 2 clashed with IPOB members.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that some people died after the clash.

Trouble started when some IPOB members left Aba, in the morning, for Umuahia, to stand in solidarity with Kanu, over alleged invasion of his home town, Afara Ukwu, in Umuahia.

The IPOB members were stopped by soldiers at Isiala Ngwa Junction, along the Enugu/Port Harcourt Expressway and were allegedly manhandled, with some of them forced to roll inside muddy water.

Those who escaped the soldiers’ wrath at Isiala Ngwa junction, were said to have met another set of soldiers at Osisioma junction, on the outskirts of the city, which eventually led to a face-off. The soldiers were said to have shot sporadically as IPOB members moved towards Ariaria International Market, which caused pandemonium as people scampered for safety.

The chaotic state which enveloped the Osisioma axis stretched beyond Ariaria market, to the Flyover junction, a distance of over eight kilometres, allegedly led to the destruction of some vehicles and deaths of unconfirmed number of people.

There was pandemonium also within the city centre when soldiers cordoned off all roads leading to the Central Mosque, on Mosque Street, to prevent hoodlums from taking advantage of the situation to vandalise the Mosque.

As soldiers condoned off the area, they shot sporadically to ward off intruders and people ran for dear lives, which forced traders to close business for the day and rushed home.

The situation was still tense as at the time this report was filed. To ease tension, Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, declared dusk to down curfew in the city.

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